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Historic Sites by City:

Canonsburg, PennsylvaniaSite of Jefferson College and Phi Gamma Delta's founding.

Washington, Pennsylvania
Site of the Fraternity's second chapter, and the institution that absorbed Jefferson College in 1865.

Lexington, Kentucky
Location of International Headquarters since 1973, and site of 1986 Ekklesia.

New York City
Location of several central offices, many clubhouse operations, and four Ekklesiai.

Chicago, Illinois
Hosted four conventions and Ekklesiai, and a clubhouse during the 1893 World's Fair.

Cleveland, Ohio
Four conventions and Ekklesiai occurred in the Forest City.

Detroit, Michigan
Two Ekklesiai, and one clubhouse operation.

Indianapolis, Indiana
What other city can boast five conventions held on the same patch of ground!

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Three conventions and a chapter house on the National Historic 

Nashville, Tennessee
Our third and fourth chapters, 1896 Convention, 1980 Ekklesia, a statue of a famous brother, plus a few sites of interest elsewhere in the state.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hosted eleven conventions, including the anniversary gatherings in 1898, 1923, 1948, and 1998.  Site also of an early Central Office. 

St. Louis, MissouriSite of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (and the 1904 Olympics), Fiji Academies starting in 2003, and the home of T.W.B. Crews (Jefferson 1850). 

Washington, DC"Headquarters and Heroes" site of three Ekklesiai, General Headquarters for fifty years, and many monuments to our brothers.

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