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Phi Gamma Delta In The Civil War: Confederate

This is an ongoing expansion of the list compiled by Cecil J. "Scoop" Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1917), and published in The Phi Gamma Delta magazine, May 1961. Currently the list contains 381 names, up from 230. There are 184 Confederate and 197 Union soldiers. Note: Not all were initiated prior to their military service. Twenty-four Confederates and twelve Union brothers were known to have died in service.

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"Mattern" refers to Edwin Mattern's History of Pi Chapter (Allegheny College); "Chapter Rolls and Directory" refers to the 1898 Fraternity catalogue. "Carlisle" refers to the US Army Archives at Carlisle Barracks. Other sources includeThe Phi Gamma Delta magazine, the Fraternity's 1900 "Unfinished Catalogue" and the Park Service's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSSS). We will provide a more expanded bibliography as research progresses.

First name, Last name, Institution where initiated and class year, Rank and unit (if known)
* Indicates died in service

William Henry Abney DePauw 1857, 
Centre 1858
Ordnance officer (Unfinished Catalogue). Ordnance Sergeant, Co. K, 2nd South Carolina Artillery (roster).
Benjamin Carter Adams Alabama 1858 Co. D, 5th Alabama Infantry (Roster). According to Voices from Company D by G. Ward Hubbs, p. 395, "Enlisted May 6, 1861, in Uniontown, Alabama; assistant regimental commissary with rank of captain; brigade commissary in 1862; D. H. Hill's division commissary with the rank of major in 1863. Brother of Guards John M. Adams and Richard Henry Adams."
Langdon Cheeves Allen Union U. 1855 Major, 10th Alabama Cavalry.  Also 1st Lieutenant, captain (Unfinished Catalogue).
Obadiah Pearson Amacker Virginia 1860 1st Sergeant, Co. G, 4th Louisiana Infantry. Lieutenant Colonel, 3rd Louisiana Cavalry (Wingfield's); captured at Port Hudson, Louisiana; imprisoned at Johnson Island, Ohio. Information at LSU.
Waddy T. Armstrong Howard 1857 Captain, Co. K, 6th Alabama.
James Marshall Arnold Baylor 1859 Private, 19th Texas Cavalry, Co. H, 1862-5. (Unfinished Catalogue; Roster p. 222)
Presley C. Baker Union U. 1860 Co. A, 8th Texas Cavalry. Promoted 1st lieutenant, Horse Artillery, White's Battery. (Roster pp. 323-324)
Franklin Anderson Baker Union U. 1860 Captain and surgeon (Unfinished Catalogue)
William Wirt Ballard Jefferson 1858 Major '62-'65 (PGD magazine June 1901). History of Roanoke County by George S. Jack, pp. 57-58: "June, 1862, he enlisted in the Fourth Maryland Artillery . . . . afterwards assigned to duty in the Ordnance Department, with the rank of second lieutenant, under Colonel J. H. Brown, who was Chief of Artillery in the Trans-Mississippi Department, under General Kirby Smith. He acted in that capacity down to the siege of Vicksburg . . . . he served as aide-de-camp on the staff of General Reynolds and took part in all engagements in which General Reynolds participated, up to and including the siege of Vicksburg, and was paroled with Pemberton's Army. His health failing, he was ordered to the mountains, and came to Craig County, Virginia. He remained there during the winter of 1863-64 and in the last named year returned to the army, connecting himself with the First Maryland Artillery as a private and served in that capacity until the surrender of Lee at Appomattox."
William Dean Barnes North Carolina 1852 2nd Lieutenant, 2nd Florida Cavalry, Co. G (Harris Troop) ". . . enlisted 8/5/62 at Chattahoochee and was promoted Adjutant 9/8/62 . . . . elected Lt Colonel of the First Florida Reserves 1/5/65. . . . paroled 5/16/65 at Madison . . . ." Apparently shot and wounded by deserters while adjutant. --Biographical Rosters of Florida's Confederate and Union Soldiers 1861-1865, Vol. IV, p.1496.
Note: in Co. G, 5th Cavalry, according to Soldiers of Florida.
George B. Baskerville DePauw 1868 Private, March 1863 to May 11, 1865 (Unfinished Catalogue). 12th Tennessee (Green's) Cavalry, Co. E (Roster p. 428)]
Alex G. Beaumont Soule 1863 Company I, "Texas Aides", 5th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Hood's Texas Brigade, enlisting September 7, 1861. Discharged September 25, 1862 due to tuberculosis.
*Patrick Henry Beesley Allegheny 1864 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Jan. 23, 1861; enlisted Oct. 22, 1862, Brookhaven, Miss., as pvt., Co. K., 1st Miss. Light Art., C.S.A.; transferred Apr. 3. 1863, to Capt. Roberts' Co., Miss. Art., known as Seven Stars; Art. Co. broken up in Feb., 1864, and formed Cos. C, D, and E, Moorman's Batt., Miss. Cav.; muster-roll of Co. E, 24th Batt., Miss Cav., dating from Feb. 23, to April 39, 1864, shows P.H. Beesley, 1st sergt., killed in action near Red Lick Church, Miss., March 4, 1864."
Dickinson Bell Union 1850 Lieutenant, Co. H, 1st Mississippi Calvary (Miller's)
*Luther Rice Bell Virginia 1861, North Carolina 1861 7th North Carolina (PGD magazine October 1892).  Killed second Battle of Malvern Hill, VA July 1, 1862.  (Unfinished Catalogue)
Charles R. Breedlove Baylor 1858 Captain, 16th Texas Cavalry, four years. (Unfinished Catalogue)
James L. Brittain Cumberland 1871 Co. B of General Joseph E. Johnston's escort. [Obit, PGD magazine, Nov. 1930, p. 145] CWSSS says private, first lieutenant, Co. B, 36th Tennessee Infantry; and first lieutenant, Co. H, 63rd (Fain's).
George Langhorne Brown Roanoke 1868, Hampden-Sydney 1871 Private, Salem Flying Artillery, 1st Virginia Artillery (later 1st Battalion Virginia Light Artillery). Enlisted 9/5/63. In Battles of Mine Run, Spottsylvania and Cold Harbor. Surrendered at Appomattox Court House. Ended service April 9, 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Thomas Jefferson, Jr. Buchanan Cumberland 1871 CSA, 1864-5 [probably Mississippi] (Unfinished Catalogue) CWSSS shows Private, Co. I, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery.
