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Phi Gamma Delta In The Civil War: Union

Orlando Smith - HistoryThis is an ongoing expansion of a list compiled by Cecil J. "Scoop" Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1917), and published in The Phi Gamma Delta magazine, May 1961. Currently the list contains 382 names, up from 230. There are 184 Confederate and 198 Union soldiers. Note: Not all were initiated prior to their military service. Twenty-four Confederates and twelve Union men were known to have died in service.

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Photo: Wartime picture of Orlando J. Smith (DePauw 1862) in Union uniform, wearing his Phi Gamma Delta badge on his necktie.  From The Photographic History of the Civil War.

"Mattern" refers to Edwin Mattern's History of Pi Chapter (Allegheny College); "Chapter Rolls and Directory" refers to the 1898 Fraternity catalogue. "Carlisle" refers to the US Army Archives at Carlisle Barracks. Other sources includeThe Phi Gamma Delta magazine, the Fraternity's 1900 "Unfinished Catalogue" and the Park Service's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSSS). We will provide a more expanded bibliography as research progresses.

First name, Last name, Institution where initiated and class year, Rank and unit (if known)
* Indicates died in service

*David Acheson Washington 1863 Captain, Co. C, 140th Pennsylvania Infantry. Mustered August 22, 1862. Killed July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg in the woods north of "Stoney Hill" (ref. p. 278, These Honored Dead by John W. Busey) Photo, Carlisle, uniformed.
John Wishart Acheson Washington 1857 Sergeant, lieutenant, assistant adjutant general, captain, brevet major and surgeon, Co. A, 85th Pennsylvania Infantry. Wounded. [Photo, Carlisle, uniformed]
Marcus C. Acheson Washington 1865 58th Regiment, July- August Co. B. Pennsylvania militia during Gettysburg emergency, 1863 (Biographical and Historical Catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College, p. 420).
Allan Diehl Albert Gettysburg 1867 Private Co. D, 45th Pennsylvania Infantry, March 29, 1862 to December 9, 1864.  Thrice wounded: at Jackson, MS (shot in right foot), Blue Springs, TN, and the Wilderness May 6, 1864, where "he received a rifle-ball through his left elbow joint and another shattered a rib, and thus being incapacitated . . . he was honorably discharged." (PGD magazine, June 1890, October 1892)
James W. Armstrong DePauw 1861 Captain [probably Indiana] (Unfinished Catalogue)
Melchior Auer Illinois Wesleyan 1870 Corporal, Co. D. 1st Missouri Cavalry; afterwards Clerk, Department Headquarters, St. Louis; served 3 years and 1 month; discharged September 1, 1864. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Ira, Jr. Ayer Allegheny 1865 Captain, later Colonel, Co. I, 39th Regiment, 10th Pennsylvania Reserves (Allegheny College Company). Twice wounded--at Second Battle of Bull RunCompany served three years; mustered out June 11th 1864 (PGD magazine June 1890). See note about the company and their monument at Allegheny College:
Fred H. Baggins Allegheny 1864 Civil War veteran, according to obituary in The Phi Gamma Delta, May 1915, p.711. Noted with title of "Major".
Edward Payson Baird Jefferson 1858 Co. H, then Engineer on staff of 17th Regiment, New York State Troops; home guards for thirty day service commending 7/8/1863.
John Morrison Barnett Jefferson 1848 Chaplain, 53rd Pennsylvania. For six weeks delegate of the U.S. Christian Commission, including time at Fredericksburg.  "My commission at that time would not secure me permission to go to the front nor transportation for supplies.  Mr. Stanton allowed me to go to the front, that I might serve as temporary chaplain to the 53rd . . . in which my brother was, and the commission gave me transportation for my supplies." (PGD magazine, October 1890)
Orion A. [B.?] Bartholomew DePauw 1859 Sergeant, Co. A, 7th Indiana Infantry. 1st Lieutenant, Co. K, 70th Indiana Infantry, except when detached as judge advocate at Division HQ, until 1863. Lieutenant-colonel, 15th Colored Infantry Regiment. Colonel, 109th Colored Infantry Regiment. Commander 1865, 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 25th Army Corps. Brevetted brigadier-general USV, March 13, 1865. (PGD magazine, November 1919, p. 276)
Alfred Wise Beasley DePauw 1858 First lieutenant, 135th Illinois Volunteers. From Champaign.  With Co. A and later Regiment HQ.
