Tell Me Something I Don't Know

The year was 1997, and at the end of a night of drinking at a fraternity pledge function on the MIT campus, freshman Scott Krueger lay dead in a hospital room because of alcohol poisoning. The incident, covered by the local, state and national media, resulted in a multi-million dollar lawsuit brought by the Krueger family. Included in the landmark settlement was a condition that further education be done to warn college freshmen about the dangers of alcohol abuse, hazing and the risks of binge drinking. As a result, Phi Gamma Delta, in collaboration with Watt Imagination of Monument, Colorado, produced a special video called “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.”

The film was originally released in 2003 and the current version released in 2008. Since its original release, educators and students have found the video to be powerful tool in opening dialogue about hazing, alcohol use and abuse, and other risky behaviors high school and college students encounter. Phi Gamma Delta has distributed over 8,000 copies of this educational video, and we conservatively estimate that it has reached over 100,000 college and high school students and parents.

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