Giddings Judson Buck Union U. 1857 13th Texas Cavalry (Descendants of Thomas Buck).
Malcolm Clayton Burke Alabama 1855 Captain of artillery 1862-4.(PGD magazine, Dec. 1904, p. 252). History of Alabama and Dictonary of Alabama Biography by Thomas McAdory Owen, p. 260: "He enlisted in the C. S. Army, December 1862, as a first lieutenant of artillery . . . assigned to duty at Fort Morgan. In 1863, he was assigned to the staff of Gen. Cantey as ordnance officer; went with Cantey's brigade to Johnston's army in northern Georgia and served through that campaign as first lieutenant of ordnance and brigade ordnance officer." While on leave in Tuscaloosa when Union troops invaded, he blew up the University of Alabama magazine.
*Thomas S. Burnett Union U. 1861 Colonel, 7th Kentucky; wounded April 7, 1862 in Battle of Shiloh; died April 21, 1862. (Unfinished Catalogue) CWSSS says T.S. Burnett, lieutenant and adjutant, Co. A, 7th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Some sources say died of disease in McNairy Co. TN, 1862.
John Fielding Burns Howard 1860 Captain 1862-66 (Unfinished Catalogue). History of Alabama and Dictonary of Alabama Biography, by Thomas McAdory Owen, p. 264: "elected first lieutenant of the Red Eagles, a company organized in Burnsville in 1860, and when it disbanded, he went to Virginia as a private in the Fourth Alabama . . . . remained with the regiment until after the battle of Williamsburg, and then joined Wheeler's cavalry."
Thomas Burke Burton North Carolina 1852 CSA [from Halifax Co. NC] (Unfinished Catalogue) Possibly Private and Sergeant, Co. I, 5th North Carolina, according to CWSSS.
John Ashurst Caffey Howard 1859 Private, Co. E, 6th Alabama Infantry. "During the war," he wrote, "I met a great many of the brothers and passed many pleasant moments in interchange of feeling and . . . derived great comfort from being bright in Deltaism . . . ."
Alfred Caldwell Maryville 1853 From the Biographical Directory of the Tennessee General Assembly, Volume 1 (Nashville, 1975, p. 109): ". . . unsuccessful candidate for Confederate Congress, 1861 . . . . In Confederate army although he had been opposed to secession; enlisted at Athens August 15, 1863, as private in Company H, 5th East Tennessee Volunteers which later became 43rd Tennessee Infantry; captured at Bristol, December 14, 1864; sent as prisoner of war first to Nashville, Davidson County; to Louisville, Kentucky, and thence to Camp Chase, Ohio, January 15, 1865; one of detachment of paroled and exchanged prisoners of war at Camp Lee near Richmond, Virginia, February 28, 1865." CWSSS confirms rank and units.
Madison Milton Callaway Baylor 1856 CSA per Baylor history. CWSSS shows MM Callaway, Private Co. C, 35th Texas Cavalry (Brown's Regiment).
John Atkins Cameron North Carolina 1862 Sergeant, 3 and 1/2 years (Unfinished Catalogue). Co. H, 46th North Carolina per CWSSS and They Passed this Way: A Personal Narrative of Harnett County History‎ by Malcolm Fowler, p. 82.
John David Carnahan Roanoke 1870, Virginia 1871 Private, "Tazewell Troopers," Co. H, 8thVirginia Cavalry. Enlisted 8/15/64 at the age of 16. Paroled 6/21/65 at 17.
Alfred Grayson Carter Centre 1856 Private, 28th Mississippi Cavalry, 1861-6. (Unfinished Catalogue) - possibly son of Spencer Carter, Halifax Co. VA?
David Miller Carter North Carolina 1851 Colonel and judge-advocate. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Captain Co. E.,  then Lt. Col. 4th NC Infantry.  ". . . raised a company to serve during the war, which formed a part of the 4th North Carolina Regiment. At the battle of Seven Pines, he was severely wounded, so that he was never again able to serve in the field. He was assigned to duty as one of the three Judges of the Military Court of Longstreet's Corps, with the rank of Colonel . . . until he was elected (1864) by the people of Beaufort County to represent them in the House of Commons." Source: Wheeler, John Hill,Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians,(Columbus: Columbus Printing Works, 1884).
J. H. Cason Union U. 1856 Captain (Unfinished Catalogue); probably Co. C, 41st Alabama Infantry; "wounded at Beene's Station; resigned." Source
James Quilbert Chenoweth DePauw 1860 Major, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry; major, colonel, 1st (Butler's) Kentucky Cavalry; colonel, 16th Kentucky Cavalry.  Wounded three times. Organized Chenoweth's Cavalry Regiment, October 1864.  Surrendered May 4, 1865, commanding Department of Western Kentucky. Later commandant, Confederate Home for Men, Austin, TX.  [Photo, Chapter Rolls and Directory, civilian]
Jesse Alexander Clifton Virginia 1868 Co. D, 1st South Carolina Cavalry
John Scott Colmery Washington 1848 Member of Vaiden Guards (Captain Applewhite's Company), organized in Scott's town of Vaiden, Mississippi. It was a "Local Defense Company" and is listed in several sources.
Joseph D. Cook Alabama 1857 Surgeon, 1st Regiment Heavy Artillery, at Galveston, Texas 1862-3. (PGD magazine October 1892)
Samuel Calvin Cook Howard 1859 Captain, 3rd Alabama Cavalry. In Battles of Shiloh, Chickamauga, Dalton and Atlanta. Second lieutenant commanding troops engaged in first small-arms skirmish of Civil War, May 9, 1861. (Confederate Veteran of Oct. 1909 p. 469 says corporal.) For three years under General Joe Wheeler, ". . . member of that officer's staff of picked men known as the "Elite Corps," which was an organization composed of one commissioned officer and two privates from each company . . . trained by West Point graduates for hazardous and daring duties." (PGD magazine, Oct. 1937, p. 27-8)
Caleb Lindsey Cooper Union U. 1856 "Captain, commissary department 63-62 [sic]; justice of peace 60-63" (Unfinished Catalogue). "Hon. C.L.Cooper" wrote of William Henderson Cooper, son of Dr. Charles D. Cooper and Elizabeth Lindsey Cooper, born Bedford Co. TN Dec. 28, 1836, served as army surgeon. In Shelbyville TN May 1904 p. 239 Con. Veteran.  Fosterville TN c. 1909.
