"Phi Gamma Delta is committed to provide opportunities for each brother to develop responsibility, leadership, scholarship, and social skills to become a fully contributing member of society."

--Phi Gamma Delta Mission Statement

The Fraternity provides members with leadership development opportunities at every level. The most basic and pervasive of these is the chapter. By taking an active role in the affairs of their chapter, undergraduate brothers learn how to work as part of a team and to contribute toward a common goal.


Fiji Academy is held every January to get new chapter officers off to a strong start by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to lead their chapters. Participants are exposed to the basic elements of chapter operations, as well as higher level leadership development.  

Ekklesia is the governing body and convention of Phi Gamma Delta. Undergraduate brothers take an active role in the formation of fraternity policy, in addition to educational sessions. Serving on committees with other undergraduate and graduate brothers, delegates discuss and decide on issues that impact the future of the Fraternity. Each undergraduate chapter is allowed three voting delegates. In addition to undergraduate brothers, Purple Legionnaires, Section Chiefs, Appointed General Officers, Archons, staff, and other graduates attend.


The following programs are presented to chapters that are interested in building strong leadership quailites in its members. To request a leadership program or if you have questions, contact the Director of Education.

Taking the Lead
Phi Gamma Delta has partnered with Dr. Ken Blanchard (Cornell 1961) (pictured at left motivating the brothers of Kappa Nu at Cornell University) to create a leadership development program custom designed for our fraternity and our members. This program, called Taking the Lead, is based on nearly 35 years of research on situational leadership. Taking the Lead is a series of four educational modules that are available to our members to help them achieve success in fraternity, college, career and life endeavors.

Situational Self Leadership (SSL): Taking the Lead When You’re NOT in Charge
Situational Self Leadership teaches people how to get what they need to be successful in their fraternity, college, and future career.  To lead others effectively, you first must lead yourself. This module develops skills that are useful to anyone tackling a new job, project, or assignment. SSL is designed to be delivered at the chapter level to our newer members.

Situational Leadership II (SLII): Taking the Lead When You ARE in Charge
Situational Leadership II is aimed at current chapter officers and rising leaders within the chapter. It is designed to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance between chapter leaders and the members, with the goals of increasing competence, gaining commitment, and retaining talented members. Participants come away with a leadership tool kit that may be drawn upon in a variety of settings throughout their lives.

Servant Leadership: Taking the Lead For a Greater Purpose
Servant Leadership looks at the traits that form the foundation of leadership -- character, motivation, and values. This module focuses not so much on the “how” of leadership as the “why” by examining our motivations, values, and philosophy of leadership. Servant leadership is the path to the reward that all Phi Gams should seek.

Taking the Lead by DISCovering your Personal Style
This module helps participants understand the role that personality and personal style – our natural patterns of behavior and preferences -- play in leading others. On the organizational level it helps members understand what different personalities bring to a group and how to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses. It encourages a greater tolerance for and acceptance of diverse behaviors and preferences, leading to greater productivity.