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Sires and Sons

Recognizing the Progeny of Phi Gamma Delta

Pledging themselves to impress upon all fathers and their sons who are members of Phi Gamma Delta "a realization of the noble trinity of principles of the fraternity, with the hope that they may outrun the fervor of youth," six mature members of the fraternity celebrated Founders' Day in 1925 by organizing the Fiji Sires and Sons.

The preamble was signed on May 1, 1925, in the White House office of Calvin Coolidge (Amherst 1895), Fiji sire of Fiji son John Coolidge (Amherst 1928). Five of the charter members were photographed on the White House steps before joining President Coolidge for luncheon inside. The founders, from left to right: T. Ludlow Chrystie (Columbia 1892), Robert D. Williamson (Michigan 1902), Charles H. Bosler (Denison 1890), late Historian William F. Chamberlin (Denison 1893) and Abram S. Post (Columbia 1884).

The formal organization had grown out of a happy idea which had its genesis in the office of Brother Chrystie on March 17, 1925, when he and Historian William F. Chamberlin conceived the notion of making an investigation and listing all Fiji fathers and their sons. A week later Brothers Post and Williamson were taken into the select circle and Brother Bosler was added when the organization's activity moved to Washington.

Following the auspicious White House meeting, the original preamble and signatures were placed in the hands of Historian Chamberlin, who began a campaign to enroll more members. Following Billy Chamberlin, Hargrave A. Long (Chicago 1911) served as Keeper of the Rolls until his death in 1963, at which time the original roll books were placed in safekeeping at the general headquarters, and Historian Richard H. Crowder (DePauw 1931) took over as Keeper of the Rolls.

The April, 1964 issue of The Phi Gamma Delta announced handsome certificates would be sent to each Fiji sire and Fiji son for whom an enrollment blank was on file. The headquarters was flooded with requests; within a year some 1800 Fijis were proudly displaying Sires and Sons certificates.

Those eligible to join this distinguished band are Fijis who have Fiji sons, or, conversely, Fijis with Fiji fathers. A request addressed to the Keeper of the Rolls at the General Headquarters will bring forth the necessary enrollment blank.

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