Lunsford Pitt Cooper Union U. 1856 Private, Co. H, 42nd Mississippi; later captain & quartermaster. Major & quartermaster (or AQM), Joseph R. Davis's Brigade, Heath's Div., A. P. Hill's Corps. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Surrendered at Appomattox (Appomattox Paroles p. 80).  [Photo, Chapter Rolls and Directory, civilian]
James M. Covington North Carolina 1862 Ordnance Sergeant, 23rd North Carolina and 4th North Carolina Cavalry (1924 UNC alumni catalog), 3 and 1/2 years. (Unfinished Catalogue) 
Thomas Bolin Cox Howard 1860, Mississippi 1868, Virginia 1868 Captain, October 1861 to April 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue) A Thomas B Cox was an officer of the Waynesboro GA camp, UCV.  A TB Cox was commander of the Waco TX camp, and in the Confederate Veteran of January 1905 noted he had been a sergeant major of the 6th Mississippi in May, 1863 at Port Gibson, captured, sent to Alton penitentiary, and exchanged at City Point.  Wounded at Shiloh p. 509, Nov. 1910.
George Knox Cracraft Washington 1857 Captain, 1861-65 (Unfinished Catalogue).  Enlisted Richmond Howitzers; captured and exchanged. 1863 captain Chicot Guards of 23rd Arkansas Infantry.  Captured at Port Hudson, July 1863; confined at Hilton Head and Ft. Pulaski.  As a prisoner, one of "The Immortal 600". (Data courtesy grandson Scott Cracraft.)  See James Robinson.
James Asbury Crawford Allegheny 1864 from Mattern: "i[nitiated Dec. 19, 1860 . . . enlisted, Aug. 24, 1861, as pvt., Co. G, 6th Miss. Inf. Confederate States Army, at Grenada, Miss., May 8, 1862, promoted to 2nd lieut.; later (date not found) to 1st lieut.; actively engaged for four years; captured twice but exchanged; had charge of the evacuation of Corinth, Miss., 1862; served under both Gens. Lee and Joseph E. Johnson; paroled, Jackson, Miss., May 15, 1865 . . . ."  [Mattern, p. 42, says his portrait appears in his "regimentals"; pp. 47-48, wartime contact with US's JM Wells (Allegheny 1861).]
Thomas William BouIdin Crews Jefferson 1851 Lieutenant-colonel, Second Missouri Cavalry.  Captured 1862 while sick at his home in Marshall, MO, sent to St. Louis as a POW, and soon paroled.
Boardman Hartwell Crumpton Howard 1862 Co. A, 6th Alabama Cavalry. Chaplain according to some biographical sources.
*Elbert J. Crutcher Union U. 1856 Sergeant, Co. A, 1st Mississippi Infantry. Died February 2, 1865.
Christopher Tazewell Davis Roanoke 1869 Private, Co. E, 6th Virginia Cavalry.  Enlisted 4/1/62; present through final roll 3/4/65. (Unfinished Catalogue)
William Baldwin Denson Baylor 1857 Lieutenant-colonel, 6th Louisiana Cavalry, April 25, 1861 to May 20, 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Julius Daniel Dreher Roanoke 1871 Lieutenant 1864-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Surrendered with Joseph E. Johnson; initiated late 1869 (Magazine).
*Frederick Elijah Duggar (Dugger) Alabama 1859 Sergeant, Selden's Battery (Alabama artillery unit). Virginia Cousins by George Brown Goode, p.388: Killed at Peachtree Creek, GA, July 20, 1864. "He had charge of one of the guns, and was killed by a cannon ball while sighting his cannon, after he had nearly exhausted his ammunition. His body was recovered after the engagement by his brother, W. W. Dugger, who lay beside it until the firing had ceased."
John Greer Dupree Howard 1861 Private, First Mississippi Cavalry (Armstrong's Brigade, Jackson's Division, Van Dorn's Corps).  "I had three horses shot from under me during the war." (PGD magazine June 1890) "Dr. John Greer Deupree wrote about the Noxubee Troopers, (Co. G and F, First Mississippi Cavalry) which can be obtained from the Mississippi Department of History and Archives: 'Reminiscences of Service with Co. G, First Mississippi Cavalry, 1861-1862'; 'Participation in the Battle of Shiloh'; 'The Raid and Capture of Holly Springs, Mississippi, December 20, 1862' " Source  Enlisted March 11, 1861. Source
Thomas Jefferson Deupree (Dupree) Union U. 1853 Captain, medical corps. (Unfinished Catalogue) ". . . elected Third Lieutenant at the original organization of the Noxubee Troopers. He was wounded five times during the War, promoted to Captain of Company G, and served as escort of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. He became a medical doctor after the War, later choosing to become a Professor of Sciences at Union University in Jackson, Tenn. He retired to Texarkana, Arkansas for the remainder of his life." Source
Benjamin Hunter Dupuy (Duprey, Dupree) Hampden-Sydney 1873 Private, 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers.  Enlisted June 1863 at age 18; paroled 4/11-21/65.  ". . . participated in many battles, including Gettysburg, Spotsylvania Court House and Cold Harbor, as a soldier in the First Richmond Howitzers, Cabell's Battalion of Artillery, in Longstreet's Corps."  PGD magazine, Nov. 1926, p. 245.
George Ewing Eagleton Union 1851 Private, Co. K, then Chaplain, 44th Tennessee Infantry; resigned 1862.
Jesse Shivers Eddins Baylor 1860 CSA per Baylor history. CWSSS says Private, Co. E, 6th Texas Cavalry.
John B. Fitzhugh Union U. 1856 Co. C, 1st Tennessee Infantry (Turney's). "Pvt./Sgt. Major. *Res. Davidson County, dark complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes, 5'10". Enr. 29 Apr 61 at Winchester aged 23; promoted to Sgt. Major July & Aug 64; transferred to F&S; captured 2 Apr 65 Petersburg; released 7 May 65 when he signed oath.*" Source
John William Flinn Mississippi 1871 Private, Co. G, 17th Mississippi. Enlisted March 1862 at age 14 years, eight months. Wounded at Malvern Hill. Returned to duty September 1863. Wounded and captured; imprisoned at Fort Delaware three weeks. Wounded at Petersburg. Captured July 25, 1864; imprisoned at Point Lookout until April 1865. Confederate Military History, Clement Anselm Evans, editor, Vol. 5, p. 576.
