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Phi Gamma Delta's Prize Recipients


Frederick Chapman Robbins (Missouri 1936) Physiology and Medicine 1954, jointly with two others "for their discovery of the ability of poliomyelitis viruses to grow in cultures of various types of tissue"

Luis Walter Alvarez (Chicago 1932) Physics 1968 "for his decisive contributions to elementary particle physics, in particular the discovery of a large number of resonance states, made possible through his development of the technique of using hydrogen bubble chamber and data analysis"


Bernadotte E. Schmitt (Tennessee 1904) - History: The Coming of the War: 1914, 1931.

Douglas Southall Freeman (Richmond 1904) - Biography (twice): R. E. Lee, 1935 and Washington, 1958.

Haynes B. Johnson (Missouri 1952) - National Reporting, 1966 (for civil rights crisis in Selma, Alabama).

Robert U. Woodward (Yale 1965) - Meritorious Public Service: Washington Post, 1973 (for Watergate scandal, with Carl Bernstein).

E. B. White (Cornell 1921) - Letters, 1978.

David Hall (Tennessee 1965) - Meritorious Public Service: The Denver Post (editor), 1986.

RHODES SCHOLARS (through 1969)

Stanley R. Ashby (Texas 1904)
Bernadotte E. Schmitt (Tennessee 1904)
Shirley T. Wing (Ohio State 1907)
John S. Custer (William Jewell 1907)
George E. Putnam (Kansas 1907)
Ballard F. Keith (Maine 1908)
Joseph Harrison (Washington 1909)
Arthur B. Doe (Wisconsin 1911)
Richard H. Simpson (Indiana 1911)
Charles F. Hawkins (Williams 1912)
Philip W. Buck (Idaho 1923)
Philip B. Rice (Indiana 1925)
Edgar E. Beaty (Sewanee 1926)
Harold C. Wyman (Idaho 1925)
John E. F. Wood (Denison 1924)
Edgar H. Ailes (Michigan 1924)
Edward O. Mather (Texas 1926)
Larkin H. Farinholt (Johns Hopkins 1927)
Douglas McHendrie (Colorado College 1927)
Edwin R. Casady (Arizona 1928)
Ferdinand F. Stone (Ohio State 1930)
George A. Carlson (Colorado 1931)
Paul H. Engle (Iowa 1933)
Clayton Samuel White (Colorado 1934)
Shull Arms (Idaho 1936)
Richard F. Watt (Washington 1937)
Byron R. White (Colorado 1938)
Francis R. Barnett (Wabash 1943)
Gerald M. McNeice (Arizona 1949)
Robert F. Hetherington (British Columbia 1948; Toronto 1950)
Carl Thor Hanson (Arizona 1949)
Hubert Napoleon Cannon (Davidson 1953)
David S. Maxwell (Westminster 1954)
Rex L. Jamison (Iowa 1955)
Fred G. Myers (Davidson 1956)
George B. Thomas (Virginia 1957)
Daniel E. Feldman (Amherst 1958)
Robert T. Orrill (Purdue 1961)
David N. Ness (M.I.T. 1961)
Louie S. Echols III (Yale 1962)
Tyler A. Baker (Southern Methodist 1969)

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