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Lambda Chapter at Indiana Asbury:

Initiates, 1856-1870

By Towner Blackstock (Davidson 1994), Curator of Archives
December, 2006

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Indiana Asbury University was a Methodist institution in Greencastle, Indiana.  Today it is known as DePauw University.  Our Lambda Chapter started there in the Fall of 1856 through the efforts of a transfer student from Iota Chapter at Centre College.


The following list of Lambda Chapter initiates through 1870 comes from the first minute book of Lambda Chapter.  The bulk of biographical data is quoted from the DePauw Alumnal Record.  "DAR #" refers to the listing number for each entry in the Record.  Additions, corrections, and biographical information come from the chapter minutes, and Fraternity catalogues of 1870, 1878, 1895 ("Unfinished Catalogue"), 1925, and 1941.  Other sources are noted in the text, including The Phi Gamma Delta magazine, and US Federal census records from 1850 through 1930.

The Secret Ten

Several brothers are noted as having joined Arcanus Decem, the Secret Ten.  This local fraternity seems to have grown out of the Philiosonian Society and operated in the early to mid-1850s.  Its demise appears to have occurred after December, 1855.  Some have suggested the A.D.s petitioned Phi Gamma Delta for a charter and became Lambda Chapter.  Evidence shows this was not the case.

The DePauw University Archives contains the minutes of Arcanus Decem.  They end in December, 1855, with a closing note added by an 1852 graduate returning to law school in 1857.  His entry bemoans (but does not explain) the disappearance of the group.  The minutes give no indication of an effort to petition Phi Gamma Delta or any other fraternity.

If Arcanus Decem had become Lambda Chapter, all its members would have joined.  Lambda's charter members included three or four A.D.s.  At least two contemporary A.D.s were not made part of the chapter.

Some Arcanus Decem members joined Phi Gamma Delta at a later time.  Lambda's "second charter" initiates in the fall of 1857 included two A.D.s.  Lambda initiated four others between 1858 and 1879 as part of an effort to initiate faculty and other qualified graduates.  Their initiations had nothing to do with their having been members of Arcanus Deceum.  All these former A.D.s in our membership prompted the speculation of a link between the organizations.

Arcanus Decem surely orientated its members to the value of brotherhood, increasing the likelihood of their joining another fraternity after A.D. collapsed.  It is also no surprise that former A.D.s would try to recruit their old brothers.  Perhaps the opportunity to join Phi Gamma Delta even caused a break up of Arcanus Decem.  Regardless, Lambda Chapter clearly did not descend directly from this local fraternity.

The 1856 Rebellion

Lambda Chapter has the distinction of having been founded twice within a year's time.  Shortly after W. H. Abney installed the chapter in the fall of 1856, a conflict arose between University President Daniel Curry and the student body.  Curry ruled that literary societies must meet in the afternoon and not at night.  Students objected vehemently.  All the seniors and most of the lower classes ultimately withdrew from school.  This included all of Lambda Chapter.

Much of the senior class transferred to Indiana University, including founders Wilson and Cloud, who received degrees there.  The Trustees accepted the resignation of President Curry at the end of the college year.  Many underclassmen eventually returned to Asbury.

Charter member Luther Clay Slavens was appointed legate in June, 1857 to reestablish the chapter, and was assisted by Charles F. Springer.  Since that time Lambda Chapter has enjoyed a continuous existence.

Honorary Initiates

A particular feature of this list is the preponderance of graduate and faculty initiates, such as General Lew Wallace.  Lambda Chapter first initiated alumni returning for commencement in 1859 and 1860.  After the Civil War, they began to initiate faculty members and visiting lecturers, as did many other Midwestern chapters, including Wabash and Indiana.  Contemporaries characterized it as both a way to increase the prestige of the Fraternity, and as a competition with other fraternities.

Criticism rose across the Fraternity over such "honorary" initiates.  At a graduate banquet, one was asked to give a toast on "Phi Gamma Delta."  As the man spoke, it grew increasingly clear that he had no understanding of the Fraternity or its aims.  Another undergraduate told of intercepting a lecturer at his hotel and offering him membership.  The man said he might already be a member, that he had been initiated into so many college fraternities that he couldn't remember them all.  Thus, honorary initiations fell out of favor.  Today faculty and, less frequently, other graduates are initiated although never on an honorary basis.

Family Connections

Many familial connections appear in this list.  Families sometimes sent siblings and cousins to the same school.  The admission of a man to Phi Gamma Delta in no way ensured his blood relatives would join him, but it happened many times at Lambda.  The first example appears with charter member and second legate Luther C. Slavens, who saw his first cousin John and brothers James and Rodney initiated (and later his first cousin once removed William H.).  Then came the three Gathright brothers.  By 1870 four Ridpath brothers had joined.  Others include Beasley, Bartholomew, and Heath.  Reubelt appears three times and Rippetoe twice, although the state of their relations are not yet determined.

Graduate initiate Patterson McNutt married the older sister of Luther and James Slavens; the latter married Patterson's younger sister Martha. John Clark Ridpath's brother-in-law, G.C. Smythe, was initiated as a graduate. Lew Wallace's brother-in-law Henry Lane was initiated at Wabash as a graduate. Eli Ritter's daughter married a Phi Gam. All four daughters of Greencastle resident J.R.M. Allen married DePauw Phi Gams: Elvira to Oliver Hampton Smith, Sarah Ellen to Jason Lee Rippetoe, Jennie to Marion M. Bovard, Alice to James K. Hawk. Undoubtedly these but scratch the surface.

All of this underscores their close social circles of family, geography, college, and the Methodist church (by which Indiana Asbury was established and supported).


No other Phi Gam chapter of this age has such a complete photographic record of its early undergraduates. The location of the originals is unknown; most of the following images were copies made for a chapter scrapbook. Some appeared in a 1956 The Phi Gamma Delta article and subsequently disappeared. Except where noted, the images are of undergraduate brothers. Many wear a badge on the center of their shirts, or sometimes after the Civil War, on necktie knots. Note the use of chains, now prohibited.

Right: two unidentified images of Indiana Asbury brothers from the late 1850s or early 1860s. The one on the right may be Orlando Jay Smith.

This list is a work in progress. We invite your assistance, comment, and inquiry.

Names in italics indicate the chapter's charter (founding) members.

William Henry Abney.  Born June 21, 1837, Edgefield SC. Preparatory work at Newberry Academy. Initiated at Iota Chapter, Centre College, Kentucky, 1856. Transferred to Indiana Asbury October 1856, although resident in town during the previous academic term. Legate (installing officer) and first chapter secretary. Departed during the disturbance of 1856. Read law in Danville KY 1857, then Edgefield SC; admitted to bar in SC 1858. Private, Edgefield Rifles, January 1861 (probably Co. C, 1st South Carolina, Provisional Army). Ordnance sergeant, 2nd South Carolina Artillery through the end of the war.  Practiced law in Cincinnati then Elizaville, KY. Elected county judge. Delegate to the Fraternity's 1870 convention. Suffered mental breakdown in 1870s; resident in asylum, Lexington KY, for the remainder of his life. Learned several languages, wrote songs and sermons, and otherwise lived the life of a gentleman but refused to work due, apparently, to what he believed was his fragile mental state. Wrote three articles in The Phi Gamma Delta of 1912 on Iota and Lambda chapters. Died December 7, 1915 in Elizaville, Kentucky. Obituary in The Phi Gamma Delta, February 1916, p.435. Buried in Elizaville Cemetery, Fleming County.


Harvey Cheek.  Aurora, IN (1856 catalogue). Initiated as charter member, 1856. Did not graduate. Articles in The Phi Gamma Delta says he attended business college in Cincinnati, and entered business in Minneapolis. However, the census records do not corroborate this account.  He is found in the Dearborn Co. IN census - Aurora post office.  In 1850 he was 16 and a farmer, living with relatives (Rachel Cheek, 35 and her children).  In 1860 he was 26, an attorney, and apparently boarding with Lazarus and Mary A Cheek and their children.  In the chapter minutes of June 22, 1863, a committee of his contemporaries was appointed to draft resolutions on his passing.


George Crawford Wilson.  Initiated 1855 into Arcanus Decem. Initiated as charter member, 1856. First chapter treasurer. Transferred to Indiana University after the disturbance of 1856. Owargo IL (1862 catalogue). US Army, 2nd Lieutenant, possibly Co. C, 58th Illinois Infantry; reportedly on the staff of General Buford. Banker, lawyer. Illinois state legislator. Retired to California in 1897; died 1902.

Left: Wilson in later life.


John Slavens.  First cousin of the three Slavens brothers. Born about 1835 in Mt. Sterling or Harrodsburg, Kentucky to Dr. John Slavens (1791-1863) and Sophia (Graham) Slavens. Enrolled in preparatory and irregular department of Emory and Henry College 1850-1852 according to their records. 1920 DePauw Alumnal Record indicates he entered Indiana Asbury in 1852. 1870 census has 35 year old schoolteacher living in the Lightfoot residence, Harrodsburg.

Hiram Wilbur Cloud. DAR #145: "A.B. 1857; A.M., 1860. Born, September 7, 1833, Henderson, Ky. Teacher, Owensboro, Ky.; president Henry Female College, New Castle, Ky.; proprietor retail drug store, Sullivan, Indiana, 1862; wholesale drug business, Evansville, 1865. Married, 1859, Miss Sarah M. Akin. Died, March 5, 1875, Evansville, Ind." May have been a member of Arcanus Decem. Initiated as charter member, 1856. First chapter president. Transferred to Indiana University after the disturbance of 1856. PGD article says: AB and AM degrees from Indiana University. MD Louisville Medical College. Trustee Indiana University 1868-1875. President of school board at Evansville for ten years.