Thomas Collier Foster Baylor 1857 Assistant surgeon, 10th Texas Infantry, R.O. Molls [R.Q. Mills] Regiment. (Unfinished Catalogue); enlisted as private in Co. A, Oct. 20, 1861; appointed hospital steward November 15, 1861; shown as a surgeon in 1864.  
Terah Major Freeman Bethel 1858, Virginia 1861 Assistant inspector general and major. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Under General John Morgan w/ Morgan's Raiders, then captain under Col. Henry Giltner.  Captain, 4th Kentucky Cavalry. Later promoted to major. Captured twice; escaped.  Shot once in neck. Captured Frankfurt, Ky. Noted in Gen. Adam R. Johnson's "The Partisan Rangers".  (Obit, PGD magazine, Mar. 1927, p. 551)  CWSSS says private, Co. B, 2nd Kentucky Mounted Infantry, and adjutant, 4th Kentucky Cavalry. See Virginia article.
Charles Gachet Virginia 1859, Alabama 1860 Captain of "Gachet's Company of Alabama Cavalry." (PGD magazine, Dec. 1932, p. 244)
Christopher C. Garrett Soule 1868, Washington and Lee 186_ "He served two years in the Confederate Army as a coastal guard at Galveston but did not see any combat." The Handbook of Texas Online
Josiah Baker Gathright DePauw 1860 Captain, cavalry 1861-5 [possibly Kentucky] (Unfinished Catalogue).  Major? [see letter, PGD magazine, Dec. 1931, p. 228]  CWSSS says J. B. Gathright, first lieutenant, Co. H, 8th Kentucky Cavalry. Depauw Alumnal Record says "served as private, sergeant, lieutenant, captain of cavalry and quartermaster."
Richard O. Gathright DePauw 1860 Captain, April 21, 1861 to April 20, 1865 (Unfinished Catalogue).  Co. H, 4th Kentucky Cavalry. unit history
Franklin Newman Gary Maryville 1852 Captain 23rd Texas Infantry (Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century, page 394).
Thomas Howell Gilliam North Carolina 1852 Lieutenant and captain, 17th North Carolina Infantry. (Unfinished Catalogue). "Appointed 3rd Lieutenant [in Co. I] to rank from May 8, 1861, and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant prior to January 1, 1862.  Reported on duty as acting Adjutant of the regiment in November-December, 1861.  Present or accounted for until captured at Roanoke Island on February 8, 1862.  Exchanged in August, 1862.  Presented or accounted for until transferred to Company L, 17th Regiment NC Troops (2nd Organization), on or about May 1, 1863." Appointed first lieutenant. Promoted to captain May 27, 1864. --North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865
Julius A. Greer Howard 1859 Sergeant, Co. G, First Mississippi Cavalry: "Noxubee Troopers". ( "
Winfield Griffin Virginia 1872 Private, Co. C, 2nd Cavalry, Fitz Lee's Division. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Napoleon Bonaparte Goforth Maryville 1852 Chaplain, 31st Tennessee. Data and Photo
Thomas Jewett Goree Baylor 1856 General Longstreet's staff:  Captain VADC (Volunteer Aide de Camp) July 1861; Major ADC February 26, 1863.  Online Handbook of Texas: "In 1861 . . . set out for Virginia to join the Confederate Army. On the boat from Galveston to New Orleans, he met Maj. James Longstreet . . . .  Goree, who was eventually promoted to captain, served as Longstreet's aide-de-camp throughout the war and was involved in almost every battle in which Longstreet's division took part. He was never wounded, though he had several horses shot out from under him, and his clothing was riddled with bullet holes. After Appomattox, Goree accompanied Longstreet home to Alabama." [uniformed photo, Newton Gresham Library, Sam Houston State University]
Lewis Guion Mississippi 1858 "He entered the Confederate army in March, 1861, as second lieutenant of Company B, 1st Louisiana Infantry Regulars; was promoted to first lieutenant of Company A, Louisiana Infantry, C. S. A., in 1861, and was promoted to the rank of captain of Company D, 26th Louisiana Volunteers, 1863-65.  He also filled the important office of acting assistant inspector-general on the staffs of Gens. F. A. Shoup and Allen Thomas during the siege of Vicksburg." Active in post-war Confederate groups: President, Association of the Army of Tennessee; director, Soldiers' Home of Louisiana; Confederate Commissioner, Vicksburg National Military Park; Vice President, Jefferson Davis Parkway Commission; Louisiana-Vicksburg Monument Commission. -- obituary with post-war photo, Confederate Veteran Vol. XXVII, No. 3, p.106. Louisiana State University has his wartime diary, the official record book of his regiment, a letter discussing a possible promotion and his 1865 parole certificate.
Thomas Jefferson Hadley North Carolina 1862 Captain, Co. A, 55th North Carolina Infantry (Unfinished Catalogue and 1924 UNC alumni catalog).  ". . . was by occupation a student prior to enlisting in Wilson County at age 23, May 10, 1862, for the war.  Mustered in as Private.  Promoted to 1st Sergeant on June 2, 1862.  Appointed 3rd Lieutenant on June 9, 1862. Wounded at Falling Waters, Maryland, July 14, 1863 . . . . Promoted to 1st Lieutenant on November 20, 1863. Wounded in the left shoulder at Wilderness, Virginia, May 5, 1864 . . . . Captured at Globe Tavern, Virginia, August 20, 1864. Confined at Fort Delaware, Delaware, August 29, 1864. Released at Fort Delaware on June 17, 1865, after taking the Oath of Allegiance." --North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865 p. 434
Amos Bell Haines Union U. 1853 Captain (Unfinished Catalogue)
Joel Joshua Halbert Union U. 1853 Quartermaster's department forentire war. (PGD magazine February 1887) [note: born in Lowndes Co., MS] CWSSS shows a J.J. Halbert as private, Co H, 11th Mississippi Cavalry (Perrin's).
David Clark Hall North Carolina 1853 Captain, CSA (Register of Members of the Philanthropic Society, 1887). There is a David C. Hall in Co. F, 8th North Carolina Infantry, from Warren County. 
Augustus Houston Hamilton Washington and Lee 1868 Private, Capt. George B. Chapman's Battery Virginia Light Artillery. Enlisted 6/24/64 at 18; first battle at New Market.  Paroled 6/12/65.  Initiated after the War.
