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2020 Webinar Schedule:

  • February: Leasing Property for a Chapter House
  • April: Pros/Cons of Using a Property Management/Maintenance Company (CSL, GRS and Alpha Panel)
  • May: Kitchen and Meal Trend (Upper Crust)
  • June: Town Hall on COVID-19
    • Working Sessions: June 25 - Budget Planning & Contracting; June 30 - Cleaning; July 1 - Kitchen Operations
  • July: Making This Housing Year the Best Ever
  • September: COVID-19 Open Forum Discussion
    • Ask the Experts: Property Insurance/Insurance Risks - What Is Happening in the Greek Community (Holmes Murphy)
  • November: Ask the Experts: Planning on a Renovation in the Next 10 Years? This session will cover the planning steps you need to consider.

Webinar Recordings

July 2020

Making This Housing Year the Best Ever


July 2020

Working Session: Kitchen Operations


June 2020

Working Session: Cleaning


June 2020

Working Session: Budget Planning


June 2020

What's Next? Planning for the Fall 2020


May 2020

Kitchen & Meal Trends


April 2020

Pros & Cons of Using Outside Maintenance/
Property Management Companies


February 2020

Leasing Property for a Chapter House


November 2019

Building & Renovating Houses


August 2019

Fundraising 201: Fundraising for
House Corporations


June 2019

New Communications Plan for House


May 2019

New Safety Checklist


February 2019

Reserve Study Tool for Your House


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