Luther Clay Slavens. DAR #159: "Lawyer. A.B. 1858; A.M., 1861: LL. B., 1860, Indiana Asbury University. Born, August 13, 1836, Putnam county, Ind. [Parents Hiram B. and Sarah Holland Slavens.] City Counselor and member Board of Public Works, Kansas City, Mo. Brother of 182 [James W.L., and also L. Rodney]. Married, January 8, 1861, Miss Sallie B. Shelby, Tippecanoe county, Indiana. Died, October 23, 1913." Initiated into Arcanus Decem, December 1854. Initiated as Lambda Chapter charter member, 1856. Legate to reestablish Lambda Chapter, June 8, 1857. Chapter president June 8, 1857 to July 1, 1858. Practiced law in Greencastle (1860 census) then Covington IN until moving to Kansas City, 1865. Delegate to 1880 Republican National Convention. Buried Union Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.

Luther's son Hiram C. Slavens (1881) joined Phi Gamma Delta.


Jesse Squire Gathright.  Born 1835, Louisville, KY. Initiated 1854 into Arcanus Decem. Initiated September, 1856 after the founding. Departed Indiana Asbury during the disturbance of 1856. Attended the University of Virginia in 1857 and died March 21, 1858. In UVA Special Collections' copy of Schele de Vere's Students of the University of Virginia: a Semi-Centennial Catalogue, someone penciled in "typhoid epidemic?" next to his entry. Chapter minute April 8, 1858 "between the two preceding meetings a committee was appt . . . to draught resolutions, expressing regard of the Fraternity for late deceased Jesse S. Gathright." Brother of Josiah Baker Gathright (1860) and Richard O. Gathright (1862).

Charles Franklin Springer.  DAR# 161. "Lawyer. A.B. 1858; A.M.. 1861. Born, August 10, 1834, Sullivan, Ind. Member of Constitutional Convention of Illinois, from Madison county, 1870; lieutenant-colonel and colonel One Hundred and Fiftieth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 1864-65. Married, October. 1867, Miss Adelaide Isbell. Died, November 13, 1871, Edwardsville, Illinois." Son of Rev. Thomas B. Springer, Morgan Co. Illinois. Initiated September, 1856 after the founding. Helped reestablish the chapter, June 8, 1857. Chapter treasurer June 8, 1857 to July 1, 1858. Read law in Edwardsville; admitted to the bar 1859. Brother of William McKendree Springer, initiated into Beta Theta Pi at Asbury in 1856.

Right: Charles Springer in his Union Army uniform.


Alfred Wise Beasley.  DAR #155. "Banker. B.S. 1858; LL.B., 1860. Born, Decatur, 0. [in 1837.] Elected attorney and counsel for the city of Champaign, Ill., two terms; served in the One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers. Married, 1861, Miss Carrie Amelia Allen. Died, May 27, 1906, Brooklyn, New York." Initiated June 8, 1857. Brother of David Beasley (DePauw 1862).

Jonathan Birch.  DAR # 156. "Lawyer. A.B. 1858; A.M., 1861. Born, June 8, 1834, Fountain county, Ind. City attorney for Greencastle, 1866-75; major, Sixty-third Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry; professor of law, DePauw University [1881-82, 1884-91]; engaged in practice of law, Greencastle, Ind.: elected trustee DePauw University, 1888 [to 1903]; mayor of Greencastle, 1894-96. Brother of 63. Married, February 7, 1871, Miss Marietta E. Jones. Father of 1342 and 1591. Died, April 9, 1906, Greencastle, Ind.; buried, in Forest Hill cemetery."Member of Arcanus Decem. Initiated June 8, 1857. 1860 census shows him as an attorney, living with family of Charles Douglas Jones (DePauw 1871) in Covington. Wounded at Resaca GA.

Samuel Fletcher Wood.  DAR #184. "A. B. [1859]; A. M., 1S62. Born. 1836, in Covington. Indiana. 1862-66, prosecuting attorney for Twenty-first Judicial Circuit of Indiana; 1868-72, member of Indiana Senate. Died, May, 1893, at Covington. Indiana." Member of Arcanus Decem. Initiated June 8, 1857. Class of 1859; Chapter secretary June 8, 1857 to July 1, 1858 when elected chapter president, serving until June 19, 1859. Bloomington Law School, Illinois, one year. Buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Covington. See biography in 1898 Chapter Rolls and Directory. Married Mary C. Allen in 1873; his one son was William Allen Wood (Indiana 1897).


John Longinus Montgomery.  DAR #178: "A.B. 1859; A.M. 1862. Lawyer. Born, 1839, in Shelby County, Indiana. 1860, admitted to bar; 1859-61, representative from Shelby County in the Indiana legislature; 1861-65, city clerk of Shelbyville, Ind. Married, January 1, 1862, to Miss Mary Reed, of Morristown, Ind. Died, March 28, 1871, at Shelbyville, Ind." Initiated October 9, 1857 while a junior. Chapter secretary July 1, 1858 to June 29, 1859.


James W. Leander Slavens.  DAR #182: "Public Official. A.B. 1859; A.M., 1862; L.L.B., 1860. Born, August 3, 1838, Putnam county, Indiana [to Hiram B. and Sarah Holland Slavens]. First lieutenant and A. C. L., staff of Major-General Thomas, three years; treasurer, collector, fund commissioner and Mayor of Kansas City; mayor of Westport, Mo., 1894. Brother of 159 [Luther C., and also L. Rodney]. Married, 1859, Miss Mattie McNutt [Martha, sister of Patterson McNutt (DePauw initiate)]. Died, February 10, 1905, Kansas City, Mo." Initiated October, 1857 while a sophomore. Interred Union Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.

Josiah Baker Gathright.  DAR #190: "Manufacturer. A.B. 1860; A.M., 1863. Born, December 24, 1838, Ballardsville, Ky. Entered the Confederate Army, 1861 served as private, sergeant, lieutenant, captain of cavalry and quartermaster; manufacturer and merchant, Louisville, Ky., 1865-1900. Married, 1869, Miss Mary V. Henton, who died, 1870; married, 1874, Miss Emma E. McGrath. Died, April 20, 1919, Louisville, Ky." Initiated November 8, 1857 while a sophomore. Chapter treasurer July 1, 1858 to June 29, 1859; reelected to June 26, 1860. Brother of Jesse S. (1856) and Richard O. (1862); in flour manufacturing with the latter. Obituary in The Phi Gamma Delta says "...inventor of the typewriter tabular key and the electric tramway street-sweeper.... a junior partner in the firm of Hardison and Gathright, pioneer saddle manufacturers of Kentucky."


William D. Ward.  DAR #L-33: "Lawyer. LL.B. 1858. Born, February 1, 1830, Madisonville, Ind. Student College of Liberal Arts, Indiana Asbury University, 1849-52; studied law, Versailles; engaged in practice of law, Versailles, 1865-75; removed to Vevay, engaged in practice of law, 1875-98; captain of Company A., Thirty-seventh Indiana Volunteers, 1861-65; mustered out as lieutenant-colonel. Married, May, 1853, Miss Sarah J. Todd, Madison, Ind., deceased; married, September 1, 1880, Mrs. T. H. North, Rising Sun, Ind. Died, February 24, 1898, while conducting a trial in court. Vevay, Ind." Member of Arcanus Decem. Initiated January 15, 1858 while in the law school. Republican Presidential Elector, 1884.

John W. HeathDAR #192: "Merchant and Banker. A.B. 1860; A.M., 1863. Born, December 25, 1839, Lafayette, Ind. Married, December 2, 1869, Miss Mary A. Hanna. Died, September 4, 1890, Lafayette, Ind." Elected February 4, 1858 (initiation not indicated in minutes). Chapter secretary June 29, 1859 to June 26, 1860. Secretary of 1859 Fraternity Convention. Badge in Fraternity Museum. Indiana Asbury Trustee 1878-81.


Oliver Hampton Smith.  Minister. DAL #142: "Teacher, Maryville Missouri, A.B. [1856]; A.M. 1859. Born June 2, 1831, in Harrisburg, Indiana. 1859, principal Thornton Academy; 1864, principal Danville Academy; 1866, president Rockport Collegiate Institute; 1873, superintendent Jeffersonville Public Schools; 1883, presiding elder, Little Rock District, Little Rock [Methodist Episcopal] Conference; 1886, transferred to the Missouri Conference, and served the Cameron and Trenton stations; 1889, elected president Maryville Seminary and founded that institution. Married, December 27, 1857, Miss Elvira Allen." Initiated April 1858 as a graduate (although that is not noted in body of the chapter minutes). Asbury Board of Visitors 1864, 1869, 1871. Worked in newspapers, including Danville Union and Greencastle Banner. Regular visitor to the chapter. Died January 4, 1920 in Greenville; obituary, The Phi Gamma Delta, 42-4 (February 1920), pages 515-516.

Smith's brother-in-law Walter Allen (1882) joined Phi Gamma Delta at DePauw.


L. Rodney Slavens.  Greencastle, IN. Born 1840 or 1841 in Indiana to Hiram B. and Sarah Holland Slavens; brother of Luther C. and James W.L. Initiated October 30, 1858 while a freshman. Married Isabella MacDonald. Minutes of June 8, 1863: "a committee was appointed to draft resolutions on the death of Bro. Rodney Slavens . . . ."

Irvin Armstrong.  DAR #202: "Lawyer. A.B. 1862; A.M., 1865. Editor "Democrat," Vevay, Ind. Died, November 23, 1884, Vevay, Ind." Born May 9, 1841, Buffalo Barracks NY, son of Lt. William Armstrong, who died during the Mexican War. He was subsequently raised by his Uncle David. Initiated October 30, 1858 while a freshman. Chapter secretary June 26, 1860 to 1861, when elected treasurer to June 19, 1862. President of Fraternity's 1864 convention in Pittsburgh. From his obituary in the Vevay Democrat: Graduated with second honor. Grauated from Cincinnati law school, 1865; practiced law in New Orleans, 1866-1869. Returned to Vevay; purchased the Vevay Democrat and sold it May 4th, 1882 due to poor health. Died of tuberculosis at his uncle's home; buried at Vevay Cemetery.


