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2012-13 John Templeton McCarty Chapter Proficiency Award

Demonstrate efficiency in operations, adhere to Fraternity laws, maintain a favorable standing with the sponsoring institution, and promote the higher Phi Gamma Delta.

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NOTE: Number in parentheses indicates years of consecutive achievement in this category

Alpha Omicron, University of Akron (11)

Theta, University of Alabama (11)
Epsilon Alpha, University of Alberta (9)
Beta Nu, Appalachian State University (4)
Upsilon Alpha, University of Arizona (3)
Alpha Sigma, Arizona State University (2)
Beta Sigma, Ball State University (12)
Beta Pi, Bradley University (1)
Pi Gamma, University of British Columbia (3)
Delta Xi, University of California Berkeley (3)
Iota Chi, University of California Irvine (5)
Chi Lambda, University of California San Diego (5)
Lambda Beta, California State University Long Beach (1)
Xi Deuteron, Case Western Reserve University (4)
Omega Phi, University of Central Florida (4)
Omega Chi, Chapman University (6)
Lambda Chi, College of Charleston (4)
Chi Omicron, University of Cincinnati (1)
Mu Beta, Coastal Carolina University (1)
Chi Sigma, Colorado College (1)
Gamma Kappa, Colorado School of Mines (6)
Phi Kappa, Colorado State University (6)
Delta Colony, DePaul University (1)
Lambda, DePauw University (4)
Delta Iota, Drake University (3)
Pi Nu, East Carolina University (4)
Epsilon Rho, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (1)
Epsilon Iota, University of Evansville (3)
Upsilon Phi, University of Florida (4)
Kappa Deuteron, University of Georgia (20)
Gamma Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology (26)
Delta Deuteron, Hampden Sydney College (1)
Tau, Hanover College (1)
Mu Iota, University of Idaho (3)
Chi Iota, University of Illinois (7)
Zeta, Indiana University (4)
Iota Sigma, Indiana State University (1)
Mu Deuteron, University of Iowa (1)
Alpha Iota, Iowa State University (16)
Mu Chi, James Madison University (1)
Chi Deuteron, Kansas State University (6)
Upsilon Kappa, University of Kentucky (1)
Alpha Gamma, Kettering University A (1)
Beta Rho, Louisiana State University (1)
Phi Deuteron, University of Maryland (3)
Alpha Phi, University of Michigan (9)
Epsilon Lambda, Michigan State University (3)
Sigma Mu, Mississippi State University (1)
Chi Mu, University of Missouri (2)
Psi Mu, Missouri State University (6)
Delta Colony, Monmouth College (1)
Nu Kappa, University of Nebraska Kearney (5)
Alpha Nu, University of New Mexico (11)
Nu Sigma, North Carolina State University (1)
Nu Tau, University of North Texas (4)
Omicron Deuteron, Ohio State University (1)
Theta Deuteron, Ohio Wesleyan University (1)
Nu Omega, University of Oklahoma (2)
Delta Colony, Oklahoma City University (1)
Sigma Omicron, Oklahoma State University (10)
Kappa Omicron, Oregon State University (8)
Gamma Phi, Pennsylvania State University (7)
Lambda Iota, Purdue University (3)
Kappa Rho, University of Rhode Island (1)
Rho Phi, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology (27)
Delta Colony, Rowan University (1)
Nu Beta Colony, Rutgers University (1)
Delta Colony, University of San Diego (1)
Sigma Delta, San Diego State University (1)
Sigma Chi, University of Southern California (2)
Delta Tau, Southern Methodist University (1)
Sigma Nu, Syracuse University (1)
Theta Tau, Tennessee Technological University (8)
Upsilon Tau, University of Toledo (1)
Tau Upsilon, Tulane University (7)
Chi Colony, Union College (1)
Gamma, Vanderbilt University (2)
Omicron, University of Virginia (2)
Beta Upsilon, University of Vermont (24)
Rho Alpha, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (15)
Psi, Wabash College (15)
Sigma Tau, University of Washington (29)
Chi Eta, Western Kentucky University (3)
Kappa Chi, William Woods University (1)
Sigma, Wittenberg University (4)

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