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Delta Chapter at Union University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

1851-1861 and 1870-1873

By Towner Blackstock (Davidson 1994), Curator of Archives
August, 2006

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Union University was a Baptist institution, opened in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1841.  Initially it only offered preparatory classes; college courses began in 1847.  The University grew quickly.  In 1853-54, it had 145 college students and 93 preparatory students.  This was a very respectable size for the day, particularly in the South.

And so it made an appealing location for Phi Gamma Delta.  The Grand Chapter at Jefferson College, Pennsylvania granted a charter to a group of Union students on February 5, 1851.  They appointed Lucien Wash (Nashville 1850) as legate to install the chapter.  This he did on February 26.  The five charter members were Lunsford Pitt Cooper, Joel Joshua Halbert, Cadwallader Jones Harris, B. H. Sandeford, and Robert White Williamson.

Union University played an important part in the Fraternity's expansion in the 1850s.  Brothers from the chapter served as legate or installing officer for several chapters, including Maryville (1852), Mississippi and Alabama (1855), and Baylor (1856).  Read more about the important role of Union in Phi Gamma Delta's southern expansion.

The Fraternity's March, 1860 Annual Circular said "Ten members. Eleven initiations. No graduates. Two removals. One death. Sixty-two meetings. Conditions 'prosperous' and symptoms favorable."

Clouds of war soon darkened the forecast.  Union University closed at the beginning of the Civil War, in April, 1861.  Classes did not resume until the fall of 1866 according to one Union history; another claims 1868, although preparatory classes may have begun earlier.  If the chapter resumed in 1868 or 1870, it soon ceased again.  The chapter was reinstalled June 10, 1870.

This too lasted briefly.  A printed abstract of the 1873 convention minutes states: "The Convention received a petition from 'Union College' Murfreesboro Tenn., asking for the re-establishment of 'Delta' Chapter, and the the [sic] has since been granted."  The convention was held April 29-May 1 in New York.

However, time had nearly run out for Union University.  Finances had reached a breaking point; economic hardships in the aftermath of the Civil War crippled colleges across the South, and Union's enrollment remained low.  To make matters worse, a cholera epidemic hit Murfreesboro.  The death knell came in October, 1873.

This meant the end of Delta Chapter.  Yet, our brothers helped transplant the seed of Union to Jackson, Tennessee.  There Southwest Baptist University (SWBU) opened in 1875 (its prepatory academy opened the previous year).  Two of the four professors were brothers.  Henry C. Irby (Union 1860) and Thomas J. Dupree (Union 1854) taught there from 1875 until 1905.

A group of SWBU students eventually petitioned the Grand Chapter in New York for a charter.  The Grand Chapter had little interest in the small, new institution; they rejected it on March 25, 1882.  A few years later they reassigned the Delta moniker to the new chapter at the University at Lewisburg, now Bucknell University.  The old brothers of Delta Chapter remained faithful regardless.  Many participated in the 1896 convention at Nashville.

SWBU was renamed Union University in 1907.  It still exists today in Jackson.


Other information related to Union University:


References include the Fraternity's catalogues of 1856, 1862, 1870, 1878, 1925, and the unfinished catalogue c.1898. CWSSS refers to the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System.

Eagleton, George Ewing. Born 1831. Legate for Zeta Chapter at Maryville College, TN, 1852. Graduate of Union Seminary, NY 1854. Presbyterian Minister. Connersville, TN (1856 catalogue). Married Mary Ethlinda Foute 1856. Private, Co. K, then Chaplain, 44th Tennessee Infantry CSA. D.D. degree. Eldorado, KS (1898 Catalogue). Relocated to Ladonia TX 1884.  There died April 12, 1899; buried Ladonia Cemetery, Lot 58, IOOF Section 3. Biography
Thomas, John W.  Valedictorian. Tutor at Union, three years following graduation. Married in 1852 to Elizabeth (d. 1876), and in 1891 to Evelina DeBow. Major, CSA (1898 catalog). Railroad agent 1858-65; Auditor 1865-68; rail superintendent 1868-70; president Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railroad; President NC & St. Louis Railroad Co.; Treasurer, State of Tennessee. President of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, and a facilitator of the Fraternity's 1897 convention. In 1907 Nashville erected a statue of him in Centennial Park. Died December 16, 1914 at Nashville.

