Communications Newsletter - Winter 2019  
Communications Newsletter - Winter 2019

Phi Gamma Delta provides a quarterly communications newsletter to keep chapters up-to-date on upcoming events, campaigns and services from IHQ. The newsletters will also include content for correspondence to graduates and your campus community. 

Winter Communications Calendar

11/28: Thanksgiving (US)

12/5: International Volunteer Day

12/20: Happy Holidays

12/25-1/1: IHQ Offices Closed

January: Blood Donor Month

1/3-5: Fiji Academy

1/20: MLK Day

1/22: Submit News for The Friday Letter & Magazine 

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Pig Dinner

Pig Dinner is one of the most important events to keep your graduates connected to your chapter. Make sure you are communicating with your graduates in a timely and professional manner. International Headquarters recommends sending save the dates in the mail six months in advance of your Pig Dinner and invitations three months in advance of your event. 

You can use IHQ's Graduate Communication Services to help you design and send out Pig Dinner mailings. Contact the Coordinator of Communications, Paige Prylinski, to help determine cost-efficient methods to suit your chapter's budget.

Visit the Pig Dinner page of the website for more planning resources and more information on Graduate Communication Services.  

Best uses for your chapter's social media
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When it comes to social media, the audience depends on the platform. You should be posting on your Facebook page at least once a week and the content should be geared toward your chapter's graduates. Facebook is the perfect medium for long-form posts and including links, especially for fundraising. Graduates are your chapter's most valuable asset because they are willing to donate their time and money towards the betterment of your chapter, so remember to keep them in mind when communicating important information on social media. 

Communications Facebook Group 

Join the Communications Facebook Group if you have not done so already. The most common mistakes I find in chapters' writing is misusing our Fraternity language. The communications Facebook group includes important files so you know when to capitalize "fraternity," the difference between FIJI and Fiji, and how to properly format the name of a brother when they are mentioned in an article. Join the group and check out all the helpful resources.

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Please contact the Coordinator of Communications Paige Prylinski with any questions you may have.


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