Henry Godden Jackson.  Born January 1, 1838, Manchester IN. DAR #209: "Minister. A.B. 1862; A.M., 1865; D.D., 1877. Phi Beta Kappa. Born, Dearborn county, Indiana. Principal Stockwell Collegiate Institute, 1862-65; pastor Ames Methodist Episcopal Church, New Orleans, 1866; assistant editor, New Orleans "Advocate" [shot and beaten during a riot July 30 1866; recovered and left New Orleans]; superintendent of missions in South America, 1869-78; pastor Grand Avenue Meth-Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1879- pastor, Sedalia, Mo., 1882-84; president Lewis College, Glasgow, Mo., 1884-85; pastor, Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church, Chicago, 1885-90; pastor, Marshfield Avenue Church, 1890-92; presiding elder, North Chicago District, Rock River Conference, 1892-98; district superintendent, Chicago District, 1898-1904; pastor, Chicago Lawn Methodist Episcopal Church, 1910; member of the General Missionary Committee during three quadrenniums; member of Joint Commission for preparing Hymnal for Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Episcopal Church, South; member of Joint Commission on Federation, same churches; author of "Himos Evangelics," a collection of hymns in Spanish, used in the missions of South America; author of "The Gospel Minister and Ministerial Support," 1909." Initiated November 14, 1858 as a freshman. Chapter secretary 1861 to June 19, 1862. Married Alice Clarke 1862. Chaplain at 1898 Ekklesia in Pittsburgh. Biography in 1898Chapter Rolls and Directory.


James Quilbert Chenoweth.  DAR #188: "Lawyer. A.B. 1860; A.M., 1863. Born, February 9, 1841, Harrodsburg, Ky." Major, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry; major, colonel, 1st (Butler's) Kentucky Cavalry; colonel, 16th Kentucky Cavalry. Wounded three times. Organized Chenoweth's Cavalry Regiment, October 1864. Surrendered May 4, 1865, commanding Department of Western Kentucky. State Senator 1869-72, Kentucky. DAR continued: "Member of State Senate of Texas [1881-1884]; member of Congress [an error; he was never in the US Congress]; first auditor of United States Treasury, 1885: superintendent, State Confederate Home; county judge, Fannin county, Tex., 1885-1909. Died, June 19, 1909, Bedford City, Va." Initiated December 10, 1858. Chapter president June 29, 1859 to June 26, 1860. Delegate to 1859 convention, Louisville KY. Legate installing Rho Chapter at Kentucky University, Harrodsburg, 1860. See entry in the Handbook of Texas.

Richard Watson Hargrave.  DAR #L-36. "Lawyer, Marshalltown, Iowa. LL.B. 1859. Born, September 15, 1836, in LaPorte County, Indiana. Brother of 116, College. Officer in military service during Civil War [Lieutenant, 17th Indiana Infantry, 1862-65]; engaged in practice of law since.  Married, January 2, 1859, to Miss Mira Hooker, who died in 1861; married, 1864, to Miss Augusta A. Beecher." Initiated January 25, 1859.


Stephen L. Garrard.  Lawyer. Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Entered Indiana Asbury in 1858. Initiated February 24, 1859. Son of Stephen Lewis Garrard and Nancy (Frazier). According to Elizabeth T. Clough's "Death Notices from the Western Citizen, Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky, 1826-1866," National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 72, died "at res. of Capt. George Moore, age 25 (12 Aug. 1864)".  Moore had married Nancy Garrard, Stephen's cousin.

Richard O. Gathright.  Lawyer, manufacturer; Louisville KY. Born January, 1843 (1900 Census). Initiated March 11, 1859. Brother of Jesse S. Gathright (DePauw 1856) and Josiah Baker Gathright (DePauw 1860). Captain, April 21, 1861 to April 20, 1865 (Unfinished Catalogue), Co. H, 4th Kentucky Cavalry. Sometime after 1870, flour manufacture, R.O. Gathright and Co., with Josiah. Married Bettie N.

Left: Captain Richard Gathright in his Confederate Army uniform.

David Harrison Beasley.  Lawyer, Urbana IL. Initiated March 11, 1859. Chapter president 1861 to June 19, 1862. Born 1839; brother of Alfred Wise Beasley (DePauw 1858). Private, then quartermaster sergeant 125th Illinois Infantry; enlisted August 14, 1862, mustered out July 29, 1865. P.O.W. in Libby Prison. Paroled and returned home to Montgomery Co., Indiana the night President Lincoln was assassinated. Married Anna Clapham. Died 1927. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Attica, Indiana.

Orion A. Bartholomew.  DAR #164: "Lawyer. A.B. 1859; A.M., 1862. Born, September 4, 1837, Belleville, Ind. Private Company A, Seventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry; first lieutenant, Seventieth Indiana Volunteer Infantry; lieutenant-colonel Fifteenth Indiana Volunteer Infantry; colonel One Hundred Ninth United States Volunteer Infantry; brevet brigadier-general; prosecuting attorney and mayor of Chariton, Ia.; president Elliott Fuel Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Brother of 254. Married, January 16, 1866, Miss Mary J. Smith, Hendricks county, Ind. Died, September 17, 1919." Initiated May 21, 1859.

Marquis Lewis Brock.  DAR #136: "A.B. 1856; A.M., 1859. Born, July 21, 183_ White County, Ind. Tutor in Indiana Asbury University, 1856 [to 1858]; instructor in Illinois Institute for Education of Deaf and Dumb, 1858-59; founded the Deaf and Dumb Institute of Arkansas, 1859 instructor, in the Pennsylvania Deaf and Dumb Institute, 1870-75; instructor in Illinois Deaf and Dumb Institute, 1875-1903. Married, 1871, Miss Elvira Gage. Died, February 23, 1903, Jacksonville, Ill." Initiated 1855 into Arcanus Decem. Initiated as graduate, June 28, 1859, when he returned to receive his master's degree.


James Cottingham McIntosh.  DAR #71: "A.B. 1849; A.M., 1852. Lawyer. Born, January 13, 1827 in Connersville, Indiana [to Joshua and Nancy McIntosh]. Married, April 28, 1851, to Miss Elizabeth W. Martindale. Died, August 27, 1878, at Connersville, Ind." Admitted to bar 1851. Initiated June 29, 1859 as a graduate. Indiana Asbury Trustee 1862-78.


William O'Brien. Lawyer. Noblesville, IN. Initiated September 23, 1859.

D.B. Floyd's History of the Seventy-Fifth Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers (1893) gives the following information: Initially Captain, 12th Indiana. Then among "the most active and prominent men, who raised the Seventy-fifth Indian Regiment" and captain of Co. D. Upon muster became lieutenant-colonel, August 20, 1862. Wounded at Chickamauga and Peachtree Creek; mustered out June 8, 1865.

F.M. Trissal's Public Men of Indiana (1922) fills in the balance. After the war, he "then engaged with his brother, James, in the law practice and was soon elected prosecuting attorney of the circuit and was also chosen as State Senator. . . . Colonel O'Brien was fast gaining popular prominence in the State when his health gave way and in 1874 he went to California in search of health but died at Santa Barbara. His widow, a daughter of the venerable and highly respected John Pontious, a woman of excellent education, returned to Noblesville with her two sons and was for more than a century a teacher in its public schools." (Page 212.)

Jason Lee Rippetoe.  DAR #222: "Teacher. A.B. 1863; A. M., 1866. Born, December 6, 1838, Vigo county, Indiana. Principal of Danville Academy, Indiana, 1863-66; superintendent public schools, Connersville, Ind., 1866-87; superintendent city schools, Trenton, Mo., 1888-1905; principal public school, Malott Park, Indianapolis, Ind., 1906-14; supervisor public school music, 1914. Second lieutenant, Civil War. Married, September 26, 1865, Miss Sarah Ellen Allen. Father of Kate A., Emma J. and Bessie L." Initiated October 1, 1859. 1860 census shows him living with Tomas B. Wood and presumably Wood's parents. Elected chapter treasurer June 19, 1862; minutes of March 6, 1863 note the appointment of another brother to fill the vacancy. CWSSS says private in the 18th Indiana Battery for two years. However, other sources show private, Co. A, 78th Indiana Infantry July 29, 1862 to October 3, 1862. It is possible he served in both units, since the latter was during summer break. His wife's three sisters married DePauw Phi Gams.

Thomas Bond Wood DAR #228: "Minister. A.B. 1863; A.M., 1866; A.B., 1864, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn.; A.M., 1867, Wesleyan University; D.D., 1901, Wesleyan University; LL.D., 1882, Indiana Asbury University. Born, March 17, 1844, Lafayette, Ind. Licensed to preach, 1863; entered New England Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1865; transferred to Northwest Indiana Conference, 1868; transferred to South America Conference, now Eastern South America Conference, as one of its founders; transferred to Western South America Conference, as one of its founders; transferred to Andes Conference, now Chile, as one of its founders; transferred to North Andes Mission Conference as one of its founders, 1910; teacher of natural sciences and German, Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass., 1864-67; president Valparaiso College, Ind., 1867-69; missionary in Argentina, stationed at Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, working in English, Spanish, and German, meeting hostility from the Catholic clergy; founded lodges of Good Templars, the firs founded a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the first in South America; acting American Consul, 1872; consul for Rosario and its dependencies, 1873-77; chairman Board of Examiners of city schools, Rosario, 1874-77; member of city government, 1875; admitted to the practice of law in the Argentine Federal Court, 1875; professor of Physics and Astronomy in Rosario National College, 1875-77; chairman Provential School Council, Rosario, 1876-77; missionary Montevideo, Uruguay, 1877-81; superintendent of all work in South America under the Board of Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1879-87; founder and editor of "El Evangelista," the first Spanish evangelical weekly in the world, 1877-87; author and publisher of "Breves Informaciones," a handbook on Methodism; joint editor of The first Spanish hymn and tune book in South America; delegate to Methodist Ecumenical Conference, London, 1881; visited Mexico for comparative study with South America, 1882; visited United States, 1882; returned to South America with re-enforcement, 1883; founder and editor of the Sunday school weekly in Spanish; interviewed Emperor of Brazil, 1884; founded successful mission work in Brazil and Paraguay, 1885; founded school in Colonia Valdense, Uruguay, 1888-91; founded preachers' training school at Buenos Aires, Argentina; superintendent Methodist Episcopal Missions in northwestern parts of South America; assistant founder mission High School, Peru, 1893; delegate to World's Congress of Missions at Chicago, 1893; founded Technical School of Commerce, Lima, 1899; president of same; special commissioner of Ecuador, 1899; visited Isthmus of Panama and founded Methodist Episcopal Church, English and Spanish, 1903-06; government chaplain, Canal Zone, 1905-06; founded preachers' training school, Lima, and president of same, 1906; published song book for day schools, 1909; edited revised version of "Luke's Gospel," in the Spanish and Quichua languages, 1912; returned to United States on furlough for one year, 1913; retired on account of failing health; took part in World's Bible Congress, 1915; member of American Association for Advancement of Science, 1894; of Scientific Congress of Latin America, 1901; of National Geographical Society, Lima, Peru; of National Temperance Association, Lima; of Commission on Christian Work in Latin America, Panama, 1916. Married, July 23, 1367, Miss Ellen Dow, Westfield, Mass. Father of 1843, 1859 and M-52." Initiated October 8, 1859 while a freshman. Chapter president June 19, 1862 to June 25th, 1863.


