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Phi Gams In The Gulf And Afghanistan

The following brothers gave their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gulf War I
William Thompson Costen (Sewanee 1985). Lieutenant, US Navy. Shot down over Iraq while returning from bombing run, January 18, 1991.
Eric Douglas Hedeen (Washington State 1987). Lieutenant, US Air Force. Died bailing out over Indian Ocean, returning from a bombing run, February 3, 1991.

Gulf War II
Brian Matthew Kennedy (Purdue 1999). Corporal, USMC. Killed in helicopter crash at Kuwait/Iraq border, March 20, 2003.
Travis Ford (Nebraska 1997). Captain, USMC. Killed when the helicopter he was piloting went down in combat outside of Baghdad, April 4, 2003.
Thomas H. Felts (Richmond 1983). Colonel, US Army. Killed by improvised explosive device in Bagdad, November 14, 2006.

Darryn Deen "Coach" Andrews (Texas Tech 1999). 2nd Lieutenant, US Army. Killed in action in Paktia province, September 4, 2009.

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