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Phi Gamma Delta In The Spanish-American War

History - Frank KeckWhen the Spanish American War erupted in 1898, scores of national guard regiments were called to active service, and many college students rushed to enlist.

Some difficulties exist with developing a list of Spanish American War veterans. The war ended so quickly that many volunteers never left the United States. Other troops who did not fight in the War did serve with occupation forces in Cuba, Porto Rico (as Puerto Rico was renamed), and the Philippines, particularly during the Philippine Insurrection.

Photo: Frank Keck, the 71st New York's hero of San Juan Hill, probably about 1900 while he was a US Army Captain in the Philippines. Keck was a longtime member of the Grand Chapter and it's last president in 1898.

* Indicates died in service.
First name, Last name, Institution where initiated and class year, Rank and unit (if known)

William T. Amos Wooster 1891 "Captain, Third Regt. Ohio National Guard"
  Armstrong Wooster "to Cuba" [PGD magazine 1899 p. 81]
Frank P. Atkinson Wooster 1900 Spent one year in army. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 394]
W.S. Ayars Lehigh 1896 USS Harvard in Cuba. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 79]
John Elmer Bacon Lafayette 1891 Veteran [PGD magazine, April-May 1966 p.30]
Frank T. Baker DePauw 1896 Corporal, 1st Colorado Infantry USV. Treasurer, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, November 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
James E. Barnett Washington and Jefferson 1882 Lieutenant Colonel, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry, USV. Member, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, January 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
Malvern Hill Barnum CCNY 1884 Lieutenant and Adjutant, 10th Calvary USA. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217] Wounded at San Juan Hill.
Lyman Barttlet WPI 1899 Private, Co. E, 2nd Massachusetts. At El Caney, Cuba. Enlisted April 1898; mustered out November. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 218]
Morris B. Belknap Yale 1877 Lieutenant Colonel, 1st Kentucky in Porto Rico
Lewis Benedict Columbia 1894 Corporal, Co. K, 71st New York Infantry USV in Cuba. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]; "received a commission as lieutenant in the regular service." [PGD magazine 1900 p. 371]
Theodore Benfey Wisconsin 1893 veteran
William C. K. Berlin Allegheny 1892 ". . . . commissioned a first lieutenant and assistant surgeon in the 46th U. S. Volunteers in the Spanish-American War and served in the Philippines and Puerto Rico.  He was promoted to captain in the 19th U. S. Infantry and was mustered out of service in April, 1901." obituary, Rocky Mountain News, 29 Apr 1943, p20. Thanks to Ms. Nancy C. Sieck.
Robert Lee Berner Georgia 1871 Colonel, 3rd Georgia Infantry; second in command. Had been a state senator and representative, and gubernatorial candidate. His previous military experience was as a 2nd lieutenant in the Quitman Guards of the Second Regiment of Georgia Volunteers.
Percy P. Bishop Tennessee 1898 Lieutenant, US Artillery. ". . . Reported to have gone with his company from Ft. Coswell, N.C. to the Philippines." [PGD magazine 1900 p. 371]
Guy S. Brewer Iowa State 1897 51st Iowa in the Philippines [PGD magazine, November 1923 p.219]
Samuel Carlton Bright Ohio Wesleyan 1894 Veteran
Franklin Vanderbilt Brooks Stanford 1896 8th California Infantry USV. Historian, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, November 1899. "Resigned his commission as first lieutenant, when he learned his regiment would not be likely to get to the Philippines. He came to Manila, and is now editor and publisher of "The American" [a daily in Manila]." [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29] Served with Army in Philippine Insurrection, Chinese Boxer Rebellion, and WWI.
*William Chase Canniff New York 1897 Corporal, 1st New Jersey. Died in Camp Alger, Virginia.
"Allen, Jr." Clark Wooster 1900 veteran
Rufus Brown Clark Georgia 1887 Veteran per obituary
Frank J. Coad Nebraska 1903 "Before going to college he served through most of the Spanish-American War." [PGD magazine, November 1923 p.224]
George Morrison Coates Pennsylvania 1894 Surgeon, Navy (obituary, PGD magazine May 1960)
Mark Anson Copeland Allegheny (Mattern p.330)
*Norman W. Crosby New York Private, Co. K, 71st New York Infantry USV in Cuba. Deceased. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]
George Davidson Kansas Private, then 1st Lieutenant, 20th Kansas in Manila. [PGD magazine 1899 p.91, p.21]
Thomas A. Davis Tennessee 1893 Captain, 6th USV "Immunes" on garrison duty in Porto Rico. [PGD magazine 1899 p.94]
William A. Deford Cornell 1892 Captain, Kansas. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 373]
