Recruitment Update. August 2019  
We're making a names list... and checking it twice!

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A new tool to try


There is a systematic approach to recruitment. There is an order of events that needs to be strategically done, including events of various sizes, promotions and marketing, relationship building and a long list of other elements in the dynamic recruitment process. However, none of this matters if we are not successfully keeping track of who is going through our process and where they are in it. 

What is the purpose?

I feel like it is safe to say nearly every chapter and colony in Phi Gamma Delta has some sort of a names list. Sometimes it can be a scrap piece of paper, some post-it notes, a Google spreadsheet or a website tool. As the start of the semester comes in, I can also bet the high majority of our groups have a list that is no longer up to date or is blank and they are starting over.

Having a names list seems logical and a no brainer. However, if our list is out of date or not completed: it is useless. We need to be able to see who came around to our events, who might have an interest in joining Phi Gamma Delta and any information about them to help our brothers know (and us to remember) our potential members quickly and efficiently. 

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What's on our names list?

Our name lists need to be living documents. They need to constantly be evolving and growing constantly, not just the first week of classes. But what and who should be on there?


Names do not have to be new! We should not be hitting "Delete All" at the end of every semester. If we are recruiting dynamically and systematically, very few potential members should ever come completely off of our names list. They should be carried over and brought back up in discussion and invitations next semester! 


Names lists need to be more than just a name and cell phone number! If that is all that we have, we are essentially starting over every time we see this member. Be sure to include: majors, hobbies, hometowns, future goals/aspirations, a main contact within the chapter, his academic record and anything else that will help them stand out or be remembered by the brothers. 

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A tool to try - Chapter Builder
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Chapter builder is a tool specifically designed to create a systematic approach to fraternity recruitment, utilizing the principles of dynamic recruitment. The site gives chapters a number of different resources to collect the names of potential members and then helps organize them in a way it is nearly impossible for a potential member to fall through the cracks in our process. It gives structure and meaning to how we view where potential members are in our process, and allows ample opportunity to create notes on their profile. There are also ways to bulk text and email large groups of potential members. 

This is a tool Phi Gamma Delta staff uses every time a new chapter is opened and is a vital part of our strategy. Chapters that use this tool typically get one to two additional new members per recruitment class. 

Phi Gamma Delta will help pay and coach chapters and colonies with the usage of this tool. If you are interested in learning more, contact the Director of Growth!

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Nick Hawley
Director of Growth



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