COVID-19 Guidance

The Fraternity continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our chapters/clonies and host institutions.  

Phi Gamma Delta is committed to supporting its members, chapters and house corporations as they work to adapt. Below you will find important resources and updates for all members to consider. 

Current CDC Guidance

Undergraduate Chapter Operations

The decision to cancel or postpone any chapter event should be made by the chapter officers in consultation with your Purple Legionnaire, BCA and campus Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor. Chapters should follow and consider all campus-provided guidelines. The Fraternity strongly encourages chapters to explore hosting chapter operations virtually when in-person is not feasible.

Please contact your Field Secretary or any member of the Headquarters staff with questions or concerns about potential long-term impacts on operations.

Academic Support



Chapter Finances


Whether you are attending school virtually or on campus, dues collection should continue as planned. Chapter Treasurers should consult with your Purple Legionnaire and BCA if you need to consider adjusting dues because of limited ability to conduct in-person events. However, make sure you are collecting enough to cover any fixed expenses.


Payments to the International Fraternity, including membership dues and liability insurance assessment, continue to be owed as planned. Review the Mandatory Forms & Fees document to know what to expect. The Fraternity will work with chapters and colonies impacted. Contact Amy Watson if you have any questions. 


Chapter Meetings

Work with your Purple Legionnaire, BCA and Field Secretary on how to conduct necessary chapter business in accordance with your institution's COVID-19 plan. Also check with your IFC/institution to see if they have remote video conference software for your chapter. If they do not, contact your Field Secretary for details from the Fraternity.

 Virtual Meeting Options

  • For "in-person" one-on-one meetings (e.g., with a potential new member you want to stay connected with), utilize FaceTime or an Android video calling app.
  • For virtual group meetings (e.g., a recruitment meeting or cabinet meeting), use one of the following options:
    • If you have a Gmail account, Google Hangouts allows up to 10 people to meet via video. You can meet on demand, or schedule through your Google calendar by "adding conferencing."
    • Zoom also offers free video conferencing for up to 100 people. Calls are limited to 40 minutes with the free version.
  • For a larger group meeting (e.g., whole chapter workshop, meeting or program) or to record meetings, check to see if your campus offers video conferencing services. You may also reach out to your Field Secretary for assistance from the Fraternity.
  • We also recommend reading this article that highlights the best way to engage remote meetings.

 Ritual Meetings

  • The Archons, Ritualist and staff have agreed upon standard practices to conduct Ritual ceremonies (like initiation) in modified formats. Please contact your Field Secretary or the Director of Chapter Services for your region for details.
  • Under COVID-19 restrictions, it is important to maintain Ritual in the brotherhood experience. Chapter Historians should consider ways to review concepts and content of the Ritual with brothers.
  • If you have questions or suggestions regarding integrating Ritual in the virtual experience, please contact the Director of Chapter Development - East.

Chapter Programming & Events

 Follow Recommendations & Guidance

  • Follow the recommendations made by your educational institution regarding gatherings and events for student organizations.
  • Keep in mind current guidance to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people, and avoid discretionary travel. This guidance extends past formal chapter activities to informal gatherings as well.

 Event Ideas

 Event Contracts

  • Consult with your Purple Legionnaire and BCA about existing contracts for space and events.
  • Contracts should be reviewed by the booking party to review any “act of god” clause or otherwise to mitigate cost.
  • Contact the appropriate staff member for additional guidance.

Chapter Support & Staff Visits

 Headquarters Staff

The headquarters staff is grateful for your flexibility and diligence during the fall term. We are stronger because of you. Though we have good news with a vaccine on the horizon, we must continue to operate with caution and member safety at the forefront. Staff  will continue to provide increased virtual support, coaching and guidance. During these unprecedented times, we must be intentional and purposeful with how and when we connect. Cabinet and chapter meetings allow us to bring key brothers together on a more consistent basis. Be on the lookout for communication from your Field Secretary.

 Field Secretaries

  • Your Field Secretary is your first point of contact if you have any questions. The Fraternity is adjusting staff schedules to accommodate increased support for our chapters.
  • Field Secretary Visits: Based upon current CDC guidelines and COVID-19 cases on the rise, Field Secretaries will not be traveling until it is safe to do so. Your Field Secretary will conduct virtual visits and meetings via Zoom. He will periodically check in with you via email, phone calls and text messages.

Educational Programming

Follow your educational institution’s recommendations on regular gatherings for all registered student organizations.

 Health & Safety Programming

The Fraternity will continue to provide health & safety programming during the 2020-21 academic year. For now, those programs will be facilitated virtually. You will receive an email from Andrew Depew about how to schedule the required programming.


GreekLifeEdu for new members is still required. If you have trouble getting new members to complete the course, please contact Andrew Depew.