Cooper, Lunsford Pitt. Served as chapter president. Principal, Hardeman Academy TN, 1853. Principal, Duck River Male Academy, MS, 1854-55. Private, Co. H, 42nd Mississippi; later captain & quartermaster. Major & quartermaster (or AQM), Joseph R. Davis's Brigade, Heath's Div., A. P. Hill's Corps. (1898 Catalogue)  Surrendered at Appomattox (Appomattox Paroles p. 80).  Studied law at Cumberland U. 1865. Delegate, Tennessee Constitutional Convention, 1865. Presided over the 1897 Convention banquet in Nashville. Lawyer. Died August 19, 1900 at Memphis (1925 catalogue).
Harris, Cadwallader Jones. Served as chapter treasurer. Line Store, Copiah Co. MS (1856 catalogue). Professor of Greek at Union U., 1859-61. First lieutenant Co. A, Louisiana Brigade. County Commissioner 1876-86; Justice of the Peace, Ellis Co. "Agriculturist." (1898 Catalogue) Died in Mississippi (1925 catalogue).
Sandeford, Benjamin H. Born c. 1830. Served as chapter secretary. Shiloh, TN (1856 catalogue). Married Rebecca J.; Farmer in Gibson Co. TN as of 1860 census. Captain, Co. H, 12th Tennessee Infantry CSA; killed at Shiloh, 1862.
Selph, Duncan Hyde.Served as chapter secretary. President of: West Tennessee Baptist Institute/Madison College TN 1852-58; Eaton College TN 1858-60; Danville Female Academy KY 1860-1867; Union U. TN 1868-70; Lexington Female College, Greenwood MO 1870-74. D.D. William Jewell College 1873. Died Oak Grove MO, July 8, 1874. Rutherford Co. TN 1860 census shows 34 years old.
Williamson, Robert White. Born January 1832 in Tennessee (1900 census). Served as chapter president.Legate for chapter at University of Mississippi, 1855. Middleton MS (1956 catalogue). Lawyer, Carrollton MS (1860 census). Captain, 30th Mississippi Infantry, Volunteer Aide-de-camp for Colonel Walthall's Brigade. Wounded at Resaca, May 1864. Commanded consolidated 29th and 30th Infantry in March 1865. Promoted to colonel commanding 24th Consolidated Mississippi Infantry, April 1865. PGD magazine says also wounded at Murfreesboro. Married c. 1866 to Mary; Lawyer in Greenwood, Leflore Co. MS (1900 census). Officer of Confederate Veterans Camp 218 c. 1894. Died in Mississippi (1925 catalogue).

Halbert, Joel Joshua. Born Lowndes Co., MS in March 1832 (1900 census; earlier censuses indicate born in 1833 or 1834). The 1850 census shows a Joshua Halbert, 19 years old, a student at the University of Mississippi. Married about 1855 to Hannah R (1900 Census); the 1860 census shows her living with her parents the Lowe's. Quartermaster's department forentire war (PGD magazine February 1887). Correspondent for New Orleans TimesWeekly Vicksburgh Herald, and Jackson MS Clarion 1875-80. Councilman and Educational Board member for Hines Co. MS starting 1886. Merchant. Died at Terry, Hines Co. MS (1925 catalogue) where he had lived since at least 1870.
Harris, William. Linden, Cass County, TX (1856 Catalogue). Lawyer. Dallas TX (1898 Catalogue). 
Haines, Amos Bell. Born c. 1831 in TN (1870 census). Principal, Brownville Male Academy, TN 1860. Captain CSA. Lawyer. President, Memphis Agricultural and Mechanical Association 1873. TN State Senator, 1874. Master, TN State Grange 1876. Died 1877 at Memphis. 
Holman, Daniel Wilson. Teacher 1853-57. Admitted to practice law 1857. CSA: Private (1861 one month) major (12 months) 1st Tennessee (Colonel Peter Turney's TN Infantry), Provisional Army.  FromMay 1862, Lt. colonel, 11th Tennessee Cavalry; colonel 10th and 11th Tenn. Cavalry consolidated; Major Holman's Battalion TN Cavalry (Partisan Rangers).Severely wounded in thigh, Second Battle of Fort Donaldson, TN.  Surrendered at Gainesville, Alabama May 11, 1865 (PGD magazine June 1890). Spoke at 1874 Convention (noted as from Fayetteville TN). President, Lincoln Savings Bank at Mulberry TN, 1882. Died 1883 at Fayetteville TN.
Gaillard, Charles W. Served as chapter president. Missionary commissioned by First Baptist Church in Murfreesboro. Killed in a typhoon, Canton, China 1857.
Nicholson, John Cogburn. M.D. Jefferson Medical College 1855. First lieutenant, assistant surgeon, then major and surgeon, 1st Alabama Cavalry, 1861-65. Board of Revenue, Montgomery Co., 1874. Planter and Physician. Died March 2, 1902 Ft. Meigs AL (1925 catalogue) [might be Mount Meigs].
Young, Alexander Hall. Parents George W. and Sarah H. Young; 1850 census shows a 19 year old student in Lauderdale Co. TN.  M.D. Jefferson Medical College 1855. Married Frances Compton June 21, 1860; they had six children. Trustee of Lauderdale Co. 1872-74. Physician. Died June 14, 1908, Ripley TN.