George A. Harrell Bethel 1862 First lieutenant, cavalry 1862. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Cadwallader Jones Harris Union U. 1852 First lieutenant, Co. A, Louisiana Brigade. (Unfinished Catalogue)
*Simpson [Sampson?] Harris Union U. 1856 Adjutant-general and captain, General Hardeman's Brigade; killed Oct. 8, 1862 in Battle of Perrysville, KY (Unfinished Catalogue).  CWSSS says Simpson Harris, captain, 20th Tennessee Cavalry.
*Charles Robinson Harrison Kentucky 1861 Died 1862 (63?) in service in Tennessee. (Unfinished Catalogue)  CWSSS says Charles Harrison, private, Co. E, 60th Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Crawford's 79th Tennessee Infantry).
William T. Hendon Howard 1860 Lieutenant Colonel, 14th Mississippi, Consolidated; Captain, Co. K, 6th Mississippi. "When the war commenced he assisted in raising an infantry company, of which Hon. A. Y. Harper was captain and W. T. Hendon first lieutenant. This later became Company K, of the 6th Mississippi Regiment, organized early in 1861 at Grenada, Miss. . . . Participating in the battle of Shiloh . . . it was reorganized . . . and Lieut. W. T. Hendon succeeded [Harper] as captain of Company K. He held this rank until . . . April 9, 1865, when seven companies of the 6th, the 14th, and 43rd Mississippi regiments were consolidated and known as the 14th Mississippi, Consolidated. Captain Hendon was made lieutenant colonel of this regiment. Afterwards he surrendered with the regiment at Greensboro, N. C., under Gen. Joseph E. Johnson." --obituary, Confederate Veteran Vol, XXVI, p.167.
Daniel Wilson Holman Union U. 1853 Private (1861 one month), major (12 months), 1st Tennessee (Colonel Peter Turney's TN Infantry) (Provisional Army).  From May 1862, Lt. colonel, 11th Tennessee Cavalry; colonel 10th and 11th Tenn. Cavalry consolidated; Major Holman's Battalion Tenn. Cavalry (Partisan Rangers).Severely wounded in thigh, Second Battle of Fort Donaldson, TN.  Surrendered at Gainesville, Alabama May 11, 1865. (PGD magazine June 1890)
Lysander Houk Union U. 1854 Private, captain, Co. D, 31st Tennessee Infantry (A.H. Bradford's), 1861 to May 1862.  (Unfinished Catalogue; CWSSS) biography
John Pertiller Hubbard Howard 1859 Private, 22nd Alabama.  (Unfinished Catalogue)
William Effiah Hubbert Roanoke 1867 Corporal, Co. A, 1st Virginia Artillery, 1861-5. (Unfinished Catalogue) 
Aurelius Winfield Hutton Virginia 1868 Private, Co. B, Alabama Cadet Corps 1863-65. (Unfinished Catalogue).  Major-general of the Pacific Division, United Civil War Veterans (PGD magazine April 1921, p. 692; March 1934, p. 417). Initiated postwar.
Henry C. Irby Union U. 1860 First lieutenant, captain, Co. D., 9th Tennessee. "Went to Kentucky with General Bragg's army and was severely wounded in the battle of Perryville, where he was captured and sent to Fort Delaware as a prisoner for many months. After being exchanged he returned to his old regiment ant served with it to the close of the war. Captain Irby surrendered at Selma, Ala. . . ." from his obituary, Confederate VeteranVol. XXV, p.176.
James C. Ivie Union U. 1855 CSA (Unfinished Catalogue); CWSSS says J.C. Ivie, private, Co. G, 22nd Tennessee Infantry (Freeman's), and private, Co. G, 12th (Consolidated) Tennessee Infantry. CWSSS notes 22nd merged into 12th on June 16, 1862.
Albert Gallatin Jenkins Jefferson 1848 Brigadier-general, 8th Virginia Cavalry; mortally wounded May 9, 1864 in Battle of Cloyd's Mountain, VA. Delegate to the Confederate Congress, 1861.
Judson Cicero Jenkins Baylor 1857 Colonel (Unfinished Catalogue). Co. K, 8th Texas Cavalry (Terry's Rangers).
John Monroe Johnson North Carolina 1864 Major. Member of General Stackhouse's staff. (Unfinished Catalogue), Engineering officer (1924 UNC catalog).
Henry Stahler [Stathers?] Johnston Allegheny 1860 Colonel (Unfinished Catalogue).  Initiated June 9, 1860.
*John Thomas Jones Virginia 1861 Private, Belcher's Co., 5th Alabama infantry. Killed June 27 (28?), 1862, in Battle of Cold Harbor, VA. (Unfinished Catalogue).
Robert W. Joyner North Carolina 1863 3rd Lieutenant, Captain, Co. E, 27th North Carolina Infantry (CWSSS and 1924 UNC alumni catalog).
Charles Thomas Kavanaugh Baylor 1856 Private, Willis Battalion, Texas; Forrest Cavalry, 4 years. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Lieutenant, 11th Battalion, 4th Texas Reserves (Wallace's Battalion).
Mark A.  Kelton Baylor 1861 Second lieutenant, Co. F, Sixth Texas Infantry (later consolidated 1863 and 1865).  Appointed Nov. 1861.  Biography
Stanhope H. King Union U. 1862 Major, Hardee's Corps (Unfinished Catalogue). Enlisted April 8, 1861 in the Yell Rifles, later Arkansas' First Regiment . ". . . appointed major and assistant commissary in Preston Smith's Tennessee Brigade." (Yell Rifles Site)  Later made brigade commissary.
Wright H. Lavender Howard 1860 Co. K, 3rd Alabama Infantry
Sumpter Lea Alabama 1857 Captain and adjutant, 28th Alabama Infantry. (Unfinished catalogue)
Oscar Hopestill Leland Baylor 1856 Adjutant and captain, 30th Texas Cavalry, 1862-65 (Norwich Univ. alumni register, 1911).
*Thomas M. Lenoir Howard 1860 Captain, Co. I, Third Alabama Cavalry (his company possibly detached as Lenoir's Independent Company Alabama Cavalry). One of six blood brothers in CSA service. ". . . [K]illed at Lay's Ferry, near Resaca, Ga., on May 14, 1864. General Wheeler told me a few years before his death that he sent three flags of truce to the Federal commander trying to get my brother's body, but was refused every time." (Charles Lenior, quoted in Confederate Veteran)  unit history
William Henry Long Baylor 1859 First sergeant, Co. G, 17th Texas Infantry, July 1861 to January 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue)
James S. Lucas North Carolina 1863 CSA (1924 UNC alumni catalog). There were several persons of the name in NC units and the units of other states.
