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Phi Gamma Delta has a wealth of artwork in its chapter houses across the nation. Here are some of the more rare and monumental works.

Phi Deuteron Chapter, University of Kansas G. R. Temple Memorial Stained Glass

This large stained glass window adorns the chapter house dining room. It memorializes George Robert Temple (Kansas 1921) and was given by his wife. The scrolls to the sides state "Friendship the Sweetest Influence" and "Scholarship - Brotherhood - Hospitality - Influence".

Delta Xi Chapter, University of California, Berkeley Frank Norris Memorial Stained Glass

Ingerson & Glaser of San Francisco manufactured this window in 1912. It measures six feet wide by nine feet tall. In 1975, its value as an artwork was estimated as twenty thousand dollars. It memorializes Frank Norris (California 1894), noted novelist and originator of the Norris Pig Dinner.

Gamma Sigma Chapter, University of the South Terra Cotta

Professor Waring McCrady made this terra cotta plaque; it adorns the Ralph Wilson Reed (Sewanee 1951) Library room at the chapter's lodge. It measures about two feet tall, not including the border and framing. It was dedicated at Homecoming, October 1991, in memory of Lt. William Thompson Costen (Sewanee 1985). A Navy pilot, Tom was killed in action in the Gulf War January 18, 1991. Can you identify the mistake? The Coat of Arms is never depicted with a helmet, or mantling. That was banned by the 1903 Ekklesia. See related article on Phi Gam heraldry.

Zeta Chapter, Indiana University Stone

Beechwood, Zeta's much-expanded home, has housed the chapter since the early twentieth century. This stone plaque measures around four feet tall. Pictures from around 1910 indicate its placement above the front door of the house. It now is above a main doorway in a different location. A larger modern replacement adorns the front of the house.

Psi Chapter, Wabash College Thomas R. Marshal (Wabash 1873) Oil Portrait

Psi Chapter's home stands directly across the street from the main building on campus. This large oil portrait of the U.S. Vice President and Governor of Indiana adorns the front entryway.

Many other chapters feature a portrait of a valued brother; for example, North Carolina has Senator Zeb Vance (UNC 1851) and Alabama has John Mason Martin (Alabama 1856, Centre 1856).

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