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Phi Gamma Delta: Notable Fijis

Brothers in War

Here is a list of all of Phi Gamma Delta brothers who have fought for the United States of America in a major war.

"Gold Star" indicates a list of Phi Gams who gave their lives in service during a conflict. Others attempt a comprehensive list of those who served.

American Civil war, 1861-1865: Union and Confederate.

Spanish-American War, 1898

World War One (Gold Star)

World War Two (Gold Star)

Korean War (Gold Star)

Vietnam (Gold Star) - Incomplete list

Gulf Wars and Afghanistan
(Gold Star)

Prominent Brothers

Politicians - local to national, organized alphabetically (an incomplete list)

National Politicians - organized by position. Includes presidents, legislators, supreme court justices, cabinet secretaries, ambassadors and governors

Hollywood actors, directors, and the like

Recognitions - major prizes such as Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Rhodes Scholarships, etc.

College and University Presidents

Olympic Games - Phi Gams who participated in the Olympics

College and University Buildings named after Phi Gamma Deltas

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