William T. Don Washington and Jefferson 1896 Corporal, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry USV. Recording Secretary, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, November 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
Charles F. Donnohue DePauw 1902 First Lieutenant, US Army.
Thadeus Cox Dunlap Ohio State 1895 Assistant Engineer, US Navy.  On USS Indiana to Cuba; on USS Oregon July 3 for sinking of Spanish fleet off Santiago de Cuba. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 35]
Guy L. Edie Hampden Sydney 1874 Brigade surgeon, regular army; dispatched to Manila early 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 215]
William D. Edwards WPI 1897 Assistant Engineer, US Navy. Commissioned May 1898; attached USS Newark in June; with fleet off Santiago and some minor engagements. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 218]
Franklin Fowler Ellsworth Minnesota 1902 "private in Company H, Twelfth Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry"
*Charles Emeric Knox Died in Philippines. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 167]
J. Spooner Epes "Hampden Sydeney, Roanoke 1897" Petersburg Greys; got to Jacksonville, Florida. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 215]
John Fair Gettysburg 1894 Captain, 46th USV [PGD magazine 1899 p. 392]. And "in the Philippines . . . [with] the 43rd US Volunteer Infantry." [PGD magazine 1900 p. 200]
Charles Fite Gettysburg 1898 Corporal, Co. H, 5th Pennsylvania USV; "recovered from the fever which he contracted in the army." [PGD magazine 1899 p. 80]
  Foster Allegheny  
John Wesley French Columbia 1885 Lieutenant, Co. F, 71st New York Infantry USV in Cuba. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]
Clifford W. Fuller Allegheny 1886 Captain, Co. I, 10th Ohio Infantry
Charles R. Glass Wisconsin 1901 Grimes Battery, US Artillery; in Santiago campaign. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 323]
Walter R. Griffith Columbia 1884 veteran
William C. Griswold Union 1894 Medical doctor; "served eight years in the regular army, part of which was during teh Spanish War period." [PGD magazine November 1923 p.225]
Joseph M. Grouard New York Corporal, Co. K, 71st New York Infantry USV in Cuba. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]
George S. Harney Wabash 1888 "Indiana infantry volunteers" [obituary, PGD magazine Sept. 1952 p.45]
  Hatch Allegheny  
  Hays Allegheny  
William L. Hazen Columbia 1883 Captain, Co. B, 71st New York Infantry USV in Cuba. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]
C.J. Heilman Cornell 1897 Sergeant, 1st US Engineers. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 373]
Mark L. Hersey Maine Faculty ". . . in charge of the commissary at Tampa during the Spanish-American War." [obituary, PGD magazine March 1934, pp.415-6]
Alfred W. Ireland Columbia 1897 Private, Astor Battery of 6th Artillery, USA. President, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, November, 1898. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
Benno Janssen Kansas 1895 Veteran
Frank Keck CCNY 1872, Columbia 1875 Major, 3rd Battalion, 71st New York Infantry. Led his battalion in the charge up San Juan Hill. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 69] Later a captain with the US Army in the Philippines.
Benjamin Kerfoot Kansas 20th Kansas in Manila. [PGD magazine 1899 p.91. p. 21] Not in war
Ralph W. Emerson Leach Pennsylvania 1896 Pennsylvania Volunteers [obituary, PGD magazine March 1949 p391]
John Vandling Lesher Bucknell 1897 "enlisted in Company K, National Guard of Pennsylvania, in 1898, and when it was transferred to the Twelfth Regiment served as a first lieutenant; promoted to quartermaster with rank of captain, serving until 1902"
Walter F. Lewis Cornell 1899 10th Pennsylvania. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 373]
John J. Lipop Virginia 1894 1899 "citation for bravery declared that in pursuit of superior forces of the enemy under Insurgent General Tinio, in Northern Luzon . . . He forced the enemy to liberate twenty-two American prisoners."" [PGD magazine March 1925 p.523]
Robert Bruce Lockridge, Jr. Indiana 1902 Co. D, 157th Indiana Infantry (grave marker, Chili Cemetery, Richland, Indiana)
Theodore J. Louden Indiana 1889 staff officer, 159th Indiana Infantry
F.K. Lundy Lehigh US Navy. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 79]
Elbert Johnson Lyman Tennessee 1900 US Army [PGD magazine 1954 p.30]
Cyrus P. Markle Washington and Jefferson 1885 Noted as Spanish American War veteran in obituary, PGD magazine.
Paul Mattice Cornell 1901 Corporal, 18th US Infantry. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 373]
  McCartney Allegheny  