Deupree, Thomas Jefferson (or Dupree). From Nuxubee Co. MS. Youngest Union graduate ever at 16. ". . . elected Third Lieutenant at the original organization of the Noxubee Troopers [part of First Mississippi Cavalry]. He was wounded five times during the War, promoted to Captain of Company G, and served as escort of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest." M.D. Medical College, Mobile AL. Professor of Natural Science and Chemistry, Southwestern Baptist U 1876-1905. Retired to Texarkana, AR where he died at 83 and is buried.  His daughter Allie was SWBU's first female student in 1883 and first female graduate in 1889.
Houk, Lysander. Born February 22, 1834, Sevier Co. Tennessee. Moved to Morgan Co. Alabama as a child, returning to Tennessee in 1850. Served as chapter treasurer. Law school at Cumberland University; admitted to the bar in 1856. Professor of Mathematics, Madison College TN 1859-60 then taught at Brownsville, Tennessee until 1861. Married Nannie Whitelaw May 7, 1860; they had seven children. Private, captain, Co. D, 31st Tennessee Infantry (A.H. Bradford's), 1861 to May 1862. (1898 Catalogue; CWSSS) Lived in St. Louis 1862 to 1865, Dent Co. Missouri to about 1868, then Brownsville again. Moved to Hutchinson, KS in 1871. Superintendent Public Instruction, Reno Co. KS 1871-73. County Attorney 1871, 1880, and 1882. Judge 9th Judicial District KS. Died in Iowa (1925 catalogue). Baptist. biography
Mansfield, Robert A. Fredonia, KY.

Owen, William F. Served as chapter treasurer. From Edward G. Gerdes Arkansas Civil War page: "Enlisted in Co. K, 18th Arkansas Infantry, at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, February 22, 1862; appointed first lieutenant, February 22, 1862; promoted captain, April 3, 1862; captured at Port Hudson, Louisiana, July 9, 1863; confined at U.S. Military Prison, Johnson's Island, Ohio; took oath of allegiance at U.S. Military Prison, Fort Delaware, June 12, 1865." Lawyer. Died 1874 at Pine Bluff AR.
Riddle, Haywood Yancey. Born June 20, 1834 Van Buren, Hardeman Co., TN. Served as chapter secretary. Professor of Ancient Languages, Union University 1854-55. Private, first lieutenant. Adjutant 51st Tenn. Reg.; wounded at Shiloh, 1862; post duty in Atlanta. Captain AAAG, staff of Brigadier-General Marcus J. Wright, Dec. 1863 to 1865. (Crute p. 217)  US Congressional Biography says on staff of Generals Wright and Mackall in last year of war. LL.B. Cumberland U. Clerk and Master of Chancery Court, Lebanon TN 1868-72. Member, 44th & 55th Congress. Died March 29, 1879 Lebanon TN. His son of same name joined Iota Deuteron Chapter at Cumberland U., class of 1877.
Sellers, Thomas George. Second lieutenant, Co. K, 48th Mississippi. (1898 Catalogue). Minister; died at Starkville MS (1925 catalogue).
Thomas, Woodlief. Born October 5, 1828. Served as chapter president. Legate for Theta Chapter at University of Alabama, 1855. Pastor of Austin Baptist Church c. 1859. Chaplain, 16th Texas Cavalry CSA. Vice President of Concrete College to 1881 (when it closed), then taught at McMullen College. Died at Waco TX (1925 catalogue). Died May 12, 1888 and buried at Old Cotulla Cemetery, LaSalle Co. TX.
Van Hoose, Ellison Y. Born August 15, 1821 in Hardin Co. TN. Baptist minister. Known pastorates: Troy AL 1873-77; Salem Baptist, Brundidge AL 1881-1884. Died 1890 at Auburn AL.

