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Online Songbook

Words to Common Phi Gam Songs

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Bless our Fraternity,
Heaven grant thy peace;
Lead on to victory,
Her strength increase.
Long may our Delta reign, in unity.
Oh, guard and save our dear Fraternity.


Hail, sons of destiny!
Sing a song of praise all glorious,
Proclaim it proudly,
Shout it loudly,
Magnify thy name!

Hail to thy gleaming star,
With its purple light victorious;
Undying fame attend thy name,
Thy rule shall ever be courageous.
Sons of mighty men shall know forever and for aye.

Phi Gamma Delta, Hail to thee,
All hail and evermore for thee
We'll swear eternal victory,
Phi Gamma Delta, Hail!

The Marching Fiji Men

Where ever a star is shining in the sky,
Where ever a flag of hope may bravely fly,
Where ever a brother clasps a Phi Gamma Delta hand,
You'll find yourself if Fiji-land.

For Fiji's a land that reaches 'round the earth,
And no one can tell you half of what it's worth.
Now some of its sons are marching steadily ev'rywhere,
With the men who care and the men who dare.

For we are the marching, marching Fiji men,
And here we come swinging, swinging once again.
Up over the hills we march, we march away,
We march in the sunlight, starlight night and day,
`For we are the marching, marching Fiji men,
And here we come singing, singing once again.
Whatever the weather, gather from afar
And hail Phi Gamma Delta's guiding star,
Phi Gamma Delta, here we are!

Show me the Scotchmen

Show me the Scotchman who doesn't love the thistle,
Show me the Englishman who doesn't love the rose;
But show me the true-hearted Phi Gamma Delta,
Who doesn't love the spot . . . where the Fiji grows.

When College Songs

When college songs and college lays,
Are faded with their makers days;
When sol's swift wheels have made us old,
And college life's a tale that's told,

What if the space be far and wide,
That parts us from our brother's side;
A soul-joined chain unites our band,
And mem'ry links us hand in hand.

The same moon beams kiss us at night,
The same beauties greet our sight;
Watchwords the same our hearts inspire,
Enkindling with the same pure fire.

Phi Gamma Delta, still to thee,
Our hearts will turn, eternally.
Phi Gamma Delta still to thee,
Our hearts will turn, eternally.

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