Leander Lee Welker.  Minister. Putnamville IN. Initiated October 21, 1859 while a freshman. Minute of September 24, 1864, "News of Leander Welker's death brought forward . . . ." Born June 19, 1838 to Amos Washington Welker and Susan Ellen Peck. Married Hattie Almira Smith, 1864. Died September 13, 1864, Worthington, Indiana, where he was a Methodist minister. Interred Old Bethel Cemetery, Putnam County, Indiana.


James W. Armstrong.  Lawyer; Farmer. DAR #194: "B.S. 1861. Died, June 21, 1901, Indianapolis, Ind." Captain, US Army. Initiated October 28, 1859. Chapter treasurer June 26, 1860 to 1861.


Eli Foster Ritter.  DAR #223: "Lawyer. A.B. 1863; A.M., 1866; LL.B., 1866, Indianapolis Law School. Born, 1838, Hendricks county, Indiana [son of James Ritter and Rachael Jessup]. Captain Indiana Volunteer Infantry; commissioned colonel of First Veteran Regiment in the Indiana State Militia. Married, July 13, 1865, Miss Narcie L. Lockwood. Father of 1137, 1382, 1460, 1681, 1904, and Hermon. Died, December 11. 1913, Indianapolis, Ind." Initiated October 28, 1859. Departed school April 1861 with the Asbury Guards, enlisting in (depending on the source) the 14th or 16th Indiana Infantry, and later becoming captain, Co. K, 79th Indiana. President of 1872 and 1878 conventions in Indianapolis. Prohibition Party National Chairman, 1885. DePauw Trustee 1888-93.

Ritter's nephew Ben W. Ritter (1879) joined Phi Gamma Delta.  His daughter Mary wed Charles A. Beard (1898).


Green Millsaps.  Minister. Born 1842 to William Webster Millsaps and Mary Wright. Pleasant Valley, Copiah Co. MS. Entered college in 1858. A number of relatives also attended Indiana Asbury, three of whom joined Beta Theta Pi in the early 1850s, including cousin Reuben Webster Millsaps. Millsaps College, Jackson MS, is named for Reuben. Initiated December 16, 1859. Minutes of December 17, 1860 notes "Bro. Millsaps desired to meet once more with Delta before he bid his final farewell to Asbury." No doubt his parents had called him back to Mississippi as the secession crisis deepened; South Carolina seceded on December 20. Minutes of January 10 state that evening, "[T]he entire chapter accompanied Bro. Millsaps to the N.& S. R.R. Depot." Died 1866; minute of March 9, 1866 notes committee to draft resolutions on his passing. CWSSS says private, Co. D, 12th Mississippi Infantry.  Co. D was raised in Copiah Co.


Orlando Jay Smith.  DAR #217: "Editor and Publisher. B.S. 1862, A.M., pro honore, 1876. Born, June 14, 1842, near Terre Haute, Ind. Sergeant, "Asbury Guards," Sixteenth Indiana Volunteers; lieutenant, captain and major, Sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Cavalry, 1862-65; founder of Terre Haute "Gazette" and Terre Haute "Mail"; editor Terre Haute "Express"; editor Chicago "Express"; author of "A Short View of Great Questions" and "The Coming Democracy," "Eternalism," "Balance" and "The Agreement Between Science and Religion"; founder of the American Press Association."  Initiated March 22, 1860.

Left: Smith in his Union Army uniform; note badge on necktie. From The Photographic History of the Civil War.


Enoch G. Cox.  DAR #230: "Railroad Employee. A.B. 1864; A.M., 1867. Born, December 4, 1842, Carroll county, Indiana. With Engineer Corps, United States Army, Department of the Cumberland, three years; editor of the Delphi "Journal," five years; railway storekeeper for the Pennsylvania Company. Married, 1870, Miss Winnie Jones. Died, January 14, 1902, Fort Wayne, Ind." Initiated May 3, 1860 while a freshman, although elected October 1, 1859. Chapter president June 25, 1863 to June 30, 1864. Legate at Tau Chapter, Hanover College, February 5, 1864.

John Clark Ridpath.  DAR #221: "Teacher. A. B. 1863; A. M., 1866; LL. D., 1880, Syracuse University. Born, April 26, 1840, Putnam county, Indiana. Professor of languages, Thorntown Academy, 1863-64; principal of same, 1864-66; professor-elect of languages, Baker University, Kansas. 1866; superintendent public schools, Lawrenceburg, Ind., 1866-69; professor of English Literature and Normal Instruction in Indiana Asbury University, 1869-71; professor of Belles Lettres and History in same, 1871-79; vice-president same, 1879; vice-president and professor of History and Political Philosophy same, 1882-85; editor of "The Arena Magazine," Boston, Mass., 1897-98; authorship as follows: an "Academic History of the United States," 1874-75; a "Grammar School History," 1876; a "Popular History of the United States," 1877; an "Inductive Grammar of the English Language," 1879; "Life and Work of Garfield," 1881; a "Cyclopedia of Universal History" (four vols.), 1880-85; a "Life and Work of W. C. DePauw" (unpublished), 1888; "Great Races of Mankind" (four vols.), 1884-94; "Christopher Columbus; the Epoch, the Man and the Work" (unpublished), 1892; "Life and Work of James G. Blaine," 1893; "Columbus and Columbia," 1893; "Famous Paintings of the World," 1894; "Life and Memoirs of Bishop William Taylor," 1894-95; "Napoleon Bonaparte," 1895; associate editor of "People's Cyclopedia," 1879-95; Monographs as follows: "Alexander Hamilton," 1880; "Trial of Guitteau," 1882; "Epoch of Integration," 1883; "History and Historical Study," 1885; "Beyond the Sierras," 1888; "The True Evolution," 1889; "The Citizen Soldier," 1890; "The Man in History," 1892; "The Suppression of the Intellectual Life," 1892; "The Bond and the Dollar," 1896; "Notable Events of the Nineteenth Century," 1896; a series of Reform Pamphlets, 1897-98; "A Working University in the Home Reference Library, "1897-98; "Library of Universal Literature" (25 vols.), 1898; "James Otis; a Patriotic Character Study," 1898; "A Brief Chronological History of All Nations"; a supplement to Webster's International Dictionary; many magazine articles, poems and lectures. Brother of 267, 348, 649, 707. Married, December 21, 1862, Miss Hannah Roxana Smythe, Greencastle, Ind. [Sister of Gonzalvo C. Smythe, initiated as a graduate in 1870.] Father of 821, 949, 1136, 1645 and William W. Died, July 31, 1900, Presbyterian Hospital, New York City; buried, Forest Hill Cemetery, Greencastle, Ind." Initiated May 14, 1860. DePauw Trustee 1898-1900.

William Oran [or Orrin] Wyant.  DAR #242: "Minister. A.B. 1865. Born, September 10, 1837, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Professor of Mathematics, Thorntown Academy, Indiana; principal of same; entered Northwest Indiana Conference and appointed to Delphi, Ind., 1865; specialist in Oriental languages. Married, June 21, 1863, Miss Sophronia Lee. Died, January 26, 1868, Delphi, Ind." Initiated June 7, 1860. Chapter president June 26, 1860 to 1861.


Patterson McNutt.  DAR #132: "A.B. 1855; A.M., 1858; D.D., 1880, Illinois Wesleyan University. Born, August 27, 1833, Switzerland county, Ind. Principal, Danville Seminary, 1855-58; entered the Illinois Conference, 1858; professor Illinois Wesleyan University, 1858-59; principal of the Georgetown Seminary, 1859-62; captain in the Seventy-third Regiment, Illinois Infantry Volunteers, 1862-63; president Marshall College, Illinois, 1864-68; president Baker University, Kans., 1869-70; professor of mathematics, Indiana Asbury University, 1882-83; transferred to St. Louis Conference and stationed at Warrensburg, Mo. 1883; pastor Del Norte, Colo., 1885. Married, November 27, 1855, Miss Louisa Slavens [older sister of Luther C. and James W.L. Slavens; the latter married Patterson's younger sister Martha in 1859]. Died, February 9, 1886, Del Norte, Colo." Initiated 1854 into Arcanus Decem. Initiated as a graduate, June 26, 1860.


William H. Barnes.  DAR #113: "A.B. 1854; A.M. 1857. Lawyer. Professor in Baldwin University, Berea [OH]; professor in Jacksonville Female College [IL]. president Whitewater College, Centerville, Ind.; author of "The Body Politic," [1866] "History of the Thirty-Ninth Congress," [1868], "Cyclopedia of the American Government," [1876] etc. Married Miss Sarah Adams. Died, 1879, in Washington, D.C." Born October 14, 1832, Groveland NY. Initiated as a graduate, June 26, 1860. University Board of Visitors 1863. Poet at public exercises of the Fraternity's 25th anniversary convention, 1873.