Allen, Langdon Cheeves. Served as chapter treasurer. Manufacturer of cotton yarns since 1856. Delegate from Marion Co. to State Secession Convention, January 1861. 1st Lieutenant, captain, then major, 10th Alabama Cavalry. Died at Russellville AL (1925 catalogue).
Conn, Charles T. Born July 18, 1831 Frankfort KY. Served as chapter president. Married Caroline J. Baird in 1862. Agriculturist, Adairsville KY (1898 Catalogue). Died September 1919.

Darden, J. R. Teacher, East Nashville TN. 
Ivie, James C. CSA. Lawyer. Trenton TN. Died 1892. CSA (1898 Catalogue); CWSSS says J.C. Ivie, private, Co. G, 22nd Tennessee Infantry (Freeman's), which merged into 12th (Consolidated) Tennessee Infantry on June 16, 1862. Lawyer. Died 1882 at Trenton TN. 
McQuaid, John A. Lawyer. Eureka CA.
Morgan, Gilbert L. Served as chapter secretary. Professor of Mathematics, Baylor University, 1855-56. Legate for Kappa Chapter at Baylor University, 1856. Died 1866. 
Priest, Robert W. Missionary to Illorin, Yoruba (now part of Nigeria, West Africa). Later in Sulphur Springs TX.
Thompson, John Ransom. LL.B. Cumberland U. 1859. Professor of Mathematics and Moral Philosophy, Robert Donnel Institute, Winchester TN 1870-71; Cumberland Female College 1871-75. Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy, Soule Female College, Murfreesboro TN 1876-79; president of same 1879-89. Methodist Episcopal minister. Spoke at 1897 Convention banquet in Nashville. Died at Murfreesboro TN (1925 catalogue).
Williams, Aaron Fuqua. Served as chapter treasurer. Private, Morgan's Cavalry. (1898 Catalogue)  CWSSS says Aaron Williams, private, Co. C, 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. Principal Elkton High School. President, Masonic Institute, Cave City KY. Vice President, Bethel College, KY. Died at Guthrie KY (1925 catalogue).

