Recruitment Update. February 2019  
New Chairmen, no problems!


So, you just were appointed the recruitment chairmen for the next academic year. Recruitment is a prime opportunity to take you chapter to new heights, and you get to facilitate that. No pressure.

Recruitment is the life-blood of our organization. If we are not successful in recruitment, then our organization is destined to fail. However, there are some simple things you can do to learn and be prepared to succeed and make this semester your chapters best recruitment season yet. 


1. Build your team

While you are the chairmen, it isn’t only your job! Talk to other chairmen and brothers to see how you can collaborate and work together for success. Your job is to facilitate the success, not do every detail on your own to be successful.

2. Update your names list

Format the names list to fit your strategy. Make sure that you and the chapter is prepared to collect the information you need, and that the names that are on the list from past semesters are quality leads. Check out some names list options, like Chapter Builder, google sheets or other options to share information across the brotherhood.

3.Collect referrals

Utilize positive relationships: graduates, sororities, campus administration or other campus organizations. Use your campus network to help find the highest quality potential members possible.

4. Learn the rules

We need to be able to follow the rules and restrictions put in place: our Legacy Policy, qualifications of membership on campus and from IHQ, and formal recruitment proceedings.

5. Prepare your budget

Work with your treasurer to figure out what your recruitment budget is and start planning. What percentage goes to large events? Small events? Publicizing events?

6. Binge YouTube

YouTube has a ton of recruitment videos with an endless number of tips. Check out some videos by PhiredUp or other videos that talk about recruiting. There are professionals out there who do this for a living, use their knowledge.

7. Be opened to learn more

Think about what you don’t know, how can you learn. Is it a program from IHQ? What about our New Member Summit (formerly Recruitment Workshop, details to come soon!)? How can you come into a semester with the most knowledge for success?

8. Know your resources

Check out for resources and samples to help with your efforts.

9. Catch up on your reading

Between the Phi Gamma Delta Recruitment Manual and the books by PhiredUp, there are plenty of things you can read to catch up about tips and tricks.

10. Update your roster

Be sure to have your chapter president or recording secretary update your roster to be sure to get all the email updates and other information sent out for recruitment chairmen.


Nick Hawley
Director of Growth



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