Phi Gamma Delta's Strategic Plan

Positive Impact - 2030


Where We Are

The Greek system, broadly speaking, is facing a number of serious challenges. You've likely seen them in the news or on your own campus. Recent months have seen the very sad deaths of four pledges in fraternities due to alcohol consumption and hazing. These tragedies have reignited scrutiny of bad practices that may happen in Greek life. Some schools are now taking a preemptive step in suspending all Greek life activity, regardless of any individual organization's behavior, to take a closer look at their policies and processes and to ensure they can support a safe, productive Greek system.

While these events are recent, these challenges are old - we've long faced hazing, alcohol and drug abuse. There are other challenges too - sexual assault on our campuses. Diversity and inclusion. There is a continuing need to demonstrate that Greek life is a relevant part of college life and beyond. But, we are Phi Gamma Delta, and we face these challenges head on and with courage. We see this as an opportunity to lead and believe the need for Phi Gamma Delta, as a values-based organization, is greater than ever.

Where We Want to Be 

Phi Gamma Delta and the fraternity system are at a natural inflection point. Our environment is undergoing major changes. Recognizing this, the Archonate considered deeply what's next for Phi Gamma Delta and, on June 10, 2017, adopted a strategic framework to carry us forward. Our path forward is a values-based strategy to achieve "Positive Impact". It is an outward facing focus on what we do for the world. There are four strategic priorities - 'must-win' battles - we have identified. They are must-win battles because they will determine whether Phi Gamma Delta continues to grow and flourish, is full of meaning for our members and delivers value for our colleges and communities. The result of this transformation journey will be a Phi Gamma Delta that is reliable, interconnected, strong and empowered. Our work now is to actually move the Fraternity towards that better place where we want be. 

Phi Gamma Delta's Strategic Priorities

Positive Impact 2030 - 'House' Model


 Maximize Value

Fraternity Values:

Knowledge, Service


Value creation for our members, the college and community is the essence of our vision for positive impact. Value is what attracts and keeps members. It’s also what attracts and maintains relationships with university administrators, community citizens, campus organizations and other stakeholders who trust us to be reliable and who are critical to our chapters’ long-term success. To cause value to rise, we do not need to know precisely what maximum value is, but we must have an idea of 'better'. Our full potential is reachable only when we share a unity of purpose with a common and collective set of goals across the Fraternity.

Positive Impact - 2030 Goals:
  • Scholarship: 80% of chapters above All-Men's Average
  • Service: 400k hours - 25 hours/man/year (+ 1 hour/man each year)
  • Philanthropy: $2.5 million raised annually - $160/man/year (+ $1/man each year)
  • Campus Involvement: 100% of chapters have at least 90% of brothers actively involved in a campus organization

 Empowered Accountability

Fraternity Value:



Fundamental to ‘Building Courageous Leaders’ is the concept of teaching brothers the “why” behind everything they are asked to do and not do. When members understand “why”, they become empowered to take responsible actions. Empowered brothers who are accountable to respect each person in their decisions and actions are far more likely to make good decisions when faced with testing points. Chapters with a solid accountability system in place and a high level of individual accountability have a culture of empowerment, where the full potential of every single member can be realized.

Positive Impact - 2030 Goals:
  • Courageous Leaders Scale: Best in Class or continually improving ('Testing Point' tolerance, rationale, mentality and accountability)
  • LMS Certifications (Undergraduate): 100% of officers and pledge educators certified annually
  • LMS Certifications (Graduate): 100% of Purple Legionnaires, BCA and Section Chiefs certified biennially
  • Courageous Leadership Training: 33% of members receiving in-person training annually

 Know the Student Best

Fraternity Value:



Knowing and understanding the expectations of members is the overarching rule of an exceptional brotherhood. Chapter leaders and graduate advisors that possess this knowledge can align the chapter organization and brothers' hands-on experiences in a way that creates personal insight, development and a shift in mindsets and engagement. They shape the way our men think about fraternity to create positive membership experiences. A positive membership experience as a student is the key to having fantastic, flourishing chapters, abundant graduate volunteers and growing our graduate chapters. 

