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Ye Quaker Fiji Newsletter - Spring 2016

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Chapter President Message - Undergraduate Updates 11/9/2015

Chapter House Renovations: In this continuing story, our hardworking Ben Feis (2016) has added a few more pieces to our chapter house. A beautiful wrought iron chandelier has replaced the old track lighting in the second floor lounge, and a new door has filled the entryway to the first floor kitchen. I've never seen the place look as good as it does these days, and it's making all of our lives better daily. Many thanks to Beth and Sam at Facilities for helping make this happen! 

Dinner with Kenny:
 Kenny, our stalwart advisor at OFSL, invited me and Holden, the president of Sigma Phi Epsilon, to dinner the other week. We enjoyed a good meal and conversation about the problems and solutions facing both of our chapters. It was refreshing to hear another's perspectives on the way a fraternity is run, and especially interesting that our experiences have been so similar. Looking forward to collaborating further! 

Fijis in Wharton Council:
Wharton Council, one of the business school's premier student groups, has long had a strong FIJI representation. Mario Del Cueto (2017), a man with more energy than several others combined, is heading up their school wide game of Assassins, Hostile Takeover, and has gotten basically the entire fraternity signed up. Fabian Toro (2016), Jorge Barriga (2016) and I spent a great afternoon the other week in Lehman Quad at one of the group's informal Social Hour events. 

Haunted Chapter House:view.image? 
The Friday before Halloween, we hosted one of our enduring philanthropic events, the Haunted House. Inaugurated under Jeff Grimes' (2015) presidency some years ago, the event turns the chapter house into a macabre Gothic manor. We invited children from the James Finnegan Playground After-School Program in Southwest Philadelphia to come by and play riddles, decorate masks, and do other Halloween activities. The girls of Alpha Phi stopped by too to help and it went off beautifully. I've always felt that we have a mandate to do all we can to help Philly schoolchildren - the abysmal state of the city's education turns their upbringing into a village task, and we were proud to play our part.

Our graduate brother relations have only crescendoed in strength in the years since our recolonization, and this past weekend's success is testament to that. We've long had a very close relationship with the recently graduated classes, and have been working hard to reform the bonds with older classes. Graduate brothers from all years came through the house on Saturday, and at a reception at a restaurant later that night, the crowd was a mix of graduates of all years. For myself, knowing that graduating next May will do nothing to alter the strength of our brotherhood makes me proud to be a FIJI and reaffirms the central dictum that FIJI is not for college days alone.

Thanks for reading, and as always, check out the attached pictures. Don't forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (@UPennFiji) for up-to-the minute content!

Best, Ryan Anderson (2016) - Chapter President

Chapter President Message - Undergraduate Updates 10/12/2015

Fall Break: FIJI Gentlemen spread to the furthest extents of the land for fall break, taking advantage of an already well-needed R&R period. Jorge Barriga (2016), Denes Marton (2016) and I ventured to Francophone North America and feasted on much poutine in the Canadian city of Montreal (general consensus: beloved), while a larger group of brothers followed Kevin Zembroski's (2016) annual trip to Maine. The Zembroski Expedition had an equally great time hiking, boating, and exploring the wilderness.

FIJI Gentleman's Scholarship:
Last Monday evening, we held a reception for our annual FIJI Gentleman's Scholarship awards. This has been a tradition going back certainly further than I've been around, and has been a focal point of our academic committee in the fall semester. Scholarship chairs Connor Swords (2017) and Daniel Moreno (2018) spent the entire week beforehand organizing interviews between brothers and male freshmen applicants, who discussed many of the themes and values so critical to us - excellence, leadership, knowledge. The three awards were given to men most deserving, whose stories of getting to Penn moved both the chairs and the fraternity at large with their dedication to embodying values so near to our own.

Coffee Club:
Last Saturday, Roman Schuster (2016) held an event for his club, the Penn Coffee Club, in the chapter room. The club is actually highly prestigious and applications for it this semester were a topic of conversation. The members are aficionados in the truest sense - the whole event was based around a discussion of a brew peculiar to the beans of North Carolina. Anyway, the coffee connoisseurs and a few tired brothers had a great time using the space and getting their autumnal drink patterns down.

Graduate Brothers on Campus, Redux: On campus recruiting is in full swing these days, and while that's exciting for many of our brothers on the job hunt, we are also happy to be seeing more of some graduate brothers coming down. Last week, Eli Brockett (2015) stopped by on a Sunday evening and joined a few of us on our weekly Kiwi run (for those out of the know, a frozen yogurt shop probably 500 feet from the chapter house). Manmeet Singh (2014) was also spotted in the chapter house midweek, dispersing his idiosyncratic packets of wisdom to younger brothers he'd never even met.

ZTA and Breast Cancer Awareness: As is traditional, this week, sisters from Zeta Tau Alpha came by to decorate the chapter house windows with pink Christmas lights for their philanthropic activities this month. The lights, taking up the entire front bay windows, form the iconic pink ribbons that mark the worldwide fight against the disease. Theirs is an enduring and well-known effort, and we had a good conversation about how to plan such successful events. Looking forward to seeing all they do this year!

Make sure to check out the pictures this week! Lots of bonus content to be found.

Best, Ryan Anderson (2016) - Chapter President



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