Third Volume of The History of Phi Gamma Delta Available

New Version of Tomos Alpha and Tomos Beta coming in 2006

tomos gammaEver since the William F. Chamberlin (Denison 1893) wrote the first two volumes of the Fraternity's history, brothers have clamored for more. At long last, in 2000 William F. Parrish (Westminster Faculty) brought us Tomos Gamma, or "Book Three."

Originally Chamberlin planned for the third volume to encompass the history of each chapter. However, this proved a difficult scope. Shortly before World War Two, Chamberlin proposed the third volume instead cover Phi Gamma Delta's history from 1926 (when Tomos Beta was published) to the current day. While the Ekklesia accepted his suggestion, Chamberlin's death a short time later postponed the project.

The project eventually fell to William Parrish, Phi Gamma Delta's official historian since 1989. Parrish was initiated in 1957 as a faculty member at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He has served as head of the history department at Mississippi State University and is now a professor emeritus. He has also served as president of the Mississippi Historical Society.

Dr. Parrish had many scholarly books to his name, including titles on Missouri history and the Civil War  His most recent book was Frank Blair: Lincoln's Conservative (University of Missouri Press, 1998). Thus this experienced author was able to rise to the challenge of completing the work before the 150th Anniversary Ekklesia in August, 1998.

Tomos Gamma looks different than Chamberlin's original two volumes. The illustrated "coffee-table" history is more popular than the heavy tomes of years past, and includes historic photographs and an engaging text.

NEW: In the summer of 2006, look for a new history of the first seventy-five years. This will update Tomos Alpha and Tomos Beta, which were published over 75 years ago. Bill Parrish has finished the manuscript and is working with the publisher as you read this.  The size and format will match the Tomos Gamma pictured above.

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