David Harrison Beasley DePauw 1862 First lieutenant, Co. F; QM, 125th Illinois Volunteers, 1862-6. (Unfinished Catalogue)  POW; returned to home on night of Lincoln's assassination (per DePauw chapter history).  Unit muster roll says private, then QM sergeant; enlisted August 14, 1862, mustered out July 29, 1865.
J. Artley Beeber Gettysburg 1866 26th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia during Gettysburg campaign. (PGD magazine, May 1912,  p. 723)
Daniel J. Benner Gettysburg 1859 Major, 15th Illinois Infantry; wartime trunk in collections of Gettysburg National Military Park. According to GAR information: Mustered April-May, 1861 into Co. E, and elected lieutenant; appointed adjutant with rank of captain, General Turner's staff Dec. 1861; moved as adjutant with rank of major, General Hulburt's staff Feb. 1862; made acting adjutant general and quartermaster Nov. 1862; brevet colonel and brigadier general; mustered out July 1865. "Slightly wounded in the leg" and horse "killed by a shell" at Pittsburgh Landing, April 1862.
Francis Marion Bishop Illinois Wesleyan 1870 Private then corporal, sergeant, sergeant-major Co. I, First Michigan Infantry.  Enlisted July 1861.  Second lieutenant after Bull Run, 1862; first lieutenant after Antietam. 1863 moved to Fourth Virginia Cavalry. 1865 Captain 2nd U.S. Volunteers; assistant inspector-general on staff of District of Upper Arkansas 1865. Shot through left lung at Fredericksburg. (PGD magazine February 1887).  After war served with 2nd US Volunteers patrolling Overland Stage route. Chief photographer, Major John Wesley Powell's Colorado River expedition, 1871.
Henry Campbell Birch [Burch?] Illinois Wesleyan 1870 Private, Co. K, 94th Illinois Infantry. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Muster roll says August 20 1862- July 17 1865; mustered out as corporal.
Jonathan Birch DePauw 1858 Lieutenant, Co. E; promoted Major, 63rd Indiana. Wounded at Resaca, Georgia (PGD magazine).
Alexander Blackburn Hanover 1868, Monmouth 1868 Sergeant, Co. C, 84th Illinois, enlisted June 14, 1862. Wounded Battle of Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 in right thigh and ankle. Then hospital steward to June 9, 1865. (PGD magazine, January 1892)
John Pringle Blair Washington 1851 [1852] Captain, Co. G, 100th (Roundhead) Pennsylvania Infantry.  Wounded at Fort Pemberton, SC, and in Second Battle of Bull Run, Va. "Served nearly three years; discharged on account of sickness and wounds . . . ." (PGD magazine, October 1890)
Jacob Smith Boreman Washington 1853 Private 1861-62 (Unfinished Catalogue), recruiting in Kansas City, Missouri. Later Missouri state legislator.
Henry Wilson Boyd Illinois Wesleyan 1862 Surgeon and Major, 14th Illinois (Reorganized).  Unfinished catalogue says 1862-4; muster roll says March 13 1865- Sept. 16 1865.
Nelson J. Bozart(h) Indiana 1872 Private, Co. C, 138th Indiana Infantry, and Co. C, 9th Illinois Cavalry, 1863-4. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Nelson L. Brakeman DePauw initiate Chaplain, 1st Regiment Indiana Heavy Artillery.
David Brown Washington 1862 ". . . left college to join the Union army and died in 1863 while home on leave." (PGD magazine, November 1947, p.220)
Edmund R. Brown Wabash 1868 Corporal, Co. C, 27th Indiana Infantry, 1861 to 1864. Author, The Twenty-Seventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion, 1899.
George William Brown Washington 1860 Quartermaster-general of WV, 1863-66; adjutant general of WV, 1866-7. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Thomas B. Burrowes Gettysburg 1858 Captain (Unfinished Catalogue). Also active in Indian campaigns in 1866 and 1876 as company commander. (Thanks to Roy Varga)
George William Burton DePauw 1873, Iowa 1873 Private, Co. G, 138th Illinois infantry, June 21 1864- Oct. 14, 1864; and Co. A, 156th Illinois Infantry, Feb. 24 1865- Sept. 20, 1865.  Enlisted at 16.
Alexander Clay Byerley Illinois Wesleyan 1871 Private, Co. D, 1st Battalion Cavalry, "Miss. Marine Brigade" 1862-6. (Unfinished Catalogue) CWSSS says Private, Co. H, U.S. Vols. Marine Regiment.
George Henry Castle Knox 1872 Co. A, 59th Illinois Infantry, 1861-66. (Unfinished Catalogue) (Not to be confused with Geo. E. Castle, Co. H, 111th Illinois.)
Alpheus A. B. Cavaness Baker 1873, Northwestern 1873 Sergeant, private, 1st Independent Battery, Kansas Light Artillery. (CWSSS)