Charles Roehl.  DAR #232: "Lawyer. A.B. 1864; A.M., 1867. Born, May 28, 1839, Eberfield, Prussia. Superintendent of public schools, Connersville, 1865-67; mayor of Connersville, 1880-84; city attorney, 1884-89. Married, April 2, 1867, Miss Kate D. Chenoweth. Father of 1301. Died, September 2, 1880." Initiated October 11, 1860. Chapter secretary from at least October 31, 1862 (there being no minutes since June 19) to June 23, 1863.

James H. Ruddell.  DAR #224: "Lawyer. B.S. 1863. Member of the Indiana Legislature; lieutenant in Indiana Volunteer Infantry." Initiated December 7, 1860 as a junior (this suggests he left school to join the Army and was given a degree while serving). Chapter treasurer March 6, 1863 to June 25, 1863; minute of March 6, "In the absence of the regular [treasurer], Bro. Ruddell was appointed to perform the duties of that officer." Secretary of 1863 convention in Pittsburgh. Presided over closing banquet of 1872 convention.


George Washington John.  Professor, minister. Catawissa PA. Initiated January 17, 1862 shortly after becoming professor of modern languages at Indiana Asbury. Elected chapter secretary June 19, 1862, but the minutes are blank from that date until October 31 1862. According to History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5, he was captain of Co. H, 132nd Pennsylvania, from August 16, 1862 until he resigned December 9, 1862. Minute of June 28, 1864, "The Chapter convened this morning to commune over the intelligence of Bro John's death." 1878 catalogue does not note him as deceased. 1895 catalogue says died 1879.

Lafayette Joseph.  DAR #238: "Lawyer. A.B. 1865; A.M., 1868; LL.B., Louisville Law School. Born, May 4, 1842, Napoleon, Ky. Prosecuting attorney, Louisville, 1872-74; president Board of Councilmen, Louisville, 1879-84. Married, December 23, 1873, Miss Julia Heinsheimer. Died, May 28, 1901, Louisville, Ky." Initiated April 25, 1862 as a freshman. Assisted at the installation of Tau Chapter, Hanover College, February 5, 1864. Chapter president June 30, 1864 to September 28, 1865.


Walter H. Armstrong.  DAR #229: "Lawyer. A.B. 1864; A.M., 1867. Died, 1870, New Orleans, La." Initiated November 7, 1862.  Chapter treasurer June 25, 1863 to June 30, 1864. Assisted at the installation of Tau Chapter, Hanover College, February 5, 1864.


Daniel W. English.  DAR #247: "Minister. A.B. 1866; A.M., 1869; D.D., 1896, Chaddock College. Born, November 22, 1837, Marshall, Ill. Minister in the Illinois Conference, 1866-94; presiding elder, Bloomington District, 1884-87; presiding elder Quincy District, 1894; pastor, Mattoon, Ill. Married, January 1, 1867, Miss Winnie F. Minear." Initiated November 22, 1862. Chapter treasurer June 30, 1864 to September 28, 1865, when elected chapter president. Apparently reelected chapter president June, 1866 (although not explicitly noted in the minutes) but September 13, 1866 minutes state "having signified his intention to be absent during the year, it became our duty to elect another." Legate for Alpha Deuteron Chapter at Illinois Wesleyan, December 4, 1866. Legate installing Gamma Deuteron Chapter at Knox College, 1867. Retired 1905 to Paris IL. Died September 22, 1912 in Bloomington IL. Buried in Paris, IL. Obituary The Phi Gamma Delta, March 1913, pp.578-9.


George W. Griffin.  DAR #231: "Greencastle, Ind. A.B. 1864; A.M., 1867. Minister and Teacher. Born, January 28, 1840, in Knightstown, Indiana. 1869-74, attorney in St. Louis; 1875-83, in the United States mail service; 1884, engaged in the manufacture of casket hardware, with Cincinnati Coffin Company. Married, June 29, 1867, to Miss Flora Russell, of Cincinnati, Ohio." Initiated December 3, 1862. Chapter secretary June 25, 1863 to June 30, 1864. Assisted at the installation of Tau Chapter, Hanover College, February 5, 1864. Died June 18, 1910 (1925 catalogue).


Henry Clay Waltz.  DAR #252: "Minister. A.B. 1866; A.M., 1869. Born, June 6, 1843, Germantown, Ind. Visited Europe, 1866-68; lectured in the principal cities of Indiana, 1868-69; entered the North Indiana Conference, 1869; transferred to Colorado Conference, 1871; appointments: Cheyenne, Laramie, Golden and Pueblo. Married, September 22, 1870, Miss Helen F. Carrott. Died, May 11, 1877. Quincy, Ill." Initiated March 13, 1863. Chapter treasurer September 28, 1865 to June, 1866.


McGrada Clay Waynick.  DAR #273: "Minister. A.B. 1867; A.M., 1870. Born, 1844, Putnamville, Ind. Studied law and admitted to the bar, 1868; entered the Des Moines Conference; appointments: Sidney, Shenandoah, Denison, Malvern, Stuart, Allerton, Freemont City, Afton and Woodbine; missionary to Utah and stationed at Salt Lake City, 1891. Married, April 12, 1868, Miss M. A. Kimble. Died, August 14, 1917." Initiated May 29, 1863 while in the second prep class. Chapter secretary April 21, 1864 to reelection September 28, 1865; served until June 1866.


Oliver Stout Hawkins.  DAR #261: "Lawyer. A. B. 1867; A. M., 1870. Born, 1846, in Indiana. Died, 1873, Baxter Springs, Kan." Initiated June 22, 1863. Elected chapter treasurer June, 1866; elected chapter president September 13, 1866 to fill a vacancy.


James L. Ford.  Lafayette IN. Born 1845 in Indiana, son of Rudolph and Sarah A. Ford. Initiated June 22, 1863. Private and Sergeant, Co. D, 135th Indiana Infantry, May 23, 1864 to September 29, 1864. Chapter secretary September 24, 1864 to April 21, 1864. Minutes of that date: "Bro Jim Ford having left college not to return McG. C. Waynick was elected to fill the vacancy." Transferred to Jefferson College, class of 1866, joining Alpha Chapter, and corresponding widely with brothers in the wake of the Civil War. Reference The History of Phi Gamma Delta, Tomos Beta. Did not graduate from either school. 1870 census shows him as a bookseller in Lafayette.

Left: Ford as pictured in The History of Phi Gamma Delta, Tomos Beta (1926)


George P. Heath.  Lafayette IN. Initiated June 22, 1863.


Gillum Ridpath.  DAR #267: "Teacher. A.B. 1867; A.M., 1870. Born, August 7, 1842, Putnam county, Ind. Superintendent of city schools, Greencastle, 1867-68; principal high school, Anderson, 1868-69; principal high school, Martinsville, 1869-70; superintendent public schools, Zionsville, 1870-71; professor of mathematics, Tullahoma Collegiate Institute, Tullahoma, Tenn., 1877-78; principal of schols, Scotts-burg, 1878-79; professor of science, Jennings Seminary, Aurora, Ill., 1880-81; author of a "History of Putnam County, Indiana," 1879. Brother of 221, 348, 649 and 707. Married, November 11, 1877, Miss Elizabeth Lupher, Tullahoma, Tenn., who died, May 29, 1893. Father of Wilbur F." Initiated June 22, 1863.


Charles W. Smith.  DAR #269: "Lawyer, 119 E. Pratt St., Indianapolis, Ind. A.B. 1867; A.M., 1870; Phi Beta Kappa. Born, February 3, 1846, Hendricks county, Ind. Engaged in practice of law, 1867; private, sergeant major, second lieutenant, first lieutenant and adjutant, Civil War. Brother of 268. Married, October 12, 1869, Miss Mary E. Preston, Greencastle, Ind. Father of 1097, 1295, 1393, and Kate S." Initiated November 27, 1863 as a freshman. Elected chapter secretary June 30, 1864, but entered the military prior to school's resumption that fall and thus did not serve. Resigned from Army October, 1865 and resumed college. Elected Plato Literary Society's president, October 1866. See biography in 1898 Chapter Rolls and Directory. DePauw Trustee 1896-99, 1904-08.


Anthony Rollins Burnam.  Lawyer, Richmond KY. Born October 10, 1846, son of Curtis Field Burnam. Initiated March 5, 1864. Admitted to bar 1869. Mayor, Richmond KY. Appointed during Harrison administration as collector of internal revenue in Kentucky. Elected 1897 to Kentucky Court of Appeals. State Senator, Kentucky, 1907-1911. Republican National Convention and National Committee, 1908. President, Madison National Bank of Richmond. Trustee, Madison Female Academy. Married Margaret Sommers 1874; eight children. Died 1919. Namesake of Burnam Hall at Eastern Kentucky University (dedicated 1920).


John Wesley Culley.  DAR #258: "Physician. A. B. 1867; A. M., 1870; M. D., 1873, University of Michigan. Married, 1867, Miss Lizzie Kimble. Died, March 22, 1907, Salt Lake City, Utah." Initiated March 5, 1864. Elected chapter secretary January 19, 1867. Private, 133rd Indiana Infantry. "Supt. Public Schools Greensburg."


James Milton Davis.  DAR #278: "Lawyer. A.B. 1868; A.M., 1871. Born, September 11, 1844, Orchard Grove, Ind. Professor of Greek and mathematics in Valparaiso College, 1866-67; tutor in the Indiana Asbury University, 1868-69; justice of the peace in Kalamazoo county, Mich., 1872-84; commissioner of Kalamazoo county, 1876; United States Commissioner for the Western District of Michigan, 1883; judge of the Probate Court, Kalamazoo county, Mich., 1889; member of the House of Representatives for the Michigan State Legislature, from Second District, Kalamazoo county, and member of the Advisory Council of the Republican State League of Michigan, 1899-1900. Married, March 22, 1867, Miss Estella Eldred, Climax, Mich. Died, January 18, 1913, Irvington, Ala." Initiated April 18, 1864 as a freshman.


