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Phi Gamma Delta's Insignia


Recognition Badge

Phi Gamma Delta's recognition badge reflects the black diamond and white star of the Founder's badge worn by initiates. It was originally adopted in 1910 as a tiny lapel pin for graduates to wear when the actual badge was not appropriate.

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The Official Seal

The Fraternity's Official Seal dates to the 1860s and reflects the badge, plus a handshake and book. Prior to 1925, when this was adopted, Phi Gamma Delta used the early representation of the seal: a closed book, upon which were two clasped hands, and above which were the Greek letters, Phi Gamma Delta, respectively perioded, and emanating from such in every direction were sunrays, or rays of light. The open motto of the Fraternity was inscribed there under the Latin words, "Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter."

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The Heraldic Insignia

Phi Gamma Delta's heraldic insignia dates from the year 1879. Prior to that, the Fraternity used the original seal pictured above. The coat of arms includes a gold shield with three red American Roses, a purple chevron, and three silver stars. The crest is our mascot, the Snowy White Owl. The Fraternity's open motto graces the scroll. 

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 purple clematis  

The Official Flower

The Purple Clematis, which was selected by the 1924-1925 Ekklesia, replaced the purple heliotrope as Phi Gamma Delta's official flower. The royal purple color and the start-like shape of the flowers, characters which are symbolic and significant to all loyal Fijis, make it the fraternity flower par excellence.

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The Mascot

Perched atop the wooden fencepost is the official mascot of Phi Gamma Delta: Gamma, a Snowy White Owl looking particularly fierce. The Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation commissioned noted wildlife artist John A. Ruthven to create this lithograph.

The Official Flag

The Official Flag is of royal purple background, with the fraternity's Greek initials in the center, and a star in the upper right-hand corner. Both the initials and the star are white. Each chapter may place in the upper left-hand corner the Greek letter or letters which designate it in the Fraternity.

What links us all together.

The Official Jeweler

The Fraternity's official jeweler alone may produce and sell the emblems described above, including the Founder's badge, recognition badge, and any other jewelry bearing the recognition device and heraldic insignia. Our official jeweler is Herff Jones. Phi Gamma Delta has contracted with this firm and its antecedents continuously since 1913.

Of course, these emblems are COPYRGIHTED, and may not be reproduced without the explicit, written permission of the Fraternity's Executive Director.


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