Recruitment Update. January 2019  
Are enormous events enough?


Recruitment events are important. Nobody is going to argue that! They are one of the best ways for us to show our brotherhood and to simply have fun. If events are planned, thought out and executed properly, they can produce invaluable results. However, we need to strategize about what kind of events we are having. Sometimes large events are just not enough. 

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Big Events

Small Events

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BIG Events

Big events can be a great way to start a semester and to build strong momentum into recruitment.


  • Large events are a great way to add a significant number of names to our list in a short period of time.
  • If we have a larger chapter, large events can help show off the size of our organization and the tight knit brotherhood among so many men.
  • Bigger events provide an endless list of activities that can be done.


  • Large events can quickly take a toll on our recruitment budget.
  • No matter the size of our organization, if our brothers don’t show up, our image is at risk.
  • Larger events take a larger amount of planning and more effort to execute.
  • If we only hold large events, potential members expectations of membership change to be large campus wide events all the time.

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small Events

It has been proven that people join organizations where they feel like they belong. Smaller events are a great way to build that sense of belonging in a new organization.


  • Potential members can see the activities you and your brothers do on a day-to-day basis, so their expectations are more aligned.
  • Smaller settings allow for you to build better and closer relationships with potential members.
  • Because these are probably close to what you guys do normally, the events can be cheap or free, and are fun for you and your brothers


  • While relationships can be better with some potential members, there are less of them around to build relationships with.
  • Smaller group settings, or 1-1 situations, can be awkward.
  • As with larger events, if our brothers don’t show up, or image is at risk.

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Event Extras

No matter what the size of the event is, there are always things that need to be considered. Have you thought about all these things for your events this semester?

  • How and when do we start promoting our events?
  • Have we delegated responsibilities to brothers and our committee?
  • Are our graduates involved?
  • Are our events convenient for potential members to attend?
  • Are our brothers excited enough for the event to show up?

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Nick Hawley 
Director of Growth




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