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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phi Gamma Delta entered the University of Minnesota in 1890. Only three years later the Fraternity met in convention in Minneapolis, the westernmost location to date. In all, three conventions and Ekklesiai have met in Minneapolis.

Many brothers played important roles in Minnesota, including Governor Samuel VanSant (Knox 1870) and Congressman Eugene M. Wilson (Jefferson 1852). The latter also served as mayor of Minneapolis. Lotus Coffman (Indiana 1906) was president of the University of Minnesota for eighteen years; a campus building is named for him.

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Mu Sigma Chapter House

Mu Sigma Chapter House

University of Minnesota

This chapter house was built for the Mu Sigma Chapter in 1912. To quote one study, it "represents a distinctive example of Viennese-Secession inspired architecture in Minneapolis" and is a "rare example of early European modernism in Minnesota." The first floor fireplace includes stones taken from the University's Old Main building after it burned in 1904.

This building joined the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. It is also part of Minneapolis's Greek Letter Chapter House Historic District.

1129 University Avenue, SE
(Northwest corner, 12th and University Avenues)

West Hotel,
from a postcard

West Hotel (site only)

1893 Convention

The West Hotel opened in 1884. The 45th Convention convened here October 19-21, 1893. Thirty delegates registered. Prior to this, the Fraternity had met no further west than Bloomington, Illinois. They would not go farther until 1915 in San Francisco. The West was demolished in 1940.

Hennepin Avenue and 5th Street

Hotel Nicollet,
from a postcard

Hotel Nicollet (site only)

1956 Ekklesia

The original Hotel Nicollet was built in the 1850s and demolished in the 1920s. Its replacement of the same name, designed by Holabird & Roche, measured some fourteen stories. The graceful Gateway Park fronted the structure. After a period of abandonment, it was demolished in the 1980s for a parking lot. An excellent site on the Nicollet:

The 1956 Ekklesia had only 494 register, the lowest number since 1934, and surprising compared to the 933 registered in Los Angeles two years before.

North 2nd Street and Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis Hyatt Regency, from

Hyatt Regency

2006 Ekklesia

The third Ekklesia in Minnesota was held here August 10-13, 2006.

1300 Nicolett Mall 

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