Phi Gamma Delta's 2021 Giving Day

April 30 - May 1, 2021

Phi Gamma Delta and the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation are hosting the 4th annual Giving Day on Friday, April 30 (12:00 pm ET) - Saturday, May 1, 2021 (12:00 pm ET). This year, Giving Day will focus on the persistence our members have shown and continue to show every day. We will also build upon the connectedness from last year's Day of Brotherhood event. 

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Persistence Week: Celebrating Our Seniors

April 26 - April 29, 2021

The Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation and Fraternity are hosting Persistence Week: Celebrating Our Seniors from April 26-29. Persistence Week is a week-long celebration leading up to Giving Day 2021, which takes place April 30 - May 1. Each day of the week, we will highlight different themes to showcase Phi Gamma Delta's impact and reach.

Schedule of Events

 Monday, April 26: #PGDpersistence Day

  • Graduating Senior Raffle: Seniors, complete this Google Form to be entered in our raffle. The prizes are: PGD recognition ring, $100 gift card to DoorDash/UberEats and $50 gift card to DoorDash/UberEats.
  • Learn About Persistence: Follow the Curator of Archives on social media @PhiGamArchives for FIJI fun facts about persistence.
  • Persistence Stories: Share brothers' persistence stories on social media using #PGDpersistence. We will share highlights in our Instagram Stories throughout the week. 
  • Senior Picture Challenge: We want our chapters/colonies to post pictures of their graduating senior brothers on social media throughout the week. Tag @PhiGamHQ, so we can share your photos in our Instagram Stories. 

 Tuesday, April 27: Proud to Be a Fiji Day

  • Learn About Our Letters: Follow the Curator of Archives on social media @PhiGamArchives for FIJI fun facts about our letters.
  • Wear & Share FIJI Gear: Post pictures of you wearing or sharing your favorite FIJI gear, whether its a T-shirt, flag, stole or badge attire. Tag @PhiGamHQ, so we can promote your photos on our stories throughout the day. 

 Wednesday, April 28: Not for College Days Alone Day

  • Graduate Brother Resources: IHQ will share resources and networking opportunities available to our graduate brothers throughout the day. Visit the Recent Graduates page for more info.
  • Learn About Our Silver, Gold & Diamond Owls: Follow the Curator of Archives on social media @PhiGamArchives to learn about the owl recognitions and why they exist.
  • Lifelong Friendship: Jack McKinnie (Ohio Wesleyan 1954) and Doug Dittrick (Ohio Wesleyan 1955) share their story of lifelong brotherhood and the impact Phi Gamma Delta has made on their lives. 

 Thursday, April 29: Senior Celebration Day

  • Congratulation Seniors Message: IHQ will share a special senior congratulations compilation video.
  • Senior Sendoff: IHQ will share a special message for our graduating seniors from Archon Secretary Ed Gabe (Hanover 1990)

Click Here to download the PDF version of the Persistence Week Schedule.

Demonstrate Your #PGDpersistence on Giving Day!

Visit our Scalefunder page to learn how to Strengthen Our Brotherhood and Demonstrate Our Persistence on Giving Day, on April 30 (12:00 am ET) - May 1, 2021 (12:00 pm ET). View our donor wall, or participate in one of our challenges throughout the 36-hour event.

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