John Mason Martin Alabama 1856 Co. H, 5th Alabama Infantry (PGD magazine says 1st Alabama); after a year, 41st Alabama. W.H. Abney says private first year, quartermaster thereafter. Later US Congress.
Hugh Bowen McCallum Union U. 1858 Private and chaplain, 15th South Carolina 1861-1865. (PGD Magazine, February 1883)
William McCampbell Maryville 1855 Captain, Co. C, 39th Tennessee Infantry (W. M. Bradford's), the same as John Dallas Thomas (Maryville 1852).
James McConnell W&J? 1850 Lieutenant, First Louisiana Artillery (under Col. Bellzhoover); provost marshal at Mobile.  President of Army of Tennessee veteran group at death, Nov. 21, 1914.
Felix Grundy McGavock Nashville 1850, North Carolina 1851 Surgeon, major of Dragoons, 1861-5. (Unfinished Catalogue) 
Bethune (Jethune?) Beaton McKenzie Howard 1858 Captain, Co. B, Fourth Alabama Cavalry Battalion (Love's); in July 1864 it became Co. I, Jeff Davis Legion (Mississippi). unit history  Served April 4, 1861 to April 26, 1865.  (Unfinished Catalogue)
John Martin McKleroy Howard 1860 Adjutant, then Captain, Co. A, 10th Regiment Confederate Cavalry. (Unfinished Catalogue) unit history
James Harvey McLeary Soule 186?, Washington and Lee 1869 Private, Co. A, 5th Texas Cavalry, 1861-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)  In 13 battles and 26 skirmishes; wounded four times.
Alfred Gowan Merritt North Carolina 1853 Captain. (1924 UNC alumni catalog) 1st Tennessee (Field's Regiment) and 27th Tennessee (CWSSS).
*John M.  Mickle North Carolina 1853 Captain, Co. I (Curry Guards), 18th Alabama Infantry, killed at Chickamauga.  unit history
Green Millsaps DePauw 1862 Private, Co. D, 12th Mississippi Infantry
George Washington Montgomery Union U. 1862 Unfinished Catalogue says Captain, "killed in Battle of Memphis." Apparently mistaken for another George W. Montgomery, of which there were many. Cousin's memoir notes they joined Co. C, 12th Mississippi Infantry. Wounded in thigh at Second Manassas/Bull Run. Lieutenant, Co. D,4th Alabama Cavalry (Roddy's), same unit as F. M. Windes (Union 1860).
William Allen Montgomery Jefferson 1852 Chaplain, according to history of Carson-Newman College where he was later president.
James Edwin Moore North Carolina 1862 Lieutenant and provost marshal, 3rd North Carolina Cavalry, 1862-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)
John Whiting Moore Kentucky 1862 CSA (Unfinished Catalogue)
William Armistead Moore North Carolina 1852 "Judge Moore was Colonel of the Militia of Chowan County [5th NC Militia?], which went to Roanoke Island. After its fall he was in active service until the army disbanded. He served on the staff of Gen. D. H. Hill in the Seven Days' fight around Richmond, and assisted Dr. Edward Warren Bey in removing and caring for the wounded in those battles. Stricken with rheumatism on the field he was retired from active service." BF Pool, Literature in the Albemarle, p. 314.
William Watkins Moores Cumberland 1870 Private, 2nd Texas Cavalry, two years. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Robert Orlando Baxter Morrow Mississippi 1873 Private, 5th Alabama Cavalry, Co. L from July 1, 1864 to May 29, 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue)
John Cogburn Nicholson Union U. 1853 First lieutenant, assistant surgeon, then major and surgeon, 1st Alabama Cavalry, 1861-65.  (Unfinished Catalogue) 
William S. Oldham, Jr. Soule 1863 Private, Company B, 8th Regiment Texas Cavalry; then AAP in Adjutant General's office with General Smith for twelve months; promoted 1st Lieutenant; General Maxey's staff, Captain AAG, April 1865 until end of war. (Crute p. 135)
Hudson Curtis Oliphint Baylor 1856 Private, Co. H, 20th Texas Infantry (CWSSS).
William Smith Otey Cumberland 1873 Captain, 15th Artillery, Cleburne's Division, Hardee's Corps, 4 years. (Unfinished Catalogue)
William F.  Owen Union U. 1854 From the Edward G. Gerdes Arkansas Civil War page: "First Lieutenant. Enlisted in Co. K, 18th Arkansas Infantry, at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, February 22, 1862; appointed first lieutenant, February 22, 1862; promoted captain, April 3, 1862; captured at Port Hudson, Louisiana, July 9, 1863; confined at U.S. Military Prison, Johnson's Island, Ohio; took oath of allegiance at U.S. Military Prison, Fort Delaware, June 12, 1865."
Henry F. Pahl Baylor 1861 Private, two years; Commissary Department, two years. (Unfinished Catalogue). Probably private, Co. F, 4th Texas Cavalry.
James Alfred Patton North Carolina 1851 3rd Lieutenant, Co. E, 1st North Carolina Infantry, April to November, 1861. (NC Troops)
*Charles T. Pelham Baylor 1859 Killed 1865 in Battle of Resaca, Ga. (Unfinished Catalogue)
David Phillips Union U. 1861  
J. M. Phillips Union U. 1871 Captain, cavalry 1862-65. (Unfinished Catalogue)  CWSSS says James M. Phillips, captain, Co. C, 4th Tennessee Cavalry (McLemore's).
Samuel Polk Jefferson 1862 Private, Co. F, 2nd Maryland Infantry; wounded and captured at Gettysburg. Frank Richards (Gettysburg 186_) wrote the Grand Chapter at Jefferson, "We met, upon our return to college, at the opening of the session, one of the members of our fraternity in the hospital here. He as a rebel and from your chapter. His name is Polk. We treated him as kindly as was possible to treat a rebel Delta. We went to see him frequently, and gave him a catalogue. He is a very strong Johnny reb."
*S. H. Ransom Union U. 1856 Major; killed in Battle of Stones River (Unfinished Catalogue; 1925 catalogue says Perryville).  CWSSS says AQM, 1st Tennessee Infantry (Field's) and 27th Tennessee Infantry (Consolidated); also Samuel H., private and QM, Co. I of Field's.