Weller Butler Smith.  DAR #295: "Lawyer. A.B. 1868; A.M., 1871. Born, March 29, 1844, Reiley, 0. Member of the Indiana Legislature, 1872-73. Married, June 25, 1868, Miss Theresa H. Voss, Indianapolis, Ind. Died, January 2, 1904, San Francisco, Cal." Initiated October 28, 1864. Elected chapter treasurer September 13, 1866 to fill vacancy. Resigned office February 16, 1867.


James Crooks Hall.  Baldwin, Kansas. Initiated November 18, 1864 as a sophomore. Legate installing Phi Chapter at Baker University, 1865. Served as their first president as recorded in the Grand Chapter minutes. Graduated from Baker University in 1866. The following is from the Alumni Record of Baker University (1917), page 65:
A.B.; A.M., 1869; D.D., 1886. Organized first public schools in Harrisonville, Cass County, Mo., 1867; with Professor Trumball, organized and taught in Public Schools, Pleasant Hill, Mo., 1868-71; President of Lewis College, Glasgow, Mo., 1871-84; Minister M.E. Church, 1872-1914; without appointment, 1884-85; Supernumerary, 1885-86; El Dorado, 1886-91; Great Bend, 1891-95; Hutchinson, 1895-1900; Wellington, 1900-06; Lyons, 1906-12; Medicine Lodge 1912-14; Retired, 1914. Delegate to General Conference, M.E. Church, 1892. Member of Ecumenical Methodist Conference, 1911. Born Bolton, Lancashire, England, Oct. 18, 1839. Married Olive Kezia Willey, No. 3 [referring to her being the third gradaute of Baker], Sept. 25, 1867. Died July 5, 1914, burial at Wellington. Children: Lalage, July 15, 1875; Olivia Lydia, Nov. 18, 1887.

William Franklin Bartholomew.  DAR #254: "Minister, Ceres, Cal. B.S. 1867. Born, August 11, 1845, Danville, Ind. Entered the Northwest Indiana Conference, 1869; transferred to Des Moines Conference, Iowa, 1872; pastor of the Des Moines Conference, 1872-1902; superannuated, 1908. Brother of 164. Married, April 9, 1872. Miss Elizabeth B. Stephens, Valparaiso, Ind. Father of Katharine, Edna, Lee, Laura and Bruce." Initiated April 29, 1865.


Samuel Reese Hiett.  DAR #262: "Lawyer. B.S. 1867, LL.B., 1869, Indianapolis Law School. Born, January 4, 1843, Sugar Grove, Ind. Attorney-at-law, 1869-71. Married, December 23, 1870, Miss Mary E. Heath. Died, March 31, 1872, LaFayette, Ind."Initiated June 3, 1865. Elected chapter secretary June 1866; resigned office January 19, 1867. Vice president of 1866 Fraternity convention. 1895 catalogue says died at Baxter Springs KS.


William Johnston.  DAR #248. B.S. 1866. Lawyer, Valparaiso IN. Son of Jesse Johnston and Rebecca Pickett. Initiated September 30, 1865. Goodspeed's history of Porter County says he attended "Valparaiso Male and Female College four years, and finishing his literary education in 1866 by graduating from Asbury University . . . ." Practiced law in Valpariso, then Chesterton, then in 1868-69 back to Valpariso. Married 1866 Belle Hopkins (died 1870); married 1878 Almira Hankinson.

James Berry Sargent.  DAR #319: "Business. A.B. 1869; A.M., 1872. Born, December 28, 1844. Trustee Illinois Wesleyan University; vice-president Board of Education, Spokane, Wash., .1891-93; secretary of same, 1893-98. Married, September 1, 1869, Miss Florence Clay Farrow. Died, June, 1915, St. Marie's, Idaho." Initiated November 10, 1865 as a freshman. [Chapter officer (1878 catalogue).]


Allen Robinson Julian.  DAR #370: "Minister. A.B. 1871; A.M., 1874. Born, May 4, 1848, in New Harmony, Ind. Superintendent Clay county schools; entered Indiana Conference, 1877; transferred to West Nebraska Conference, 1889; member of Northwest Nebraska, Conference; presiding elder of Chadron District. Married, September 4, 1871, Miss Lou C. McAuley. Died, April 4, 1913." Initiated November 18, 1865.

Louis Nahm.  DAR #316: "Lawyer. A.B. 1869; A.M., 1872. Born, November 7, 1849, Winchester, Clark county, Ky. Attorney-at-law, Louisville, 1871-77; same St. Louis, 1880-82; returned to Louisville, 1882; general agent, New York Life Insurance Company; general agent Equitable Life Insurance Company, St. Louis, 1885; attorney-at-law, St. Louis, 1890; general agent New York Life Insurance Company, St. Louis, 1898?. Died, at Louisville, Ky." Initiated March 2, 1866. [Chapter officer (1878 catalogue).]

William Francis Black.  DAR #276: "Minister and Teacher. A.B. 1868; A.M., 1871. Born, December 15, 1840, Moorfield, Ky. President Butler University; trustee of Butler University, nine years; pastor of Central Christian Church, Chicago. Married, 1860, Miss Lizzie L. Webster. Died, January 12, 1908, Chicago." Initiated March 30, 1866 as a senior.


Simpson Farrow Lockridge.  DAR #286: "Farmer and Stock Raiser, Greencastle, Ind. A.B. 1868; A.M., 1871. Born, January 23, 1846, Putnam county, Ind. Secretary of American Association of Breeders Shorthorn Cattle of the United States and Province of Canada, eight years; member of Indiana Senate Fifty-second and Fifty-third General Assemblies." Initiated May 11, 1866 as a sophomore. [Chapter officer (1878 catalogue).]

His cousin Andrew L. Lockridge (1884) joined Phi Gamma Delta.


James Finley Carrott.  DAR #307: "Lawyer. A.B. 1869; A.M., LL.B., 1872, Harvard Law School. Born, July 15, 1846, Quincy, Ill. Married, June 3, 1877, Miss Susan C. Culbertson, Bedford, Ind. Died, December 23, 1903." Initiated May 11, 1866 as a freshman.[Chapter officer (1878 catalogue).]


William Benson Rippetoe.  Minister. Born 1840 in Sanford IL. April 14, 1861 enlisted with Asbury Guards, Co. I, 16thIndiana Infantry.  Discharged after 13 months. Helped raise the 18th Indiana Battery, commissioned second lieutenant.  Discharged as first lieutenant, July 3, 1865.  Initiated June, 1866. Elected chapter treasurer February 16, 1867. Circuit rider in TN. Married December 21, 1871 to Mary Anne Hudson. Returned to Indiana 1901. Died 1932; buried Highland Cemetery, Vigo County.


Albert G. Smith.  Connersville IN. Initiated June 1866. Reelsville IN (1878 catalogue); farmer (1895 catalogue).


John A. Reubelt.  Born 1819 in Germany. Emigrated 1840. Professor of Latin and University Librarian, Indiana Asbury U. 1863-69. Initiated June, 1866. Professor of Modern Languages, Indiana University, 1869-1870. Johnson's 1912 A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians says "a native of Alsace .... graduated from the University of Berlin with the degree of D.D. .... located in Philadelphia, near where he taught school for a time, then taught for a time at Kingston College, Pennsylvania, and then became professor of languages at Fayette College, Fayette, Missouri. Later he went to a college at Selma, Alabama, thence to De Pauw College at Greencastle, Indiana and last of all to the Indiana State University at Bloomington, Indiana, where his active work as a teacher ceased. His last home was at Henderson, Kentucky, and after retiring from teaching he devoted his time to writing. He died at Henderson in 1906, in his eighty-fifth year." 
Wylie's Indiana University: A history from 1820, when founded, to 1890, says "....born February 22, 1819, in a village of Franconia in Germany.... in or about 1858 he received the honorary degree of A. M. from Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., and sometime afterwards the degree D. D. from Baldwin University, Ohio. Nearly all the time since his arrival in America, he has been engaged in teaching.... In 1870 he removed to Henderson, Ky., where he was for some years Principal of a classical school. Dr.Reubelt has written much for various quarterlies and monthlies, and other periodicals. He translated Gess' "Person of Christ," published at Andover, 1870, and translated into German "Greeley's Great Conflict," and in the same language edited a "Manual of Natural History," and published many other smaller works and tracts in both languages. Dr. Reubelt is now (1889) Principal of an academy at Ghent, Ky."
Married Lavinia Orwig. Father of Henry N. Reubelt, and presumably Augustus Reubelt. There is a different John A. Reubelt who overlaps in time, place, and profession with this one, and it is unclear how they are related, perhaps cousins.


Solomon Claypool.  Born August 17, 1829 to Wilson Claypool and Sarah Evans, Fountain County IN. A.B. 1851, Wabash College. Admitted in Terre Haute to practice law. Married Hannah M. Osborn, September 1855 in Terre Haute. State representative 1856, Indiana. Circuit court judge, Vigo County in late 1850s and early 1860s. Later an attorney in Greencastle. Initiated June 1866 as a graduate. Began law practice in Indianapolis, 1873. US District Attorney for Indianapolis, 1889-93 (1895 catalogue). Probably related to Marcus Claypool (DePauw 1872). Married Hannah M. Died March 19, 1898. Source: Dunn, Indiana and Indianians, v.III (1916) pp.1233-4.


George Lewis Curtiss.  Minister. Madison IN. Attended Baldwin U. M.D., Medical College of Indiana. Initiated June 1866 as a graduate. Professor of Math, Moores Hill College; Professor of Physiology, Medical College of Indiana; DePauw Board of Visitors 1866, 1872, 1874; DePauw Trustee 1875-88; D.D. DePauw 1887; DePauw Professor Historical Theology and Faculty Treasurer 1887-94; Secretary, DePauw Trustees 1895-98; Methodist pastor. Shelbyville IN (1878 catalogue).


Thomas Mears Eddy.  Minister, editor. Chicago IL. Born September 7, 1823, son of Augustus Eddy. Circuit preacher 1842-1853. Asbury Board of Visitors 1852. Editor, Northwestern Christian Advocate 1856-1868. Initiated June 27, 1866 as a graduate. Minister in Baltimore and Washington DC. 1872 General Conference appointed him as a missionary secretary. D.D. Author, The Patriotism of Illinois (1866). Married Anna White. Delivered public keynote at Phi Gamma Delta's 1873 Convention in New York. Died October 7, 1874 in New York City.


