Are You Ready to Take Your Chapter to New Heights?

The Summit is a summer event hosted by the International Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. This event includes recruitment and new member education strategies and tactics.

On April 2, 2020, the Fraternity made the difficult decision to cancel The Summit for summer 2020 in the best interest of the health and safety of our members due to COVID-19. Fraternity staff will be working to move the content of The Summit to a virtual experience available for all chapters and colonies throughout the summer.

Recruitment Chairmen

The recruitment chairmen track will break down the elements of dynamic recruitment. With a focus on building a culture around positive relationships and belonging, participants will design a recruitment plan for the upcoming academic year.


New Member Educators

New Member Education is intended to be a meaningful and engaging experience. Through a variety of activities and discussions, new member educators will develop a unique and custom program for their chapter/colony.

"This event was fantastic for so many reasons. I know that we're definitely sending more guys next year. It was truly an amazing experience and I can’t recommend going to this event more." - Matt Ben (DePaul 2022)

"In every possible way, every breakout session and small group session was amazing. I think that will really help us reorganize our recruitment strategies."
- Matt Ben (DePaul 2022)

"It allows everyone to become vulnerable for a minute and allows the group to learn things that they might not have known." 
- Brady Branscum (William Woods 2022)

"I liked getting different perspectives from many different brothers about all aspects of my program. I enjoyed getting more ideas to incorporate."
- Grant Clayton (William Woods 2020)

"The culture of the chapter starts with recruiting, by getting the right guys we are able to expand naturally rather than having to constantly be on members who are not committed."
- Jake Ari (Rutgers 2021)


If you have any questions regarding The Summit, please contact the Director of Expansion