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Museum & LibraryMuseum and Library

Exhibits and Resources on Phi Gam History

Can't visit our International Headquarters?  Browse our history, museum, library, and more.

Articles about Phi Gam history covering chapters, early members and our founding site, Jefferson College.

Conventions & Ekklesiai: Listing including date, location, attendance. 

Digital Repository: Search or browse historic photographs, books, The Phi Gamma Delta magazine 1879-present, newsletters and more. (Opens separate site at

Historic Badges
: The history of Phi Gamma Delta's badge, how it is made, and how it has evolved over the years.

Founders Relics
: Items from Phi Gamma Delta's founding fathers.

: Other artifacts related to the Fraternity and its members.

 in our headquarters, including an original portrait of United States President Calvin Coolidge.

 featured in our headquarters and houses across North America.

Virtual Tour
 of the museum and library.