Asbury Fisk Bruce.  Montezuma IN. Initiated October 5, 1866.


George B. Baskerville.  Minister. Somerville TN. Private, March 1863 to May 11, 1865 (1895 Catalogue). Co. E, 12th Tennessee (Green's) Cavalry (Roster p. 428). Initiated November 6, 1866.


Joseph Anthony Potter.  Minister. Delphi IN. Initiated November 7, 1866. US Army chaplain; at Presidio, San Francisco, 1898. Homer IA (1878 catalogue). Sioux City IA (1895 catalogue).


John Wesley Beasley.  DAR #255: "Lawyer. A.B. 1867; A.M., 1870. Born, May 22, 1845, in Indiana. Married, November 20, 1877, Miss Kate McGinley. Died, September" 1890; drowned in Lake Erie.Initiated February 22, 1867.


William Edward Ricketts.  Waldron IN. Initiated March 9, 1867.

Edward E. Eggleston.  Minister, novelist. Chicago IL. Born Vevay IN, December 10, 1837. Circuit preacher, but only occasionally due to ill health. Editor, Little Corporal 1866. Editor,National Sunday School Teacher, 1867-70. Initiated March 22, 1867 as a graduate. Editor,Hearth and Home 1871-1882. Author of The Hoosier Schoolmaster (1871) and other works. Died September 2, 1902.


John G. Chafee.  Minister. Initiated June 25, 1867 as a graduate. Indiana Asbury Board of Visitors 1866, 1881. D.D. DePauw 1887. Mapleton IN (1895 catalogue).


William Henry Slavens.  Lawyer. Rockville IN. born in Putnam County, Ind., August 1, 1849, son of Reuben and Martha F. Slavens; first cousin once removed to John, James, and Luther Slavens (see above); brother of John H. Slavens (1873). Initiated October 27, 1867. Taught one term, winter 1866-67, Wright County, Iowa. Moved from Indiana to Kansas in fall of 1868. Married to Mary O. Jones on April 28, 1872, Neosho Falls, KS. "He edited and published the Neosho Falls Advertiser from 1870 until 1873. Has engaged in the practice of law ever since 1870. In 1874, he was elected County Attorney of Woodson County, and served two years; then resigned and moved to Humboldt, Allen County, and in 1878 was elected County Attorney of Allen County. Moved to Iola, the county seat, and remained until the fall of 1880, when he purchased the Yates Center News, which he edited and published until the spring of 1882."  Kansas State Legislature 1884-86 representing Woodson Co. Moved to Kansas City, Kansas; died 1897. Source: Cutler, William G. History of the State of Kansas (Chicago: A. T. Andreas, 1883).


George William Burton.  DAR #356: "Lawyer and Surveyor. A.B. 1871; A.M., 1874. Born, Dec. 26, 1847, in Stinesville, Monroe county, Ind. United States Deputy Surveyor, 1872-76; attorney-at-law at Wahoo, Neb., 1875-80; lawyer, banker and farmer, Orleans, Neb., 1880- 1900; elected delegate to the Republican National Convention, 1884; travelled in Europe, 1885-86; chairman State Central Committee, 1887; state senator, 1888. Married, November 26, 1885, Miss Alma Holman. (See 547). Died, October 4, 1900; buried at Orleans, Neb." Enlisted at 16 as private, Co. G, 138th Illinois infantry, June 21- Oct. 14, 1864; and Co. A, 156th Illinois Infantry, Feb. 24- Sept. 20, 1865. Initiated December 17, 1867. Wife was professor of modern languages at DePauw, 1882-1885. Legate installing the Mu Deuteron Chapter at the University of Iowa, 1873.


Lewis Wallace.  Crawfordsville IN. Born April 10, 1827, Brookville IN. Attended Wabash College. Initiated by Lambda Chapter as a graduate, January 10, 1868. Fought in Mexican War. State senate 1857-59. Adjutant general of Indiana 1861. April 1861 Colonel, 11th Indiana; in West Virginia. September 3, 1861 appointed brigadier general, Fort Donelson. March 21, 1862 promoted major general; commanded 3rd Division at Shiloh. Commander of 8th Corps at Baltimore. Delayed General J. A. Early at Monocacy, saving Washington from capture. Member of the military commission which tried the Lincoln conspirators; president of court-martial of Henry Wirtz (Andersonville commandant). US Congress candidate 1870. Territorial Governor 1878-1881, New Mexico Territory; US Minister to Turkey 1881-85.Author, The Prince of India and Ben Hur. US Senate candidate 1897. Archon President of Phi Gamma Delta from 1898 to 1900.


Thomas Jeff(erson) Groves.  Dance, IN (1878 catalogue). Farmer, Dana IN (1895 catalogue).


James Howell Pyke.  DAR #404: "Minister and Missionary, Peking, China. A.B. 1872; A.M., 1875; D.D., Willamette, 1901; D. D., DePauw, 1919. Born, July 9, 1845, in Glenwood, Rush county, Indiana. Entered the North Indiana Conference, 1872; appointed to Tipton; missionary to China, Peking and Tientsin, 1873-81; in the United States, 1882; returned to China, 1883; appointments: Asbury Church, Peking, 1883; principal of academy and pastor of church, Peking, 1884-86; superintendent, Tsunhua District, 1886-88; superintendent, Lanhsien District, 1888-91; in America, 1892; returned to China, 1893; superintendent, Lanhsien and Shanhai Kuan District, 1893-1901; in America, 1901; returned to China, 1902; superintendent, Tsunhua District, 1902-04; missionary in charge, Lanhsien and Shanghai Kuan Districts, 1905-06; in America, 1906-07; returned to China, 1907; superintendent, Peking District, 1907-08; Peking City Evangelist and Missionary in charge, Lanhsien and Shanhai Kuan Districts, 1909; Tientsin City and Lanhsien Districts, 1910-17; in America, 1917-18; returned to China, 1918; superintendent Tientsin District, 1918-19; retired, 1920. Married, October 7, 1873, Miss Annabel Goodrich, at Tipton, Ind. Father of 1801, 2022, 2224, 2444, and Ethel and Arthur." Initiated February 14, 1868.

Charles Douglas Jones.  DAR #369: "Lawyer. A.B. 1871; A.M., 1874. Born, August 9, 1848, in Covington, Ind. Superintendent public schools of Williamsport, Ind., 1871-73; prosecuting attorney Twenty-third Judicial Circuit of Indiana, 1875-77; removed to Kansas, 1885; lay delegate from Northwest Kansas Conference to General Conference in 1888 ; member of Board of Trustees, Kansas Wesleyan University; Colonel of Kansas Division, S. V. in Civil War ["Sons of Veterans"]. Brother of 560. Married, October 27, 1871, Miss Lucy Reed." Initiated May 8, 1868.


Francis Asbury Friedley.  DAR #364: "Teacher. A.B. 1871; A.M., 1874. Born, December 15, 1845, in Harrison county, Ind. Grand worthy chief templar, Good Templars of Indiana, 1876-79; president of DePauw College for Young Women, New Albany, 1880-84. Married, November 2, 1876, Miss Mary C. Sample. Died, January 16, 1913." Initiated June 10, 1868. Legate to install Zeta Chapter at Indiana University, 1871.


Augustus Orwig Reubelt.  Initiated June 13, 1868. A.B. and A.M. from Indiana University. Wylie's Indiana University: its history from 1820, when founded, to 1890: "Born July 15, 1849, at Orwigsburgh, Pennsylvania, Residence, Winamac, Pulaski County, Indiana. Educated at Orwigsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Trenton, Tennessee, and Greencastle, Indiana. Degrees, A. B. and A.M. Occupation and position, teacher; Professor of Mathematics and German, Ghent College, Kentucky; Superintendent of Public Schools at Lebanon, Vevay, Winamac, and Corydon in Kentucky. Private in Co. I, 43d Regiment, Indiana Volunteers. Elder in Christian Church. Mr. Reubelt married Miss Jennie Warner, of Brazil, Indiana, December 29, 1875." Presumably a son of John A. Reubelt and brother of Henry N. Reubelt. 


Charles Gideon Bowman.  DAR #277: Manufacturer, St. Louis. "A.B. 1868; A.M. 1871. Born June 9, 1848 in Berwick, Pennsylvania [to Thomas Bowman and Matilda Hartman]. Married, May 22, 1874, to Miss Florence H. Warren, who died July 21, 1893; married, June 19, 1900, Mattie Belle Overton at St.  Louis." Father was president of Indiana Asbury U. 1858-1872, Methodist bishop, and president of trustees 1887-1895. Initiated June 13, 1868.Mercantile Correspondent (1895 catalogue). Tin manufacturer (1900 census). Died November 15, 1924 in St. Louis.

His cousin, Dr. Shadrach L. Bowman (faculty), was initiated in 1884 while Dean (1882-1890) of DePauw's School of Theology .



Reuben Andrus.  Born 1824 Rutland NY. A.B. McKendree College 1849. Preparatory department principal, Illinois Wesleyan College 1850-52. President, Illinois Conference Female College, and Quincy College. Minister, Evansville IN 1867-1870, Indianapolis 1870-72. Asbury Board of Visitors 1869. Initiated June 22, 1868 as a graduate. Asbury Trustee 1871-72, 1876-77. President, Indiana Asbury 1872-75. Returned to ministry. Died January 17, 1887, Indianapolis.

Etching from National Repository, December 1877, page 506.


Charles Tinsley.  Born Ireland, August 26, 1832; emigrated 1854 (1910 census). A.M. 1866 Illinois Wesleyan; D.D. 1862 Moores Hill College. Initiated June 25, 1868 as a graduate. US Army; Christian Commission 1865 (1895 Unfinished catalogue). Methodist minister; Fletcher Place Methodist, Indianapolis c. 1872; Columbus Co. (1880 census); Shelbyville (1892 directory); Indianapolis (1900 census); retired Indianapolis (1910 census). Indiana Asbury Board of Visitors 1868, 1871, 1880. Married Catherine B. about 1855. Died after 1910.