New Member Education/Initiation

 New Member Education

Like chapter meetings, follow the recommendations made by your educational institution on regular gatherings for all registered student organizations. If the meeting cannot comply with your educational institution’s recommendations, specifically the use of face masks and social distancing, the chapter must host new member education virtually. Here are some key things to consider:

New members are required to complete GreekLifeEdu. Please follow the deadlines on the chapter officer calendar. If the deadlines do not work for your chapter, please contact Assistant Director of Education Andrew Depew.


If the chapter cannot conduct initiation due to online classes, the chapter is expected to conduct and report the initiation at the earliest feasible date. If initiations cannot be conducted in a reasonable time frame, the chapter should contact their Field Secretary for guidance on conducting a modified initiation, as mentioned above.



Pig Dinners & Graduate Brother Events

 Planning Your Event

Many chapters plan to host their Pig Dinners and other graduate-focused events this spring. As you consider how to best proceed, we suggest the following:

  • Current guidance suggests the use of cloth masks, social distancing and avoiding discretionary travel to help limit the spread of coronavirus. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to continue to follow all directives from the state/local authorities and plan to cancel or postpone near-term events.
  • When it’s time to host a Pig Dinner, the decision to continue, adapt virtually, postpone or cancel the Pig Dinner should only be made by the key organizers. If organized by the chapter, make sure to consult with your Purple Legionnaire, BCA, campus Fraternity/Sorority Life professional and/or Headquarters staff.
  • Chapters should adhere to all guidelines provided by local/state government and the host institution. And they should be prepared to cancel or postpone the event if necessary or directed to do so. 
  • If your chapter is hosting your Pig Dinner virtually, please reference the Virtual Pig Dinner & Events Guide or watch the How to Host a Virtual Pig Dinner webinar
  • Review all contracts for reserved spaces to review any “act of god” clauses, and, if needed, plan to develop steps to otherwise mitigate costs.

 Canceling an Event

If the chapter has to cancel an upcoming event, please consider the following:

  • Consider rescheduling rather than canceling the event altogether. Some venues/providers may be willing to waive or reduce cancellation fees if rescheduled.
  • Consider adapting the event virtually instead of canceling.
  • The organizer’s decision should stand final. 
  • Communicate updates to your graduate network and appropriate staff member as soon as possible.

Contact Dionysis Protopapadakis with specific concerns and questions.



Recruitment is the lifeblood of your chapter. It is critical for the health of your chapter to continue recruitment efforts.

 Virtual Events& Meetings

  • Here is a list of Virtual Event Ideas, which will help brothers connect with potential new members virtually. 
  • Don't know what to talk about during a virtual meeting with potential new members? Here is a list of Virtual PNM Meeting Questions that could help.

 Additional Resources

Contact the Director of Expansion for questions or to schedule or meeting.


House Corporations

Cleaning Guidance & Facility Management


 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

 Holmes Murphy

 Ordering PPE & Essential Supplies

 Upper Crust Clean


General Guidance

 Handling the Spread of COVID-19 & Unexpected Facility Closure

We understand that house corporations may have questions and concerns about the potential spread of coronavirus and how to best handle an unexpected closure of the facility. We suggest that you consider the following:

  • Follow all guidance provided by the CDC, state/province/local authorities and the college/university. If you have not already done so, we suggest that a member of the house corporation contact the college/university regarding recommendations specific to the campus.
  • Encourage members to review the everyday preventive actions recommended by the CDC to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • If someone living, or working, in the housing facility is sick or is diagnosed with COVID-19, alert local officials and follow their recommendations.
  • If a member tests positive, a protocol should be established by the house corporation. The CDC recommends that someone who tests positive should stay home and quarantine from other people. Members who test positive should remain in a “sick room” and use a separate bathroom. If the member lives in the facility, we suggest working with local authorities and the university/college to assess protocol. Here are some things to consider: 
    • Are you able to provide a “sick room” and separate bathroom for the individual?
    • Is there a safer alternative (e.g., member goes home; university is providing housing for those that have tested positive)?
    • Do we have active cleaning and disinfecting programs in place for someone to remain in the facility? 
  • If coronavirus is present in any facility, the facility must be properly decontaminated prior to approved re-entry.
  • Review all contracts, and contact your vendors (food service, cleaning, etc.) to understand your obligations or to ask questions and voice concerns about scheduling issues due to COVID-19.
  • Some providers, such as preferred partner Upper Crust, are proactively reaching out with information and guidance. If you have not received similar communication, contact your representative.

 Working with Campus Officials

If the campus has taken steps to remove students from campus, contact campus officials for clarification or direction regarding chapter house facilities. We recommend all chapters and house corporations to follow the directions provided by host institutions.