Harry W. McCauley Yale 1888 Corporal, Co. E, 1st Colorado Infantry USV. Corresponding Secretary, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, November 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
Edward B. McCormick Washington and Jefferson 1885 Regimental Quartermaster, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry USV. Member, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, January 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
  McKasky Pennsylvania State 1896 3rd Pennsylvania. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 194]
James H. McLeary [MacLeary] Washington and Lee 1868 "Major & Inspector General in Volunteers; involved in Santiago campaign" [PGD magazine March, 1914, p.526]
Wilder Stevens Metcalf Kansas 1897 Major, 20th Kansas-- brevetted brigadier general; twice wounded. Right hand man of General Funston. promoted from Major May 9, 1899 Wounded in action: ear, Caloocan, February 23, 1899 (not off duty), right foot, Bioga, March 29, 1899, returned to duty May 23, 1899.
Robert R. Nevin Ohio State 1898 "Left law school at Cincinnati to join "the colors""
Frank Neyhart Minnesota 1900 Quartermaster Sergeant, 13th Minnesota Infantry USV.  Member, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, January 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
Barratt O'Hara Missouri 1905 Corporal, Co. I, 33rd Michigan. Enlisted May 18, 1898 at 16 years old. In Santiago; promoted to corporal during battle of Aguadores.
*Winchester Osgood Cornell 1892, Pennsylvania 1893 Major, Cuban Army March 1896 until killed in action October 18, 1896
Sam H. Peters Kansas "Sergeant Major, 22nd Kansas. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 91]"
Frank Phelps Johns Hopkins 5th Maryland [PGD magazine 1899 p. 81]
H. I. Raymond Wabash 1877 "Major and Surgeon, US Army. ""Sailed from San Francisco early in May to join his regiment in the Philippines."" [PGD magazine 1900 p. 371]"
Clarence Rehn Washington and Jefferson 1892 "Sergeant Major, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry USV. Member, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, January 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
Harry F. Rethers California at Berkeley Lieutenant, 9th Infantry USA. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]"
Harry Otto Rhodes Amherst 1895 160th Indiana Infantry, Cuba, 1898-99
William Hyde Rickey Hampden Sydney 1897 Missouri Battery in Porto Rico (also says "St. Louis, Missouri Regiment under General Brooke"). [PGD magazine 1899 p. 215]
Edward Everett Robbins Washington and Jefferson 1881 major and quartermaster, 16th Pennsylvania Volunteers in "Porto Rico"
John A. Robinson Johns Hopkins 5th Maryland [PGD magazine 1899 p. 81]
Horatio S. Rubens CCNY 1888 Cuban Army Colonel; ran blockade runners to Cuban rebels and defended them in US court when ships were seized. Wrote book, "Liberty: The Story of Cuba" about 1932. [PGD magazine April 1933, pp.544-547]
Carl C. Rutledge Ohio Wesleyan 1901 First Lieutenant, 2nd Ohio.
Leonard Schultze CCNY 1898 "Battalion Engineer, 71st New York Infantry USV in Cuba. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]"
E.A. Selfridge California at Berkeley Captain, Co. K, 71st New York Infantry USV in Cuba. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 217]
  Sheldon Wooster "to Cuba" [PGD magazine 1899 p. 81]
*Henry Plant Shuter "Johns Hopkins, Columbia" Astor Battery [of 6th US Artillery?] in Philippines. "Contracted the deadly fever, from which he died on the transport which was bringing him home" on October 17, 1898. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 81]
Emery T. Smith California at Berkeley 1900 Corporal, 14th Minnesota Infantry USV. Member, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, January 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]
Fred B. Snyder Wittenberg 1897 US Army in Puerto Rico [PGD magazine 1955 p.29]
*Joseph Cooper Spotswood Hampden Sydney 1897 Died July 22, 1898. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 171]
George Edmund Traver Stevenson Colgate 1897 1st Illinois Infantry. Later a Navy chaplain and captain; buried at Arlington. [PGD magazine, November 1923 p.217]
James Campbell Stras Roanoke 1899 Spanish American War veteran [PGD magazine, May 1955 p.446]
George W. Throop WPI 1897 Electrician, USS Wilmington; at engagement at Manzanillo. [PGD magazine 1900 p. 218]
John F. Wentling, Jr. Washington and Jefferson 1892 "Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, later 1st Lieutenant, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry USV. Awarded medal for meritous service. Member, Army and Navy Club of PGD in Manila, January 1899. [PGD magazine 1899 p. 29]"
James Wilson DePauw 1889, 
Michigan 1891
Surgeon, 161st Indiana Infantry [PGD magazine Nov. 1932, p. 206]

* Indicates died in service.

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