Edward Beeler Stoy.  DAR #380: "Traveler and Secretary. B.S. 1871; M.S., 1874. Born, October 17, 1852, in New Albany, Ind. Traveled in England, France, Germany and Italy, 1878; secretary of the Ohio Falls Iron Works, New Albany. Brother of 915. Died, August 20, 1882, New Albany, Ind." Initiated October 24, 1868.


Benjamin Franklin French.  DAR #363: "Physician. A.B. 1871; A.M., 1874; M. D., 1882, Hahneman Medical College, Philadelphia. Born, Dec. 27, 1843, in Miami county, 0. Superintendent in Martinsville, 1872-76; superintendent of schools in Attica, Ind., 1877-79; began practice of medicine, 1884, in Indianapolis; practicing in St. Louis, Mo. Three years' service in the Civil War. Married, December 25, 1867, Miss Olive Staton, Thorntown, Ind., who died, June 10, 1906; married, April 3, 1912, Mrs. Melissa Ten Eyck, at Greencastle, Ind." Initiated January 18, 1869.

William Marion Ridpath.  DAR #348: "Lawyer. B.S. 1870; M.S., 1873. Born, Oct. 14, 1845, in Putnam county, Ind. Chairman of the Republican Central Committee of Clay county, 1879; speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, 1881-83; Indian agent at Yankton, Sioux Reservation, Greenwood, Dakota; prosecuting attorney of the counties of Stephens, Okanogan and Spokane [1888-__]; member of the Republican State Central Committee. Brother of 221, 267, 649 and 707. Married, February 9, 1875, Miss Sarah J. Cole. Father of Paul, Mary, and Nellie. Died, August 6, 1914, at the Mayo Sanitarium, Rochester, Minn.; buried at Spokane, Wash." Initiated January 18, 1869. Private, 115th Indiana Infantry, then private, 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery to July 1865. Obituary in The Phi Gamma Delta, October 1914, p. 70 notes he died of stomach cancer and was a foster brother of John Clark Ridpath 1867. "Col. Ridpath went to Spokane as one of its pioneers in 1888. . . . He was one of the original owners of teh famour Le Roi mine at Rossland, B.C., and his share of the sale price was the nucleus of his fortune. He built, in 1899, the Ridpath Hotel . . . . He also owned other Spokane real estate, including a large interest in the Greenwood Cemetery . . . ."


Henry Nicholas Reubelt.  Initiated January 18, 1869. According to Wylie's Indiana University: It's history from 1820, when founded, to 1890, he was a junior at Indiana in 1870. Son of John A. Reubelt and presumably brother of Augustus Reubelt. Johnson's 1912 A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians gives the following facts: Born August 18, 1856, in Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania, to Dr. John A. Reubelt and Lavinia Orwig. Attended Indiana Asbury, Indiana University, and Princeton Theological Seminary. Taught eight years at East Cedar Hill Institute, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Minister for eighteen years, largely at the Christian Church in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. In 1905, helped organize and became first president of the Bank of Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Married Julia Bryan.  1925 Fraternity catalogue and Kentucky death index state death February 27, 1925 at Jefferson KY.


Marcus S. Claypool.  DAR #389: "A.B. 1872; A.M., 1875. Born, August 1, 1851, in Wayne county, Ind.[Son of Austin Bingley Claypool and Hannah Ann Petty.] Assistant cashier, Muncie Bank, 1872-79; agent Victor Silver Mining Company, Yandas Silver Mining Company; secretary and superintendent, Consolidated Columbia Tunnel and Mining Company, Georgetown, Colo., 1879-84; Alameda Place Stock Farm, 1884; member of State Board of Agriculture, 1893?; president, State Live Stock Sanitary Commission, 1896-1904. Married, January 14, 1880, Miss Elizabeth Burson, Muncie, Ind., who died, July 7, 1917." Initiated January 18, 1869. Probably related to Solomon Claypool.


Nelson L. Brakeman.  Born October 9, 1829, Michigan. Methodist minister in Lafayette IN (1860 and 1870 censuses). Chaplain, 1st Regiment Indiana Heavy Artillery. Initiated June 28, 1869 as a graduate. Indiana Asbury Board of Visitors 1869, 1870. Honorary A.M. from Asbury, 1870. Died May 15, 1881, Valparaiso IN.

James Kelly Hawk.  Indianapolis IN. Born October 1849 (1900 census). Initiated October 4, 1869. Married, February 3, 1881, to Alice Allen; daughters Jane A. and Gertrude. Commercial traveler, Indianapolis (1880 census). Clothing clerk, Los Angeles (1900 census). Auditor (1910). Inspector, auditor's office (1920) Deputy city auditor (1930).


Richard Brown Blake.  DAR #385: "Lawyer. B.S. 1872; M.S., 1875. Born, March 14, 1850, in North Salem, Ind. Began practice of law in Danville, Ind., 1872; prosecuting attorney for Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, 1878-80; removed to Spokane, Wash., 1888; elected one of the judges of Superior Court of Washington for Spokane county, for four years, at the first state election; declined a second term and returned to the practice of law. Married, December 22, 1894, Miss Antoinette E. Moore. Died, 1901." Initiated October 12, 1869.


John E. Earp. A.B., McKendree College; attended universities at Tubingen and Berlin. Professor Natural Science and Mathematics, Central Western College. Professor of Modern Languages, Indiana Asbury U. 1869-86. DePauw Registrar 1871-72, Faculty Treasurer 1872-86. Initiated October 25, 1869 as a graduate. President of Southwestern College (now Kansas College) 1886-90; later a minister in Kansas. Died May 10, 1897.


Marion McKinley Bovard.  DAR #416: "Minister. A.B. 1873; A.M., 1876; D.D., DePauw University, 1887. Born, 1847, in Alpha, Ind. Entered the North Indiana Conference, 1873; transferred to the California Conference, 1874; transferred to the Southern California Conference, 1876; president and professor, Mental and Moral Sciences, University of Southern California, 1880-91. Brother of 480. Married, 1873, Miss Jennie Allen, of Greencastle, Ind. (See 415.) Died, December 24, 1891, at his home in Los Angeles, Cal." Initiated October 25, 1869.


J. Fletcher Smith. Born Indiana. Initiated November 1, 1869. 1870 census shows him boarding with Bloom, Claypool, and Hawk. Chariton IA (1895 catalogue).


Asa Sleeth.  Born August 1844 in Indiana to John and Rebecca Sleeth. Initiated November 13, 1869. Methodist minister in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon. Married Mattie M. around 1873. Died after 1930.


Edward James Green.  Initiated December 1, 1869. Danville IN (1895 catalogue).


James Clarence Waterous.  Lawyer. Initiated December 1, 1869. Danville IN (1895 catalogue).


Andrew Henry Yount.  DAR #475: "Journalist . . . Chicago, Ill. A.B. 1874. Born September 17, 1851, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. After graduation studied and practiced law in Lafayette, Ind.; 1884, became a member of the editorial staff of the Morning News, of Chicago, since merged into Chicago Record, of which he was city editor from 1891 to 1895; editor Saturday Blade, weekly, two years; on editorial staff Inter-Ocean eight years; in 1906 became secretaryt to the president of teh County Board of Cook County, Illinois, which position he still holds. Married, October 22, 1874, Miss Mary S. Williams [also class of 1874], who died April 26, 1909." Initiated January 20, 1870. On the committee that chose the Fraternity's color of purple, reporting on November 3, 1873.

Gonzalvo Cordova Smythe.  DAR #160: "Physician. A.B. 1858; A.M., 1861; M.D., 1863, Rush Medical College, Chicago; the ad eundem degree, M. D., Long Island College, Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, 1870. Born, October 31, 1836, Putnam county, Ind. Professor of principles and practice of medicine, Central College of Physicians and Surgeons, Indianapolis, Ind., 1879-85; dean of same; elected president Board of Trustees, Central College of Physicians and Surgeons, Indianapolis, 1888; president, Indiana State Medical Society, 1890-91; engaged in practice of medicine and surgery, Greencastle, Ind., 1863-97; author of "Medical Heresies." Married, February 28, 1860, Miss Margaret Allen, who died, February 10, 1870; married, January 16, 1872, Miss Janie F. Black, who died, November 14, 1874; married, February 17, 1876, Miss Jennie Hartley. Father of 1647, and Winona and Roxana. Died, February 9, 1897, Greencastle, Indiana." Initiated February 24, 1870. The minutes state, "The report from Dr. Smith [sic] being favorable Chapter met for his initiation. He was introduced and made acquainted with the spirit of our Order, Prof. Ridpath conducting the ceremonies. . . . Dr. Smith walked majestically down the street with a Delta badge upon his bosom." His sister Hannah Roxana Smythe had married John Clark Ridpath (Depauw 1863) in 1862.


Levi Bloom. Born about 1854 in Kentucky. Initiated May 12, 1870. 1880 Census: dry goods merchant in Louisville KY with his father Nathan. 1920 census says insurance salesman. Died July 11, 1944.


Henry Fitch.  DAR #422: "B.S. 1873; M.S., 1876. Born, June 10, 1853, in Lawrenceburg, Ind. Engineer for Dearborn county, Indiana, 1873-79; cashier, First National Bank, Lawrenceburg, 1874-83; lumber manufacturer, 1881-83; clerk, office of Auditor for Postoffice Department, Washington, D. C., engaged in adjusting money order accounts. Relocated to Los Angeles. Brother of 435. Married, December 31, 1877, Miss Alice M. Brewer." Initiated May 12, 1870.


Lycurgus Pummill McCormack.  DAR #432: "Newspaper Writer. B.S. 1873; M.S., 1876. Born, January 17, 1846, in Danville, Ind. Studied law and admitted to the bar, but never practiced; engaged in newspaper work; State Labor Commissioner for Indiana from June 1, 1897, to May 1, 1907. Died, October 10, 1908, at Indianapolis." Initiated May 12, 1870.

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