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Phi Gamma Delta in Hollywood

Phi Gamma Delta in the movies? You bet. Brothers have graced the silver screen since the early days of silent movies, and continue to work both in front of and behind the camera. Others appear on television or the stage.

Before listing Phi Gam stars, we must remember Mae Evelynne and her daughter, Ms. Pearl Sindelar.  Mae Evelynne was the stage name of Molly McCarty (Mrs. Tinker), daughter of Founder John Templeton McCarty (Jefferson 1948).  Both Mae and her daughter performed on stage and, less frequently, on camera during the early days of film.  In Mae Evelynne's retirement until her death in 1943, Phi Gamma Delta supported her with a monthly pension.  Mae and Mrs. Sindelar donated to the Archives many relics of Brother McCarty's life in pioneer California. Mae Evelynne even attended the 1938 Ekklesia in Portland.

See a list of films staring McCarty's granddaughter Pearl Sindelar.  Can anyone find any film titles starring Mae Evelynne?

The following list links to a filmography and biography for each brother. Please send corrections and additions.

SCOTT U. ADAM (Lawrence 1962) - Director, Producer
ROONE P. ARLEDGE (Columbia 1952) - Past President, ABCNews; 37 Emmy Awards, Television Academy Hall of Fame, recipient of the first Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, four George Foster Peabody Awards, Gold Medal Award from International Radio and Television Society
E. PRESTON AMES (California 1928) - Film Art Director; Two-time Academy Award Winner (Best Director 1951, 1959).
SCOTT S. BAKULA (Kansas 1977) - Actor, EnterpriseQuantum Leap
D. LANCE BALDWIN (Richmond 1991) - Actor, All My Children
DAN D. BEAUCHAMP (DePauw 1929) - Film Screenwriter, Novelist
THOMAS BECK (Johns Hopkins 1934) - Film Actor
ROBERT BILDER (Williams 1933) - Film Composer
CHARLES W. BONNER (Williams 1918) - Scriptwriter, Novelist.
RICHARD CAMP (Iowa 1944) - Stage Actor
DICK CARSON (Nebraska 1949) - Television director; Emmy winner 1974, 1983, 1985, and 1986
JOHN W. 'JOHNNY' CARSON (Nebraska 1949) - Former Host, NBC's Tonight Show
A. J. CATOLINE (NYU 1992) - Film editor
JIMMY CEFALO (Pennsylvania State 1978) - Television Game Show Host, Sportscaster, NFL Player
DAVID D. CONNELL (Michigan 1953) - Writer, Producer, Captain KangarooSesame Street
JOHN C. CULLUM (Tennessee 1952) - Actor, Northern Exposure; Two-time Tony Award Winner
DWIGHT CUMMINS (UCLA 1926) - Film and Television Screenwriter
KEN CURTIS (Colorado College 1939) - Television and Film Actor
KIRK J. DEMICCO (Southern California 1991) - Film Director
ARTHUR CRAHAN DENTON (California 1938) - Television and Film Actor
DAVID D. DEPATIE (Sewanee 1951) - Television and Film Producer (animated Pink Panther); Academy Award Winner
JOHN STEWART DETLIE (Alabama 1928) - Art Director, Architect; briefly married to actress Veronica Lake
JOHN C. DYE (Mississippi State 1985) - Actor, Touched By An Angel
JAMES DYRENFORTH (Chicago 1916) - Stage and Film Actor
COLIN J. EGGLESFIELD (Illinois Wesleyan 1995, Iowa 1995) - Actor
BRIAN FARRELL (Indiana 1969) - Film, Television and Stage Actor
RALPH FAULKNER (Washington 1915) - Silent film actor; leading fight choreographer for sixty years.
LAURIE FASO (Denison 1969) - Film, Television and Stage Actor
THOM FILICIA (Syracuse 1992) - Reality Show Actor, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
BEAU FLYNN (NYU 1992) - Producer
GARY S. FOSTER (Southern California 1983) - Film Producer, Sleepless in Seattle
MATTHEW C. FOX (Columbia 1989) - Actor, Party of Five
GEORGE FURTH [SCHWEINFURTH] (Northwestern 1954) - Actor, 1971 Tony Award Winner
ERIC GILLILAND (Northwestern 1984) - Executive Producer, Roseanne; Golden Globe Award Winner
JOHN GLUCK (Western Reserve 1946) - Broadway Composer and Producer
JOHN T. GRIBNER - Broadway Actor
J. T. GORHAM (Knox 1990) - Stuntman
RICHARD HADDEN (Rutgers 1932) - Stage, Film, Television Composer; Author and Concert Pianist
OTTO A. HARBACH (Knox 1895) - Broadway and Screen Writer, and Lyricist
