Recruitment Update. May 2019  
Fall recruitment can be easy... if you start today!


It is easy to say recruitment is 24/7 and 365. But it is even easier to forget what a prime opportunity summer break is for recruitment. For some chapters, it seems like a weird and hard to navigate time to recruit. For others, summer recruitment is the main recruitment period, and they start classes in the fall with a new member class in place. 

Successful summer recruitment can be broken up into four phases. Tips for each are below.


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Phase 1 - As soon as classes end

  • Clean up your names list from the past academic year. Are there men who said "next semester" that were never followed up with? Can you meet with him before leaving campus?
  • Start high school outreach. Reach out to you high school guidance counselors and ask if there are student coming to your university and ask them about meeting with them to help with the transition to college life (you don't bring up recruiting, people join people!). 

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Phase 2 - Early in the summer
  • Get informed! The university will host a number events for incoming students: summer previews, orientation, and welcome weeks. These are great opportunities to start getting the Fiji name out there and in front of potential members early. Talk to your university to get involved!
  • Reach out as an individual, an upperclassmen, or a campus leader. There is no need to reach out as a fraternity man yet! Find a common connection with a potential member and build the relationship. 
  • Offer consistent (not constant) follow up. You don't need to be annoying to build a relationship, but you do need to be in communication. 

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Phase 3 - End of the summer
  • Build the relationship. Using small normal activities build friendships with potential members. Be willing to travel to their hometown, or meet on campus and show them around where some of their classes may be. These don't need to be high pressure situations, think coffee, lunch, or pick-up-sports. 
  • Focus on parents. Summer recruitment is a great way to introduce parents to the idea of a fraternity, not just their son. Be willing and open to meet them or include them on tours. 

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Phase 4 - Day 1 of orientation
  • It's move in day, and you already have a relationship with potential members. Fiji should be the first men they see, welcoming them to campus. Greet the family, you and other brothers help him move into the dorms. Be his welcoming committee! It will ease the potential member's and family's transition. 
  • Don't take a potential member away from campus orientation activities, join them! Because you have already built a relationship, be apart of their welcoming experience and meet some of their friends. Leverage your hard work from earlier in the summer to meet more potential members. 

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The Summit

Registration is open! 

The Summit is a new event that expands upon the former Recruitment Workshop to include recruitment and new member education strategies and tactics.

To learn more about the event, and to register, click here!

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Nick Hawley - Director of Growth


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