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Phi Gamma Delta Strategic Plan 2030

Objective 1:

Eliminate Hazing & All Forms of Self-Destructive Behavior

Phi Gamma Delta has the privilege and responsibility for building courageous leaders. We must continue to take action to eliminate self-destructive behaviors by some members. We are committed to ending those self-destructive behaviors, such as hazing practices, sexual misconduct, alcohol misuse and other self-inflicted wounds, that contradict our values. Education, policies and accountability will drive change. 


  1. Deploy innovative and disciplined approaches to becoming a member of Phi Gamma Delta.
  2. Promote and strengthen chapter-level effectiveness and accountability.
  3. Strengthen the graduate advisor role in education and mentorship.
  4. Improve the effectiveness of the graduate advisor role in education & mentorship.
  5. Continue and strengthen education and prevention efforts regarding alcohol misuse, hazing and sexual misconduct.

Objective 2:

Improve Volunteer & Organizational Effectiveness

Phi Gamma Delta seeks to ensure volunteers are best positioned and equipped to support the fraternity and its chapters. We pursue a more effective and engaging volunteer framework providing the educational structure, resources and communications to support successful volunteers.


  1. Modify the organizational structure and volunteer roles to be more effective and achieve goals.
  2. Establish mechanisms for measuring volunteer effectiveness and accountability.
  3. Improve communication to graduate volunteers and promote action.

Objective 3:

Enhance the Undergraduate Membership Experience

Phi Gamma Delta continuously seeks to improve the undergraduate experience. We continue to promote the positive impact of fraternities and build courageous leaders, which is core and central to the undergraduate experience.


  1. Develop and implement a multi-year leadership program based on Building Courageous Leader principles.
  2. Improve belonging by promoting inclusion, seeking and retaining diversity, and ensuring fair treatment in access, opportunity, and advancement for all members of Phi Gamma Delta.
  3. Develop opportunities to give back to campuses and communities through service and philanthropy.

Objective 4:

Promote the Growth of Phi Gamma Delta

Growth is good; it is healthy and essential to Phi Gamma Delta. Effective growth approaches will create sustainable and repeatable chapter expansion opportunities and improve a broader recruitment approach attracting more quality men to Phi Gamma Delta.


  1. Modernize undergraduate recruitment to better identify and recruit quality men.
  2. Target adding approximately six new provisional chapters annually using rigorous campus selection criteria and effective graduate engagement to ensure expansion success.

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