1848 Housing - Webinars

2019 Webinar Schedule:

  • January: New Kitchen Management Program
  • March: Explaining the Reserve Study and New Safety Checklist (**will not be live, will be posted online at end of March)
  • May: New Communication Strategies For House Corporations
  • July: Fundraising 102 (Updated version of previous fundraising webinar)
  • September: Strategies for Chapters With No House
  • November: Building & Renovating Houses

***A handful of other webinars will be recorded without a live audience and posted as well

Webinar Recordings

Fundraising 201: Fundraising for House Corporations
New Communications Plan for House Corporations
New Safety Checklist
Reserve Study Tool for You House Corporation
A New Approach to Kitchen Operations (Upper Crust Food Service)
Fundraising 101 (Columns Fundraising)
21st Century Strategy for Operating Your House Corporation

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