Cason, J. H. Served as chapter president. Missionary to Africa. Captain (1898 Catalogue); probably Co. C, 41st Alabama Infantry; "wounded at Beene's Station; resigned." Apparently in Pickens Co. AL c. 1867. Baptist minister, Russellville AR (1898 Catalogue). Teacher; died at Dallas TX (1925 catalogue).
Cooper, Caleb Lindsey. Tutor, Shelbyville University 1858. Married November 1860 to Isabella Smith in Murfreesboro. Justice of the peace 1860-63. Captain, Commissary Dept. CSA 1863-65. Public School Director since 1873. State Representative TN (45th Gen'l Assembly c. 1887). Spoke at 1897 Convention banquet in Nashville. Lived Bedford County. Midland TN. Farmer; died February 4, 1914 at Fosterville TN.
Crutcher, Elbert J. Born 1836. From Centre Hill, DeSoto Co. MS. Sergeant, Co. A, 1st Mississippi Infantry. Died February 2, 1865; buried Haynie Cemetery, DeSoto Co. MS.
Fitzhugh, John B. Nashville TN. Co. C, 1st Tennessee Infantry (Turney's). "Pvt./Sgt. Major. Res. Davidson County, dark complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes, 5'10". Enr. 29 Apr 61 at Winchester aged 23; promoted to Sgt. Major July & Aug 64; transferred to F&S; captured 2 Apr 65 Petersburg; released 7 May 65 when he signed oath." Died September 9, 1893 at Hopkinsville KY (1925 catalogue).
Harris, Simpson. Born Russellville AL. Served as chapter secretary. Admitted to practice law in AL, 1856. Adjutant-general and captain, General Hardeman's Brigade; killed Oct. 8, 1862 in Battle of Perrysville, KY (1898 Catalogue).  CWSSS says Simpson Harris, captain, 20th Tennessee Cavalry (another source notes him as from Rutherford Co.). Lawyer; died June 23, 1892 at Murfreesboro TN (1925 catalogue).
Jones, Theophilus Davis. Born Wilson Co. TN October 30, 1832. Married Sarah Ann Kimbrough December 17, 1857. Professor of Ancient Languages, Mary Sharp College, Winchester TN, 1865-69. [That college for women operated 1850-1896.] Baptist minister and teacher. Died August 20, 1873 at Mulberry TN.
Ransom, S. H. Murfreesboro TN (1856 catalogue). Major; killed in Battle of Stones River (1898 Catalogue; 1925 catalogue says Perryville). CWSSS says AQM, 1st Tennessee Infantry (Field's) and 27th Tennessee Infantry (Consolidated); also Samuel H., private and QM, Co. I of Field's.  
Stamps, George W. From DeSoto Co., MS; born 1834 or 1835. Center Hill MS (1856 catalogue). Founder and President of Iuka Female College (Mississippi) in 1858; school closed c. 1875. Died at Rossville TN(1925 catalogue).
Stamps, William H. Oxford AL (1856 catalogue). Died at Oxford MS (1925 catalogue). The 1850 census for DeSoto Co. MS shows that George W. Stamps had a brother one year older named William W. Stamps, and another family in the same census had someone the same age as George named William H. Stamps; presumably this other family was related. 
Thompson, Benjamin Calvin. Born July 5, 1834 in TN. Lived in Bedford Co. TN c. 1850. Died July 1856. Honey Grove TX.

Bailey, Napoleon Alexander. Born September 5, 1833 Lawrence Co. AL. Courtland AL (1856 catalogue). Served as chapter secretary. Pastor, Liberty Church, Lawrence Co. AL 1858. Married Ann B. Hester, 1858. President, Houston Female College, GA. Relocated to Albany GA c.1869. Secretary of Baptist Convention. In Florida by 1881. Associate Editor, The Florida Baptist Witness c. 1884. Spoke at 1897 Convention banquet in Nashville. Died at Moulton AL (1925 catalogue) in 1897.
Buck, Giddings Judson. Born April 4, 1840 in Louisville KY. Reportedly taught at Madison College TN. Principal, Sumpter Co. Academy, AL 1857-59. Professor of Ancient Languages, Mississippi College 1859-60. Principal/president, Solado College TX 1860-61. Resigned to enter the 13th Texas Cavalry. Married Mary Halpert in July 1865. Lawyer and journalist. Author, "The Free Christian" c. 1906. Died March 25, 1912 at Lando TX; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Waco TX. At least one descendant is a Phi Gam: great-great grandson Roy Hobart Loveless (Texas Tech 1965).
Gordon, W. H. From Georgia (1862 catalogue, gives name as Gordan). Died about 1855. 

Johnston, N. P. Baptist minister. Ponota MS (1862 catalogue). Is that Panola MS? Someone by this name was Baptist minister in Woodville, Tyler Co. TX in the late 1850s or 1860s, with wife B. M. Johnston.
Lowe, Leonard K. Born in Tennessee. From Centre Hill TN (1862 catalogue). Served as chapter secretary. 1870 census shows L. K. Lowe, 33, farming with relatives in Green Hill, Wilson Co. TN. 1880 census shows him farming in Eagleville, Rutherford Co. TN with wife S. P. and eight children. Died April 25, 1917 at Eagleville (1925 catalogue).
Major, J. Henry. Pembroke KY (1862 catalogue). Died fall of 1858. Christian City KY.

