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Member Development Program Update

We have been working with several companies to finalize the first draft of the program. The goal is to start piloting the program with a few chapters in spring 2021. The programming is designed to meet brothers and new members at different places throughout their undergraduate experience and provide information that is both immediately applicable to the lives of our brothers and provide building blocks for the future.

Additional Information & Goals for the New Program: 

  • The program is full of customization options designed to meet brothers and new members at different places throughout their undergraduate experience and path to increased Courageous Leadership.
  • We hope to provide useful information for chapter members as they become stronger Courageous Leaders.
  • By implementing this program, the Fraternity strives to fight self-destructive behaviors, enhance member satisfaction and deepen engagement.

Your donation will help us continue providing new development opportunities to our undergraduate members.

Mental Health Program

We have partnered with Ross Szabo and the Human Power Project to offer mental health programming for our undergraduate members and graduate advisors. The goal of these programs is to provide resources and tools to our members so they will have the courage to have difficult conversations about mental health. 

Behind Happy Faces logoSome of the Topics Covered in Behind Happy Faces:

  • Understanding mental health
  • Members will reflect on their own mental health
  • Changing ineffective coping mechanisms
  • How to approach a brother
  • Addressing suicide

Offering both the undergraduate peer-facilitator lessons and graduate advisors series will cost the Fraternity $32,500 every two years. If this is a cause you strongly believe in and you are interested in funding the program, or would like more information, please contact

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