RICHARD A. HARRIS (Southern California 1955) - Film Editor, Producer
TOM HATCHER (Oklahoma 1959) - Stage Actor
FREDERIC H. HATTON (Wisconsin 1901) - Playwright and Screenwriter
OSCAR "DUTCH" HENDRIAN (Pittsburgh 1923) - Film Actor, Stuntman
SAMUEL S. HINDS (NYU 1897) - Film Actor
TOM HODGES (Northwestern 1987) - Film and Television Actor
AVERY HOPWOOD (Michigan 1905, Western Reserve 1905) - Playwright
E. LAMONT JOHNSON (UCLA 1944) - Director, Producer, Actor, Writer; 1985 and 1989 Emmy winner
PHIL KILLIAN (Northwestern 1968) - Stage Actor, Director
KEVIN KILNER (Johns Hopkins 1980) - Stage and Television Actor
JAMES J. LANGE (Minnesota 1954) - Former Host, The Dating Game
ALAN LEMAY (Chicago 1920) - Film Screenwriter, Producer, Director
JEFFERSON MACHAMER - Humorist, Cartoonist, Writer, Actor
WILLIAM BARCLAY MALCOLM (Northwestern 1987) - Film Executive, Producer
HOWARD W. MARSH (Purdue 1907, Denison 1908, Wisconsin 1908) - Musical Stage Actor
BOB MATHIAS (Stanford 1953) - Actor, Olympic Champion, Congressman
MORRIS R. "ROB" MAYNOR (Texas 1959) - Screenwriter
EARL EDWARD McEVOY (Dartmouth 1935) - Director
ROBERT E. McGRATH (Michigan 1954) - Actor, Sesame Street
BRUCE McKAY (Gettysburg 1971) - Television Producer
ANDREW McLAGEN (Virginia 1943) - Film and Television director
JOHN McQUIGGAN (Washington and Lee 1956) - Stage Producer; Founder of Association of Producing Artists
JOSH D. MEYERS (Northwestern 1998) - Actor.
SETH A. MEYERS (Northwestern 1996) - Actor, Comedian.
DENNIS L. MILLER (UCLA 1956) - Film Actor 
RALPH MORGAN (Columbia 1904)- Actor; First President, Screen Actors Guild
DERMOT MULRONEY (Northwestern 1985) - Film Actor
J. RICHARD MUNRO (Colgate 1957) - Former Chairman & CEO of Time, Inc.; Former co-Chairman & co-CEO, Time Warner
SETH MEYERS (Northwestern 1996) - Cast Member, Saturday Night Live
GEORGE G. NADER (Occidental 1943) - Television and Film Actor; Novelist
ROBERT J. NORTHSHIELD (Knox 1944) - Director, Producer 
RAY PERKINS - Composer and Actor
DOUGLAS R. PERRY (Wittenberg 1965) - Opera actor
MARTIN N. RANSOHOFF (Colgate 1949, Louisiana State 1949) - Television & Film Executive Producer, The Beverly HillbilliesThe Addams Family, Founder Filmways, Inc.
JOHN RITTER (Southern California 1970) - Actor, Three's Company; Emmy and Golden Globe winner
JOSHUA SANKEY (Allegheny 1997) - Comedian and Actor
ED SHERIN (Brown 1952) - Film, Television and Stage Producer, Director, and Actor
NORWOOD SMITH (UCLA 1936) - Actor and Singer
MICHAEL SPOUND (Northwestern 1979) - Television Actor
MORGAN SPURLOCK (NYU 1993) - Director and Oscar Nominee, "Super Size Me"; Best Director, Sundance Film Festival
GEORGE C. STEVENS JR. (Occidental 1953) - Television & Film Producer; Founding director, American Film Institute; Eleven-time Emmy winner
ROGER L. STEVENS (Michigan 1932) - Stage Producer; 1962, 1971 and 1984 Tony Award Winner; established and served as first chairman of both the National Endowment for the Arts and the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.
McLEAN STEVENSON (Northwestern 1948) - Actor, M.A.S.H.
J. MARSHALL THOMPSON (Occidental 1947) - Actor, director, writer
EDWARD S. TURNER (Oklahoma 1957) - Broadcasting Executive; Founding Member, CNN
JESSE L. VINT (Oklahoma 1964) - Film Actor, Director, Screenwriter
DWIGHT WEIST (Ohio Wesleyan 1931) - Radio/Film Actor/Narrator; past president Screen Actors Guild
NED WERTIMER (Pennsylvania 1949) - Television and Stage Actor and Professor, The Jeffersons
FRANK R. WILCOX (Kansas 1929) - Film and Television Actor, The Beverly Hillbillies
MORTIMER WILSON (Nebraska 1901) - Musical Director, Composer
ROBERT W. 'BO' WELCH III (Arizona 1974) - Film Production Designer, Beetlejuice, Men in Black; Oscar nominee
WILLIAM H. WRIGHT (Indiana 1924) - Writer, Producer
RICHARD D. ZANUCK (Stanford 1956) - Film Director and Producer; Former President, Twentieth Century Fox; recipient of Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award; 1989 Best Picture Oscar for Driving Miss Daisy

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