Allen, W. J. F. Born in Tennessee in 1840 or 1841; lived in Shelby Co. (1862, 1870, 1878 catalogues say Colliersville). Probably Walter James, according to census records. Baptist minister. Gallaway TN (Fayette Co. near Shelby Co.). CWSS says W.J.F. Allen was chaplain of the 47th Tennessee Infantry. Married Sarah W. Morphis. He died October 9, 1927 in Shelby Co. TN. 1878 catalogue notes as deceased, although evidently erroneously.
Crain, Newell W (Walton?). Born in Tennessee. From Nacogdoches TX (1862 Catalogue). 1850 Nacogdoches census shows two "Newel Crain" in the same family: one a farmer, age 23, and the other a student age 15, which would made him 19 or 20 if he graduated in 1858. Various family trees on the Internet appear to confuse the various Newell Crains and Newell Walton Crains, making additional facts difficult to discern.
Hutcheson, Thomas B. Trenton TN (1862 Catalogue). Milan TN. (Both are in Gibson Co.)
McCallum, Hugh Bowen. Born Knox Co. TN 1837. From Knoxville TN (1856 Catalogue). Private and chaplain, 15th South Carolina 1861-1865 (PGD Magazine, February 1883). Married Elizabeth Haynesworth in 1865. Moved to Florida 1871. Baptist minister at Lake City FL. Founder, editor Florida Baptist Journal 1873-1875. Editor Florida Press and Sun and Press. Editor Daily Florida Union; leader in founding the Florida Press Association in 1879 (Florida Press Association). Died March 30, 1883 at Jacksonville FL. 
Waggener, Leslie. Born Trenton, Todd County KY on September 11, 1841. A.B. Bethel College 1860. A.B. Harvard U. 1861. Private, second lieutenant, Co. A, 9th Kentucky Mounted Infantry. (CWSSS) Wounded twice. Regimental adjutant and assistant brigade adjutant (The Handbook of Texas Online). LL.D. Georgetown College KY, 1876. Professor, Bethel College; President 1876-1883. Legate for Tau Deuteron at University of Texas, 1883. Professor of English 1883, University of Texas; head of faculty 1884-95 (highest University office prior to the 1895 establishment of president); acting president, 1895-96. Died August 19, 1896 at Manitou Springs CO; buried in Austin.
Waters, James. Born 1835 or 1836 in Tennessee (1860 census). From Three Forks TN (1856 catalogue). Served as chapter secretary. Shop Springs, Wilson Co. TN (1862 Catalogue). Baptist Minister. Spoke at 1897 Convention banquet in Nashville. Denver, CO. Died at Austin TX (1925 catalogue).

Baker, Presley Calvert. Born January 6, 1837. Served as chapter president. Lawyer in Chappell Hill TX in 1861. Legate for chapter at Soule University, TX, 1861. Co. A, 8th Texas Cavalry, CSA. Promoted 1st lieutenant, Horse Artillery, White's Battery. Lawyer in Galveston, TX. Died September 6, 1893 in Pasadena CA. Second wife Clara Wheeler was a founder of Alpha Phi.
Baker, Franklin Anderson. Captain, CSA. Physician. Pembroke, KY.  1870 Catalogue: Princeton, KY. Younger brother of Presley Calvert Baker.
Cox, Elijah Carrol.
 Born about 1836 Hardeman Co. TN. Married Addie Todd. Professor, Collegiate Institute, Tuskegee AL (1862 catalogue). Professor of Mathematics, Union University 1871-73; Soule Female College, Murfreesboro TN 1875-86; Murfreesboro Female Institute 1876-84; Principal, Murfreesboro public schools 1886-91. Died November 7, 1907 at Murfreesboro.

Holland, Needham. Born about 1838 in Tennessee. 1860 Galla Rock AR census says 22 years old, son of William and Nancy. Minister. Galla Rock AR (1862, 1870, 1878 catalogues); 1878 catalogue says deceased. 
Irby, Henry C.
 Born June 16, 1835. From Somerville, Fayette Co. TN. Teacher 1860-61. First lieutenant, Co. D., 9th Tennessee; elected captain May 1862. "Went to Kentucky with General Bragg's army and was severely wounded in the battle of Perryville, where he was captured and sent to Fort Delaware as a prisoner for many months. After being exchanged he returned to his old regiment and served with it to the close of the war. Captain Irby surrendered at Selma, Ala. . . ." from his obituary, Confederate Veteran Vol. XXV, p.176. Married to Elizabeth E. in Sept. 1862 after his wounding at Perryville. Founder and president, McKenzie College TN 1867-1874. Professor of Mathematics, Southwestern Baptist U. 1875-1905. Died Feb. 18, 1917 at Jackson TN; buried Riverside Cemetery, Madison Co.

