Choices you may face  
A Message from the Executive Director: Choices You May Face

March 26, 2021 

Chapter & Colony Officers,  

In many ways, your success as a student or as a fraternity chapter largely depends on the choices that you and your chapter make. With the end of the spring term – and challenging academic year – drawing near, there are many choices that you, your brothers and your chapter will make in the coming weeks. 

One choice you may encounter is if you will continue to be diligent and hold your brothers accountable to COVID-19 policies and guidelines in your area and at your schoolWhile we can all sense that we may not be too far from some semblance of normalcy (especially as some members have already been vaccinated), now is not the time to host or allow eventsgatherings or activities which violate those local regulations and the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy.

Another choice is whether to continue with traditionally planned events, even if their titles are callous towards raising tensions and concerns of violence against the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Chapters Fiji Island events have been heavily scrutinized in the past for their names and activities, and you should certainly believe that any such event taking place now will be poorly received. No matter how innocuous you perceive the event itself to beyou should choose to seek to understand the feelings and perceptions of others and reevaluate any planned Fiji Island events. 

These are only two of many choices that you may have to make in the coming weeksChoices that may challenge you and that could greatly benefit or damage your chapter. As you consider the choices you will make, consider this: 
 • What your chapter tolerates will become its identity. Your constant care must be to preserve our most valuable asset  our Good Name 
• The key to preserving our Good Name is to be a Fiji Gentleman and a Courageous Leader. Treat everyone with respect. Always consider how your actions and words affect others, yourself and your chapter. Expect your brothers to do likewise. 


Rob Caudill 
Executive Director 



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