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Fraternity Awards

Undergraduate Chapters

Cheney Cup: Greatest all-around efficiency in scholarship, fraternity relationships, and general collegiate activities.

Baker Cup
: Most effectively focuses attention upon religious, ethical, and social service activities in its daily conduct.

Zerman Trophy
: Excels in promoting the involvement of brothers in student government, the campus newspaper, and extracurricular activities. (Know as the Archons Trophy prior to 1986)

Condon Cup
: Greatest improvement in the areas of scholarship, extracurricular activities, and fraternity relationships.

Coon Plaque
: Best chapter publication for the preceding academic year.

Jordan Bowl
: Highest comparative scholarship.

Owen Cup
: Greatest improvement in scholarship over the preceding academic year.

Brightman Trophy
: Best demonstrates that "Phi Gamma Delta is not for college days alone" by maintaining and improving relations between the chapter and graduate brothers.

Graduate Chapters

Brightman Awards: Presented to the most outstanding graduate chapters. They are divided between those with more than 75 members, and those with less than 75 members.


Wilkinson Award: Outstanding graduating senior.

Haynes Award
: Most effective Section Chief.

Durrance Award
: Outstanding Purple Legionnaire (chapter advisor) in the Fraternity.

Coulter Cup
: Graduate brother who has contributed the most to an undergraduate chapter through service in a capacity other than as a Purple Legionnaire or General Officer.

Crowder Cup
: Outstanding faculty advisor.

William A. Martin III Distinguished Fiji Award
: Presented by the Archons annually to a maximum of six accomplished brothers.

Undergraduate Chapter Certificates

(Multiples of each given) 

Certificates of Academic Achievement: Exceed the All-Men's Average on their campuses.

Certificates of Superior Academic Achievement
: Exceed the All-Men's Average on their campuses for 5+ consecutive years.

John Templeton McCarty Chapter Proficiency Award
: Demonstrate efficiency in operations, adhere to Fraternity laws, maintain a favorable standing with the sponsoring institution, and promote the high standards of Phi Gamma Delta.

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