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This gavel is still used by the Archon President as he presides over each biennial convention, or Ekklesia. Tradition says it was made from part of the Log Cabin, although it may have been made from Fort Armstrong.

Rev. James Oliver Wilson (Illinois Wesleyan), chair of the 51st Ekklesia in 1899, holding the gavel. An account of that meeting says "The old extemporized gavel from the Pittsburgh meeting, which aided in launching the new Constitution, was there and has become an institution. It is hoped it will witness many similar gatherings." Thus, it was first used at the 1898 Ekklesia in Pittsburgh.

Civil War uniform epaulets worn by Lt. Colonel Thomas W. B. Crews (Jefferson 1851) while a Confederate cavalry officer in Missouri.

New York Giants cap of Christy Mathewson (Bucknell 1902), Major League Baseball pitcher who was one of the five inaugural honorees in the Baseball Hall of Fame. (See

Additional sports items are on display, with a particularly strong collection from our many professional golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Payne Stewart, Denny Schute, and others.


This plaque dates to just before World War One, and belonged to a brother from Yale. It was found at a yard sale in Florida.
Today, it greets visitors at the entrance to the museum.


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