  • House corporation officers are responsible for making the decision to close a chapter facility in consultation with the chapter and campus.
  • Work with campus officials to determine if students may remain in the facility in the event classes are cancelled or moved to online platforms. Also determine housing options for students who are not able to return home.
  • Effectively communicate with members (and their parents) whether they are living in or out of the facility.
  • If closing the house, ensure the facility is safe and secure by referencing seasonal reminders for housing security.
  • If necessary, give students the opportunity to retrieve personal property before returning home.
  • Review rental agreements/contracts, and develop a plan for vendors and collections if there is a long-term closure.
  • Review any relevant or related insurance coverages.
  • Prior to reopening the property, ensure proper cleaning and regular opening procedures.

 SBA Loans

Based on current guidance we have received, most house corporations are not eligible for PPP loans made available by the Small Business Administration. However, we believe that most house corporations would be eligible for an Emergency Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and the associated EIDL grant. If you are interested in this program, applications resumed on June 15, 2020. Visit the SBA COVID-19 page for more information. Additionally, the North American Interfraternity Conference (the Fraternity’s trade association) provided this resource to walk you through the application process. 


Insurance & Reopening

 Housing Advisory Committee


 Holmes Murphy



Kitchen Operations & Food Service


 Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

 National Restaurant Association

 Upper Crust Food Services


Contact Rob Caudill with specific housing concerns and questions, and for more house corporation resources and guidance, visit: 

House Corporation Tools & Resources     Housing Advisory Committee Webinars

International Fraternity

International Headquarters Operations

 IHQ Closed to Guests

The International Headquarters is closed to guests in compliance with orders by the Governor of Kentucky.


  • Staff members are working either remotely or in-person, and they are available to assist you during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm ET). You can reach any staff member via email or phone at 859-255-1848 (listen for prompts or press * for a directory).
  • We apologize for unavoidable delays in responding to mailed correspondence, sending mailed correspondence and shipping items from the International Headquarters.
  • Staff travel, including in-person Field Secretary visits, has been suspended. Field Secretaries and chapter services staff will conduct virtual visits and coaching for our chapters and colonies until it is safe to resume travel.

Volunteer Travel

 Volunteer Travel & Travel Reimbursement Suspended

Effective March 20, 2020, the Fraternity temporarily suspended volunteer travel and travel reimbursement. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Section Chief visits
  • Travel to Pig Dinners and other events
  • Purchasing travel for the 2021 Fiji Academy

 Connecting Virtually

We fully encourage and ask Purple Legionnaires to remain connected to their chapters and chapter officers through virtual means: Skype, Zoom, telephone, email, text, etc. Likewise, we ask Section Chiefs to continue to support their chapters, advisors and house corporations through similar means.


Virtual Town Halls & Webinars

How to Host a Virtual Pig Dinner
February 18, 2021
House Corporations: What's Next?
June 24, 2020
House Corporations: Navigating COVID-19
March 25, 2020
Officers & Advisors: Navigating COVID-19
March 23, 2020

Taking Care of Yourself & Your Community

 Be Your Brother's Keeper

In times of uncertainty and recommended social distancing, it is more important now than ever to stay connected, check in on one another and foster a sense of belonging.

  • Keep Regular Contact with Close Friends: Post updates in your GroupMe, Snap group, group text. Play online video games or gamepigeon text games.
  • Reach Out to Those Outside Your Close Circle: Be intentional about asking how your brothers are really doing.
  • Use Video When Possible: Utilize FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. instead of only calls or texts. It’s the next best thing to actual human interaction.
  • Ask the Tough Questions: Dive below the surface – ask how your brothers are handling any loneliness, anxiety or any emotions through this time. Encourage brothers to seek help if needed.
  • Have Meaningful Conversations: Here a few links to help with this: How To Make Close Friendships and How To Connect Deeply Quickly (the title says romantic relationships, but these questions also work for friendships).

 Mental Health Tips

Times of uncertainty and stress can be overwhelming. Consider these tips and resources to help you and others cope with anxiety and stress.

  1. Stay Informed with reliable sources, such as the CDC.
  2. Preserve Daily Routines as much as possible.
  3. Take a Break from social media and news; do not overexpose yourself to too much information.
  4. Maintain a Healthy Diet, engage in regular Exercise, and get enough Sleep.
  5. Take advantage of Outdoor Activities while still maintaining Social Distancing.
  6. Do NOT Isolate! Connect with others through appropriate Social Distancing or Virtual Opportunities.
  7. Practice Gratitude and focus on the Positive. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. 

Mental Health Resources:

 Working from Home

Phi Gamma Delta has created a list of suggestions to help ease the transition of incorporating office (or classroom) life into home life.

Working from Home Tips

 Additional Resources


This is a rapidly evolving situation. The Fraternity will continue to monitor developments and provide updated guidance. Contact us with questions.