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Phi Gamma Delta Museum and Library

Dedicated in May 1985, the Headquarters is a special place for brothers to visit.  The library and museum are the first stops after seeing the entranceway with its paintings of the six Founders.


The Library features over 1,800 volumes including Phi Gamma Delta publications, books by and about our brothers, books about higher education, and about fraternities in general.

Here we look through the double doors to the museum.



Moving forward to the left, and then turning right, we are looking to the windows, and the portraits of our two former executive director/editors: William S. Zerman (Michigan 1949) to the left, and Cecil J. "Scoop" Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1917) to the right. On the tables are several gifts from recently chartered chapters, a tradition started when the new Headquarters building opened in 1986.

Click here to view Portraits 

Museum Entrance

Visitors coming in the front door of the headquarters walk down a hallway and enter the museum here. The badge plaque comes from a Yale brother, class of 1919, and was found at a garage sale in Florida.

Inside the Museum

Moving into the museum we see nine illuminated museum cases featuring a wide assortment of relics.  To the left is a Snowy White Owl, our mascot, and the case on Fijis in national politics. Items relating to US President Calvin Coolidge (Amherst 1896) and Wilson's Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker (Washington and Lee 1876), among others, are on display.

Founders and Firsts

Turning to the right, two cases detail the Founders Relics and items relating to Phi Gam firsts. On display are personal effects of Founder John T. McCarty, the Founder'first minute book, Founder Ellis Gregg's diploma, and more.

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