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April 2019 House Corporation Newsletter

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New Partner: Columns Fundraising

HC Communication Plan


End of Year Tips


Thank you for the work that you do to provide housing for an undergraduate chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. That work is important, and the Fraternity wants to provide the resources that you need to be effective. 

This message will address a number of matters that should be of interest to you. 

Announcing a New Preferred Partner: Columns Fundraising

Phi Gamma Delta and Columns Fundraising are pleased to announce our new partnership. On the recommendation of 1848 Housing, the Archons have designated Columns Fundraising as the Fraternity's preferred fundraising company.

Columns is one of the leading providers in the Greek fundraising industry and has a successful track record of working with Phi Gamma Delta house corporations, and those other national fraternities and sororities.

Click here to read the full press release

Columns Fundraising recently provided an article that tells it like it is when it comes to chapter house fundraising. Read the Myths vs. Realities of Chapter House Fundraising article by Mark Wilkison (Vermont 1983) discussing some common misconceptions about fundraising.

Information about Columns Fundraising and the services they offer can be found at or by contacting Mark Wilkison, principal and partner of Columns Fundraising.

Learn more about the benefits of using a third-party to fundraise in this recorded 1848 Housing webinar

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Announcing the New House Corporation Communications Plan

In an effort to continue to grow and improve the resources available to our house corporations, we have added a house corporation specific communications plan that includes sample newsletters, emails and postcards with a pricing model that the international fraternity can offer your house corporation.

The operation of a house corporation is not just managing the physical house, it involves maintaining solid communications with your graduates. That consistent communication leads to improved graduate support of the chapter, increased interest in graduate volunteer positions on the house corporation and BCA, and easier fundraising campaigns with engaged graduates.

Visit the House Corporation Resources to view communication samples, templates and estimated prices. We have created a comprehensive plan for house corporations to use for their own graduate communication plans.

There is a suggested communication schedule with the ideal amount of communications to help keep graduates engaged with the chapter, including events, newsletters, Pig Dinners and, most importantly, future fundraising.

You will also find the webinar, "21st Century Strategy For Operating Your House Corporation" with the research behind the communication plan here. Some of that research by fundraising experts suggest that house corporations need at least two years of communication with graduates to run the most successful fundraising campaigns.

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New House Corporation Webinars Posted on Website

The housing committee recently recorded two more webinars to add to our library of webinars for the benefit of house corporations.

The two new webinars are titled "New Safety Checklist" and "Reserve Study Tool For Your House Corporation". You can find them both on the 1848 Properties Webinar page.

The New Safety Checklist Webinar goes over safety as our number one priority. If your house corporation is not using a comprehensive chapter house safety checklist, we encourage you to use the one provided.

The Reserve Study Tool Webinar explains the tool, and how it helps your house corporation plan for future expenses. 

You will also find the New Safety Checklist and the Reserve Study Tool and explanation.

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End of Year Tips From Preferred Partner Upper Crust Food Service and the Housing Committee 

Our Preferred Partner, Upper Crust Food Service, is providing house corporations with an end of year checklist for kitchen cleaning, safety and closing. Learn more about Upper Crust Food Service and the services they provide HERE.

As an end of the year reminder, another major resource that is expanding is our list of best practices for house corporations. Over the next few months we will be providing expanded explanations for all of the best practices listed on the website.

A few other tips for spring and summer:
 - Service air conditioning system if needed.
 - Examine exterior of house, repair roof/gutters, paint exterior.
 - Fertilize lawn, check lawn maintenance tools, and make sure gasoline for equipment is stored safely.
 - Prepare/install window screens if needed.
 - If closing the chapter house for summer, collect all keys before brothers leave for summer, or change all electronic key combinations on the house if brothers are not to have access over the summer.
 - Check to make sure doors/locks/windows are functioning correctly.
 - Clean/inspect fireplace and chimney.
 - Unplug and store any unused appliances or electronics.
 - Notify the university and/or local police department if the house it to remain empty over the summer.

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You are receiving this newsletter because you are listed as a House Corporation member for a Phi Gamma Delta Chapter/Colony. If you are no longer a member of a House Corporation contact Thomas Lovejoy, Director of Graduate Involvement.

You may also contact Thomas to determine who is currently listed in the Fraternity's records. 


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