1848 Housing Webinars

2021 Webinar Schedule:

  • January 23, 2021: Housing Conference
  • March: Round Table Discussion: Who Should be Running Things - the Chapter or House Corporation?
  • April: How Food Service Can Make Your Chapter Stand Out on Campus
  • July: Creating Plans: The Key to Getting Things Done
  • September: How to Improve Member Experience in the House
  • October: Round Table Discussion: TBD
  • November: Housing Update: What's Coming in 2022

Webinar Recordings

All webinar recordings can be found on the Fraternity's YouTube Channel.

April 2021

How Food Service Can Make Your
Chapter Stand Out on Campus


March 2021

Roundtable: Who Should Be Running
Things - the Chapter or House Corp?


2021 Housing Conference

Watch the Full 2021 Housing
Conference Playlist on YouTube


November 2020

Ask the Experts: Planning a Renovation
in the Next 10 Years


September 2020

Reducing Liability & Exposure: Trends
in the Greek Community


July 2020

Making This Housing Year the Best


July 2020

Working Session: Kitchen Operations


June 2020

Working Session: Cleaning


June 2020

Working Session: Budget Planning


June 2020

What's Next? Planning for the Fall
2020 Semester


May 2020

Kitchen & Meal Trends


April 2020

Pros & Cons of Using Outside Maint./
Property Management Companies


February 2020

Leasing Property for a Chapter House


November 2019

Building & Renovating Houses


August 2019

Fundraising 201: Fundraising for
House Corporations


June 2019

New Communications Plan for
House Corporations


May 2019

New Safety Checklist


February 2019

Reserve Study Tool for Your House


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