Positive Impact - 2030 Goals:
  • Member Experience Scale: Best in Class or continually improving (solidarity, shared social experiences and belonging)
  • New Member Retention: 90% of pledged men initiated
  • Member Persistence: 90% of initiated members are active through graduation
  • Advisor Ratio: 100% of chapters have 5 BCA members, 5 House Corporation members and 1 Purple Legionnaire

 Expand Smartly

Fraternity Value:



Expansion strengthens our resilience, flexibility and ability to adapt smartly to changes in the higher education environment. There are two elements to expansion: growth and development. Growth, in terms of the number of members and chapters, is an externally quantifiable change. Development is more qualitative, as it is a process of transformation in which complexity, infrastructure and excellence increase. Together they enable us to be an active and vital force, creating greater capacity and competitiveness for our chapters, broader influence in our communities, better brand recognition and increased ability to reinvest.

Positive Impact - 2030 Goals:
  • Operational Excellence: 90% Chapter Performance Indicator (CPI) goal attainment
  • Average Chapter Size: 74 (10% annual growth for chapters less than average fraternity size on their campus)
  • New Colonizations: 6/year through 2030 (>25% Greek Campus Share)
  • Graduate Chapters: 100 by 2030, with an enhanced programming, purpose and collaboration model

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Building Courageous Leaders

"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” 
- C. S. Lewis

We are compelled by the above quote from author C. S. Lewis. In Phi Gamma Delta we talk frequently about our values of friendship, knowledge, service, morality and excellence. But it is one thing to talk about values and another altogether to act on those values when they are tested. It is true in life and in fraternity that so many problems could be averted if someone – whether a formal leader or a bystander – had the courage to assert his values, or the group’s espoused values, at the testing point.

Each of us is certain to confront many testing points in our lives. Some will be minor decisions, while others will have a profound impact on us and on others. Likewise, chapter leaders will face many testing points that will impact the future of their chapter, their brothers, and sometimes the Fraternity at large.

Building Courageous Leaders means that our brothers will understand and embrace the values of Phi Gamma Delta; will recognize when those values are being challenged and understand the implications of a particular choice; and at that testing point, will know how to confront and lead others in an ethical, productive way.

 How Can Phi Gamma Delta Develop & Support Courageous Leaders?

We have identified three elements of courageous leadership:

  1. Understanding and committing to our values
  2. Recognizing the testing points - times when our values are challenged
  3. Applying our values at the testing point and confronting the issue

These concepts will be built into many of the Fraternity’s existing programs, including the Fiji Academy, Taking the Lead programming, Risk Management education, Alcohol Education, Hazing Prevention, Sexual Misconduct Prevention and chapter discipline. As appropriate and needed, they will form the basis of new programs.

 The Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is an exciting new program that supports the initiative to Build Courageous Leaders. This five-day experience is designed to help brothers become values-based, courageous leaders. The inaugural Institute was conducted in June 2016 with 80 undergraduates in attendance. Beginning in the summer of 2017, the Institute is available to one brother from each chapter (160+) every year.

Brothers who attend the Institute will return to their chapters prepared to educate their chapter brothers on what it means to Lead with Courage. The Leadership Institute will be provided at no cost to the attendees, thanks to the generous support of the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation.

Building Courageous Leaders is good for our brothers and good for our chapters. If brothers learn to Lead with Courage, they will be better prepared for many of the difficult decisions they will face in their lives. It is one of the most valuable lessons Phi Gamma Delta can teach them and will secure their role in the upward march of humanity.

 Recognize a Courageous Leader

Do you know a brother who has made the choice to follow the values of Phi Gamma Delta instead of taking an easier path? Did they make the right choice instead of the easy choice? Did they take a firm stand when confronted with a challenge? These are examples of Leading with Courage.

If you know someone who has faced a testing point and made a courageous choice, you may recognize their act of Courageous Leadership by:


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