1848 Housing Webinars

2021 Webinar Schedule:

  • January 23, 2021: Housing Conference
  • March: Round Table Discussion: Who Should be Running Things - the Chapter or House Corporation?
  • April: How Food Service Can Make Your Chapter Stand Out on Campus
  • July: Creating Plans: The Key to Getting Things Done
  • September: How to Improve Member Experience in the House
  • October: Round Table Discussion: TBD
  • November: Housing Update: What's Coming in 2022

Webinar Recordings

All webinar recordings can be found on the Fraternity's YouTube Channel.

March 2021

Roundtable: Who Should Be Running
Things - the Chapter or House Corp?


2021 Housing Conference

Watch the Full 2021 Housing
Conference Playlist on YouTube


November 2020

Ask the Experts: Planning a Renovation
in the Next 10 Years


September 2020

Reducing Liability & Exposure: Trends
in the Greek Community


July 2020

Making This Housing Year the Best


July 2020

Working Session: Kitchen Operations


June 2020

Working Session: Cleaning


June 2020

Working Session: Budget Planning


June 2020

What's Next? Planning for the Fall
2020 Semester


May 2020

Kitchen & Meal Trends


April 2020

Pros & Cons of Using Outside Maint./
Property Management Companies


February 2020

Leasing Property for a Chapter House


November 2019

Building & Renovating Houses


August 2019

Fundraising 201: Fundraising for
House Corporations


June 2019

New Communications Plan for
House Corporations


May 2019

New Safety Checklist


February 2019

Reserve Study Tool for Your House


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