Thomas, Robert S. Born August 3, 1839. From Brownsville TN (1862 catalogue says KY). Served as chapter president. 1860 census for Brownsville, Haywood Co. TN, shows student Robert S. Thomas, 20, son of Ann and Robert, a carpenter. Probably 1st lieutenant, Co. B, 9th Tennessee. 1898 Catalogue says rank of captain. Killed April 6, 1862 at Shiloh. Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Brownsville, TN.
Waters, Shelah. Born about 1838, Wilson Co. TN. From Watertown TN (1862 catalogue). Captain, Co. B, then Major, U.S. Army's 5th Tennessee Cavalry (also called Stokes Cavalry or First Middle Tennessee Cavalry), 1862-1865. See Thomas Waters (Union 1862). Clerk in the Office of the Second Auditor of the Treasury 1868-69; Assessor of Internal Revenue in Third Collection District of the State of Tennessee 1871-75; postmaster at Lebanon TN 1875. Died February 2, 1894 at Watertown TN (1925 catalogue). Buried Nashville National Cemetery (originally buried Greenbrier TN).
Windes, Francis Marion. Born July 1, 1839 in Apple Grove, Morgan County, AL. Parents Enoch Windes and Mary Ann Ryan. From Oleander AL (1862 catalogue). Served as chapter treasurer c. March 1860. Teacher at Apple Grove. Adjutant, Lt. Colonel, then Colonel, 4th Alabama (Roddey's) Cavalry. (Roster vol. XVI p.408)  Commanded regiment at Tishomingo Creek/Brice's Crossroads June 1864, and again after September 1864.  Married, Julia A. Graham, April 1 1866. Traveled to New York City to cure tuberculosis; taken off return train at Lynchburg, VA where he died September 16, 1868; buried in their Confederate Cemetery. Picture

Burnett, Thomas S. From Feliciana KY (1862 catalogue). Served as chapter president c. March, 1860. 1898 Catalogue: Colonel, 7th Kentucky; wounded April 7, 1862 in Battle of Shiloh; died April 21, 1862.CWSSS: T.S. Burnett, lieutenant and adjutant, Co. A, 7th Kentucky Infantry.  Some sources say died of disease in McNairy Co. TN, 1862.
Mallory, J. W. From New Providence TN (1862 catalogue). Served as chapter secretary c. March, 1860. Possibly John W. Mallory, 1st Lieutenant and then Captain, Co. L, 14th Tennessee Infantry. 1878 catalogue notes as deceased.  1872 and 1878 catalogues spell name as "Mallony".
McFarland, Julius M. Born October 8, 1838 in Georgia. From Starville TX (1862 catalogue). 1860 census says schoolteacher in Starville TX with his family. Died March 8, 1869; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler TX. One source says he "was a good business man and lived in Tyler a number of years. Julius never married. He was at one time district clerk of Smith county, making and efficient and popular official. At the time of his death he was in the drug business with B. K. Smith. Old timers have a kindly remembrance of him as a pleasant genial gentleman."
Phillips, David. From Cherry Valley TN (1862 catalogue). CSA. Watertown TN. 
Williams, John B. From Paducah KY (1862 catalogue). Bethel College class of 1860 or 1861. Port Royal KY. Physician; died at Paducah KY (1925 catalogue).

Baker, R. A. From Hopkinsville KY (1862 catalogue). Captain, CSA. Physician. Pembroke, KY.  Seems to be a confusion of F. A. Baker 1860.
Gaulding, J. B.
 From Cherry Creek, Pontotoc Co. MS (1862 catalogue). Probably James B., born c. 1840 in Alabama; he also had a brother John B. born c. 1844. 