Henry Carty Renfro Baylor 1857 "In 1861, Renfro enlisted in Company C of William H. Griffin's Twenty-first Texas Infantry Battalion. Efforts of Rufus C. Burleson eventually [1863] led to Renfro's appointment as chaplain of Joseph Speight's Regiment, Fifteenth Texas Infantry, after Burleson's resignation from the position. Renfro remained with the regiment for the remainder of the war, participating in the battles of Bayou Bourbeau, Vidalia, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, and Yellow Bayou." (Handbook of Texas Online)
*John, Jr. Roach Mississippi 1856 According to University of Mississippi, killed in service. From Yalobusha County, MS.
James F. Robinson Jefferson 1852 Captain, Co. G, then Major, 23rd Arkansas (PGD magazine March 1907 with photo); see George Cracraft.
*Louis Magoon Rogers Virginia 1861 Lieutenant, Co. F, 46th Virginia Infantry. During Federal assaults on Petersburg, June 17, 1864,  "Private Louis Rogers of Co. F carried the regimental colors which in the deadly fire was riddled by eighteen bullets and the flag staff shot in two. Private Rogers himself was shot in the shoulder and would die from the wound in August of that same year." (From 46th Virginia re-enactor site.) According to Collins, Darrell L. 46th Virginia Infantry (1992, H.E. Howard Inc.) p.136: Enlisted August 24, 1862 in Richmond. Detached service as a clerk, district headquarters, November and December 1862. "40 hour leave in Charleston, S.C. to have teeth "plugged" 2-2-64." Appointed Ensign (regimental color bearer, with rank of lieutenant) July 1, 1864.
William T. Ross Mississippi 1871 CSA (Obit, PGD magazine, Feb. 1927, p. 441-2). Possibly 34th Virginia cavalry?
George Shotwell Roudebush Jefferson 1854 Chaplain, Wither's Light Artillery (probably Mississippi)
Edgar Cephas Rowe Virginia 1860 55th Virginia (?); transferred to Quartermasters Division; guard at Belle Isle Prison, Richmond.
Haywood Yancey Riddle Union U. 1854 Private, first lieutenant.  Adjutant 51st Tenn. Reg.; wounded at Shiloh, 1862; post duty in Atlanta. Captain AAAG, staff of Brigadier-General Marcus J. Wright, Dec. 1863 to 1865. (Crute p. 217)  Member, 44th & 55th Congress.  US Congressional Biography says on staff of Generals Wright and Mackall in last year of war.
John Wilson Rumple Gettysburg 1870, Muhlenberg 1870 Captain, 42nd North Carolina, 1862-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Robert Gilliam Russell North Carolina 1863 CSA (1924 UNC alumni catalog). CWSSS says Robert G. Russell, private 12th NC, and 54th NC Co. E, Sgt. major to 2nd Lieutenant.
Bushrod Rust Virginia 186_ Co. E 7th Virginia Cavalry. Transferred to Co. I, 12th Virginia Cavalry.
*Ben H. Sandeford Union U. 1852 Captain, Co. H, 12th Tennessee Infantry. KIA 4/6/1862 at Shiloh. Photo in uniform at Tennessee State Library and Archives.
Micah Chrisman Saufley Kentucky 1862 First lieutenant, 6th Kentucky Cavalry, 1st Brigade, Morgan's Division. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Captured in Ohio on Morgan's Raid; imprisoned at Fort Delware.
Thomas George Sellers Union U. 1854 Second lieutenant, Co. K, 48th Mississippi.  (Unfinished Catalogue)
Junius I. Scales North Carolina 1854 30th Mississippi Infantry (thanks to Bruce Allardice).  Elected Lt. Colonel when unit mustered April, 1862; promoted to Colonel June 18, 1863. Captured at Chickamauga, September 1864.  Unit History
William Lafayette Scott North Carolina 1854 Lieutenant-colonel, 21st North Carolina Regiment (formerly 11th).  (Unfinished Catalogue)
Angus Shaw North Carolina 1863 Sergeant, 1st Battalion NC Heavy Artillery.
Seth Shepard Washington and Lee 1868 Private, Co. F, 5th Texas Cavalry until June 1865. (Roster)  Online Handbook of Texas says "served . . . during the last months of the Civil War."
Joseph Milton Sloan Mississippi 1873 Non-commissioned officer, Co. B, 14th Tennessee Cavalry, October 1863.  Surrendered at Gainesville, Alabama May 11, 1865. (PGD magazine October 1892)
William Henry Smith North Carolina 1852 Captain, mounted riflemen, CSA. (1924 UNC alumni catalog)
William Robert Lee Smith Cumberland 1871 Corporal, Co. L, 6th Georgia Cavalry, 18 months. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Henry Snell Howard 1860 Possibly quartermaster sergeant, Co I, 6th Alabama. Unit was from Snell's home county of Wilcox. Grand Chapter minutes of February 9, 1864 instruct Secretary to "confer with other chapters and with Frater W. Hall [Jefferson 1861] at Fort Donelson in respect to assisting Frater Snell [Howard 1860], a prisoner at said fort."
John  Spence Jefferson 1850 Major 1861-65 (Unfinished Catalogue). [to 1861 lawyer in Bastrop, Texas; died Crawford, TX]
William Henry Spencer North Carolina 1854 Captain (Unfinished Catalogue); probably Co. I, 66th North Carolina Infantry, and/or Spencer's Rangers Independent Cavalry (See Hyde Co. Civil War Roster).
Oliver H. Spencer Howard 1861 4th Alabama Infantry, Co. G. (Roster)  1st Lieutenant ADC, Sorrel's Brigade, November 1864. (Crute p.201)
Major Dowell Sterrett Howard 1861, Virginia 1861 Captain; surgeon. 4th Alabama Infantry, Co. C. (Roster). His badge was recovered from a Confederate camp site in 1977, and is on display in the museum (see "Digs" article). From a letter to T. M. Freeman in January, 1910, and reprinted in his obituary in Confederate Veteran: "I joined the army in Selma, Ala., April 10, 1861 . . . . We were sent to Harper's Ferry, and . . . were organized into a brigade with Hood as our commander. My regiment was one of the brigades that got into the First Manassas battle. . . . I was not wounded there, but in the battle of Antietam, September, 1862. I was slightly injured before that in the second battle of Manassas while commanding my company. I was a private the first year, elected first lieutenant at the expiration of our twelve months' enlistment, promoted to captain in the battle of Gaines's Mill, and then made major at Antietam. On recovering from the effects of the amputation of my right leg I was transferred to the Fourth Congressional District of Alabama and made quartermaster, in which capacity I served until the end of the war. After the surrender I was commissioned by Governor Parsons, of Alabama, to reorganize the militia of North Alabama and was given a colonel's commission." See Virginia article.
