Recruitment Workshops 

Phi Gamma Delta has three recruitment programs to assist chapters/provisional chapter in refining their recruitment system. Each of these programs can be done on their own or in conjunction with a chapter/provisional chapter retreat. They can also be facilitated by a staff member or trained volunteer.

 Social Excellence

When it comes down to it, the best recruiters succeed because they are able to build the best relationships through their conversations. This program will break down the Four Pillars of Social Excellence, and allow us to practice building better relationships, along with learning new things about our brothers.

 Dynamic Workshop

Trying to build a more robust recruitment system? This is the program for you! This dynamic recruitment workshop will break down the system and corresponding processes of proven recruitment success. Work with your chapter/colony brothers to build a new system that everyone can buy into and work towards. 

 WeValU (Values-Based Criteria Workshop)

As a values-based organization, we need to have values-based selection criteria when recruiting new members. This program allows the chapter to work together to come up with their values and standards to hold our new and current members.   


Contact the Director of Fraternity Growth if you have any questions or to schedule these programs for your chapter.