Academic Support

We promote the pursuit of Knowledge. It is the key to a fuller, richer life. We gain it through education, the harmonious development of the powers of the individual.

--The Values of Phi Gamma Delta

Many brothers maintain that knowledge is an “individual matter” and the Fraternity can do little or nothing to improve or hinder the performance of an individual member or pledges. The academic performance of each member is an individual responsibility, but such responsibility must be supported and stimulated by the chapter’s actions and systems.

As members of Phi Gamma Delta, we are required to aid and assist our brothers—to expect accountability and to strive for excellence. Academic success is no easy task. However, a strong scholarship program will provide a means toward that end. The Fraternity's Scholarship Manual is available to support chapters in creating and maintaining their scholarship program.

Scholarship Advisors

Additional resources, including those related to recruiting and supporting Scholarship (Faculty) Advisors, are available by contacting the Assistant Director of Education

Grade Reporting

Phi Gamma Delta chapters and colonies consistently outperform. The Phi Gamma Delta all-chapter average has been above both all-men's average and all-fraternity average every semester since 2006.

The Fraternity asks chapters to submit grade reports as soon as they become available at the end of each semester. Chapter officers may forward the information received from their Greek Life Office to the Assistant Director of Education