King, Stanhope Hall. Born November 8, 1838, Brandon MS. From Helena AR (1862 catalogue). Major, Hardee's Corps (1898 Catalogue). Enlisted April 8, 1861 in the Yell Rifles, later Arkansas' First Regiment . ". . . appointed major and assistant commissary in Preston Smith's Tennessee Brigade." (Yell Rifles Site)  Later made brigade commissary. Married May 16, 1865 to Susan M. Scaife. Married January 24, 1871 to Sallie P. Cook. AR state senator three terms. Lawyer, Trenton AR (1898 Catalogue). Died November 23, 1901 Phillips Co. AR.
Montgomery, George Washington. From Edwards Depot MS (1862 catalogue). Born 1842 (various census). 1898 Catalogue says Captain, "killed in Battle of Memphis." Apparently mistaken for another George W. Montgomery, of which there were many. Cousin's memoir notes they joined Co. C, 12th Mississippi Infantry. Wounded in thigh at Second Manassas/Bull Run. Later a Lieutenant, Co. D, 4th Alabama Cavalry (Roddy's), same unit as F. M. Windes (Union 1858). Later a planter in Tallulah, Madison Parish, Louisiana. Holdings included Montrose Plantation.  Married c. 1879 (1900 census) to Rosa Trezevant Van Benthuysen. Served in the Louisiana State Senate.

Noffsinger, M. V. From Fincastle VA (1862 catalogue). Baptist minister. West Point MS.
Waters, Thomas. Watertown TN (1862 catalogue). Probably the younger brother of Shelah Waters; born c. 1842 in Wilson Co. TN. Served with Shelah in Co. B, 5th Tennessee Cavalry, U.S. Army, and suceeded him as captain. Sources differ as to whether Shelah or Thomas transferred to be Major, 4th Tennessee Mounted Infantry, 1865, although it appears to the be the latter.

Phillips, J. M. Captain, cavalry 1862-65 (1898 Catalogue). CWSSS says James M. Phillips, captain, Co. C, 4th Tennessee Cavalry (McLemore's). President, Masonic Institute, Huntsville TN 1871-74; Lebanon Female College 1874-76. Pastor First Baptist Church Chattanooga TN, Tuscaloosa AL, Henderson KY (1884-1888). Pembroke KY. 
Weaver, J. P. Served as chapter president. Baptist minister. Nashville TN. (1898 catalogue.) Died at Murfreesboro TN (1925 catalogue). One J.P. Weaver was a Baptist minister in Milan TN, 1875.

Elliott, Henry W. Served as chapter secretary and treasurer. LLB. Cumberland U., 1874; there affiliated with Iota Deuteron chapter. Seguin TX.
Whitson, George D. Served as chapter secretary and treasurer. Merchant, Murfreesboro. Died December 25, 1895 at Christiana TN.

Lusk, Samuel C. Served as chapter treasurer and president. Oak Grove MS (1878 catalogue). Long Town MS (1898 Catalogue).
Overall, George Washington. Born Rutherford Co. TN in December, 1849. Served as chapter treasurer and president. M.D. Jefferson Medical College 1875. Married April, 1879 to Rowena Eakin. Medical Professor, Memphis College, 1880-85. Physician. Died March 24, 1915 at Memphis (1925 catalogue).
White, A. N. Murfreesboro TN (1878 catalogue).
Womack, Benjamin Robert. Born December 23 1845 or 1846, Jackson Co. AL. Entered Union 1868. Served as chapter secretary. Valedictorian. B.D. Union Theological Seminary Chicago 1876. Editor and publisher Baptist Reflection, Nashville; founder and editor Arkansas Evangel (later Arkansas Baptist) 1881-86. D.D. 1882, Judson U. (Inexplicably excluded from 1925 catalogue.) Senatobia MS (1898 catalogue).

Baird, William G. Murfreesboro TN. Farmer; died July 4, 1920 (1925 catalogue). Also Bethel College 1872 and Cumberland U. 1871. 
Musgrove, E. G. 1878 catalogue says E H Musgrove, Murfreesboro TN (1878 catalogue). Blount Springs AL (1898 catalogue.). 
Wamnuck, Benjamin Franklin. Served as chapter secretary. Bellafont AL (1878 catalogue). Elizaville TN (1898 catalogue).
Williams, Granville Stanton. Baptist minister, ordained 1871. Served as chapter treasurer and president. 1878 catalogue says class of 1871, from Decatursville TN (or KY). Transferred to Bethel College class of 1874. Court Street Baptist Church, Nashville TN 1878-88. Third Tabernacle Baptist, Raleigh NC 1888-89. Second Baptist, Brooklyn NY 1889-91. First Baptist, Bristol TN 1891-__. Whittier CA (1925 catalogue).

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