*John William Stewart Nashville 1850 Captain, O.O. (ordnance officer) August 21, 1863, staff of Major-General Alex P. Stewart. (Crute)  4th Lieutenant Artillery, 1861-62.  Died June, 1864, in service at Auburn, Ala. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Thomas Ringland Stockdale Jefferson 1856 In 1861 enlisted and elected captain "Quitman Guards" in Holmesville, MS.  Consolidated into 16th Mississippi Infantry, promoted to lieutenant, adjutant, then major.  Moved to 4th Mississippi Cavalry (Stockdale's), and appointed lieutenant-colonel. Severely wounded in Battle of Harrisonburg [or Harrisburgh?], July 14, 1864. Later US congressman.  (PGD magazine)  Unit history
Asa Evans Stratton, Jr. Soule 1864 Enlisted 1862, "serving with the Trans-Mississippi department until the close of the war rising from the rank of private to that of sergeant major. He was a member of Colonel Joseph Bate's legion, and subsequently of Company G, 39th [or 30th?], Texas Cavalry."  [Another source says he served "as orderly sergeant of Company G, Brown's regiment of Texas cavalry, and as sergeant-major of that regiment."]
John W. Thomas Union U. 1851 Major (Unfinished Catalogue)
John Dallas Thomas Maryville 1852 Captain, Co. C, 39th Tennessee Infantry, the same as William McCampbell (Maryville 1855). Fraternity catalogues erroneously state he was KIA at "Sulphur Springs, 1864" (1925 catalogue; Unfinished Catalogue reads "White Sulphur Springs").
*Robert S. Thomas Union U. 1860 Captain; killed April 6, 1862 at Shiloh. (Unfinished Catalogue) Probably 1st lieutenant, Co. B, 9th Tennessee.
Maurice Thompson Wabash initiate In Georgia units 1862-65, including 63rd Georgia Volunteers, later 1st Georgia Regiment; 1865 joined irregular North Georgia Scouts; surrendered with General Wofford at Kingston, GA; paroled May 12, 1865.
*Harrison Tillinghast Virginia 1860 Captain, 2nd Florida Infantry, Co. F. (Roster)  Killed September 17, 1862, at Antietam, MD.
*Edward Nevins Todd Jefferson 1858 Curry's Dragoons - Company C, 3rd Alabama Cavalry; died November 29, 1862 of wounds received on scouting expedition near Perrysville, Ky.
John Edwin Triplett Hampden-Sydney 1872 Private, Capt. John H. McNeill's Co. Virginia Cavalry, Partisan Rangers.  Enlisted 4/20/64; paroled 4/28/65 at Winchester, VA.
James Henry Turner Roanoke 1867 1st Lieutenant, Co. K, 10th Virginia Cavalry.  Enlisted as private 6/1/61. Elected 3rd Lt. 6/23/62.  Wounded by saber cut in Cavalry charge at Hanover, Pa., July 1, 1863.  In first raid into Maryland and Pennsylvania.
Zebulon Baird Vance North Carolina 1854 Colonel, 26th North Carolina Regiment. Governor of North Carolina, 1862-65.  Previously US Congress; later governor and senator.
*Michael Vanderhurst Baylor 1863 Chaplain, 6th Texas Cavalry, Co. G. (Roster)  Killed in Battle of Corinth, MS 1863. (Unfinished Catalogue)
*Leslie Waggener Union U. 1860 Private, second lieutenant, Co. A, 9th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. (CWSSS)  "While serving as a private . . . was badly wounded at Shiloh but was saved by his faithful servant, promoted to lieutenant, and again wounded at Chickamauga; he again recovered and took part in the famous Hundred Days' March from Dalton to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1864. At one time he served as adjutant of his regiment and later as assistant adjutant of his brigade." --The Handbook of Texas Online
David C. Walker Bethel 1858 Captain, 6th Kentucky Infantry 1861-5. (Unfinished Catalogue, and correspondence from Brother Walker in our Archives). Wounded twice; lost left arm.
Edward Howard Ward Howard 1860 Captain 1861-65 (Unfinished Catalogue). Probably Co. E, 40th Alabama.
Thaddeus C. Watts Virginia 1860 Sergeant, Co. C, 44th Alabama Infantry.
*Mirza (or Merza) Leander Weller Mississippi 1855 Chaplain, 9th Mississippi Infantry (Howell p.3117);  died April 6, 1862 in the Battle of Shiloh.
Aaron Fuqua Williams Union U. 1855 Private, Morgan's Cavalry. (Unfinished Catalogue)  CWSSS says Aaron Williams, private, Co. C, 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry.
Robert White Williamson Union U. 1852 Captain, colonel (Unfinished Catalogue).  Capt. R. W. Williamson, Thirtieth Regiment, Volunteer Aide-de-camp for Colonel Walthall's Brigade.  Wounded at Resaca, May 1864.  Commanding consolidated 29th and 30th Infantry in March 1865.  24th Consolidated MS Infantry commanded by Colonel R. W. Williamson, April 1865.  (see Unit History)  Note: Major, 24th Mississippi Cavalry. (Wilkinson) (PGD magazine says also wounded at Murfreesboro.)
*Thomas W. Willingham Alabama 1858 Killed May 6, 1864 in Battle of the Wilderness. (Unfinished catalogue and Alabama catalgogue)  Probably Coporal, Co. E "Marshall Guards," 1st Texas Infantry, wounded at Antietam and Chickamagua, and killed as noted above.
James William Wilson North Carolina 1852 Captain, major, Co. F, Colonel Charles Fisher's Regiment, 6th North Carolina through 1864.  "Captured and freed by a northern Fiji."
Francis Marion Windes Union U. 1860 Adjutant, Lt. Colonel, then Colonel, 4th Alabama (Roddey's) Cavalry. (Roster vol. XVI p.408)  Commanded regiment at Tishomingo Creek/Brice's Crossroads June 1864, and again after September 1864.  Picture
Henry M. Withers Virginia 1869 Co. B, 43rd Virginia Cavalry; enrolled June 1863 and paroled at Winchester May 8, 1865. Source
Augustus Perry Young North Carolina 1863 Private, 24th North Carolina, 1861-5.

* Indicates died in service.

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