Financial Obligations


  • Pledge Fee (one-time fee): $70.00 due at time of pledging.

  • Initiation Fee (one-time fee): $252.50 due at time of initiation. Includes cost of fraternity badge, membership certificate, opportunities for educational scholarships and grants, and membership dues for the first year.

  • Membership Dues: $105.00 a year, per initiated brother; billed during the fall semester. Supports programs and services of the International Fraternity. For colonies, this fee is payable after the first year of operation.

  • Liability Insurance: $175.00 a year, for all brothers and pledges; billed in spring semester. 

  • Chapter / Colony Dues: decided by the chapter members (amount varies). Used to cover all major operating expenses such as social events, supplies, pledge education materials, recruitment events, graduate events, publications, etc.