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2012-13 Certificates of Superior Academic Achievement

Exceed the All-Men's Average on their campuses for 5+ consecutive years

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NOTE: Number in parentheses indicates years of achievement in this category

Alpha Omicron, University of Akron (10)
Theta, University of Alabama (8)
Alpha Upsilon, Auburn University (52)
Beta Sigma, Ball State University (10)
Chi Rho, California University of Pennsylvania (6)
Lambda, DePauw University (11)
Kappa Deuteron, University of Georgia (44)
Gamma Tau, Georgia Institute of Technology (30)
Tau, Hanover College (8)
Chi Iota, University of Illinois (8)
Zeta, Indiana University (54)
Alpha Iota, Iowa State University (5)
Upsilon Kappa, University of Kentucky (11)
Alpha Phi, University of Michigan (9)
Epsilon Lambda, Michigan State University (6)
Psi Mu, Missouri State University (6)
Omicron Deuteron, Ohio State University (9)
Sigma Omicron, Oklahoma State University (24)
Lambda Iota, Purdue University (13)
Theta Tau, Tennessee Technological University (20)
Lambda Tau, Texas Tech University (20)
Tau Upsilon, Tulane University (7)
Omicron, University of Virginia (9)
Psi, Wabash College (50)
Sigma Tau, University of Washington (54)
Zeta Phi, William Jewell College (6)
Sigma, Wittenberg University (6)

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