Francis James  Collier Jefferson 1857 Class history says "At the beginning of the war, for six months, he as a member of Hastin's Keystone Battery of Philadelphia . . . .but was not with the boys during the years of their hard service in the army of the Potomac."
William Thomas Collins Illinois Wesleyan 1863 Private, Co. G, 68th Illinois Infantry, 1863-4. (Unfinished Catalogue).  Muster roll says sergeant, June 20 1862- Sept. 26 1862.
Job Adams Cooper Knox 1865 Private, then 2nd Sergeant, Co. C, 137th Illinois Infantry.  In Memphis during Forrest's Raid, Aug. 1864. Governor of Colorado 1889-91.[photo, PGD magazine, Oct. 1928, civilian post-war] Muster roll says June 5, 1864- Sept. 24, 1864. Biography
Samuel G. Cosgrove Ohio Wesleyan 1873 Union Army until close of war; enlisted at 16. Later governor of Washington. (PGD magazine, December 1908, p. 234)
Enoch Cox DePauw 1864 Ordnance and Engineering Department, Army of the Cumberland, thee years. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Robert Ancrum Criswell Washington 1849 USA (Unfinished Catalogue)
Marion Victor Crumbaker Illinois Wesleyan 1874 Private, 152nd Illinois. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Enlisted at 18, Feb. 2 1865 to Sept. 11 1865Began college 1869. (PGD magazine Feb. 1927 p.440)
John Wesley Culley DePauw 1867 Private, 133rd Indiana Infantry. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Rufus E. Culp Gettysburg 1863 Sergeant, Signal Corps 1863-1865 (Alumni Record of Gettysburg College)
Joseph Z. Culver Jefferson 1864 Co. D, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry; mustered in September 8, 1862. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Co. C, 39th Regiment USCT; promoted Adjutant.
Roland C. Curtin Pennsylvania 1857 Naval store keeper, Philadelphia. See Chapter Rolls and Directory and PGD magazine, April 1913, p. 692.
Temple Cutler Marietta 1857 Chaplain, 9th Maine Infantry, 1861-3. (Unfinished Catalogue; CWSSS)
Theodore F. Daggy Wabash 1871 Private, Co. B, 154th Illinois Infantry. Listed under "non-commissioned officers and privates" on Wabash College Roll of Honor plaque. Initiated after the war.
Samuel Davenport Washington 1848 US Army, 1861 (Unfinished Catalogue)
Thomas D. Davis Jefferson 1866 Private, Co. F, 133rd Pennsylvania. (Unfinished Catalogue) Later president of 133rd reunion organization. (PGD magazine November 1904, p. 98)
Robert Shann Dean Hanover 1865 Private, Co. K, 137th Indiana, 5 months 1862. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Gilbert De La Matyr DePauw initiate (c. 1872) ". . . helped enlist the Eighth Regiment of New York Heavy Artillery in 1862, and was its chaplain for three years . . ." -- Biographical Directory of the US Congress
Russel Delappe Knox 1872 Enlisted August 20, 1861, age 16, 50th Illinois Infantry.  On Sherman's "March to the Sea" in Georgia. Discharged in Rome, GA September 27, 1864(?).  [Copy of photo at Headquarters, uniformed, Aug. 20, 1861]
Harvey Clelland DeMotte Illinois Wesleyan Initiate First lieutenant, Co. G, 68th Illinois, May to October 1862(PGD magazine February 1887). Assistant Provost Marshal at Alexandria, 1862. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Unit muster roll says June 20, 1862 to Sept. 26 1862.
William Henry Dill Gettysburg 1860 Chaplain, 31st Pennsylvania Infantry. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Elias F. Dodd Washington 1848 Captain, band, Ringgold Battalion Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia
James B. Duff Jefferson 1861 Co. D, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry. Transferred to Signal Corps. August 15, 1861.  Wounded at Chancellorsville. Promoted 2nd Lieutenant. (Unfinished Catalogue, CWSSS,
John Duncan   Washington and Jefferson 1870 Co. H, 142nd Ohio Infantry, c.1865.
*John Dunham Washington 1862 USA, died in service (Unfinished Catalogue) [St. Clairsville, OH]
Benjamin Ellis Edgell Allegheny 1865 Orderly sergeant, Co. F, 129th Ohio Infantry (Unfinished Catalogue). From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Sept. 4, 1861 . . . enlisted, July 7, 1865 [sic], for six mos., as pvt., Co. F, 129th Ohio Vols.; promoted to 1st sergt. Aug. 4, 1863; mustered out with Co., Cleveland, O., Mar. 5, 1864 . . . ."  [Obit., PGD magazine, Nov. 1925, p. 622. Photo Mattern, p. 275 civilian aged]
Davis Edmiston Washington 1848 Captain artillery and infantry, 1861-4. (Unfinished Catalogue) [Paris, Illinois] Possibly 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery, according to CWSSS, or 107th Illinois?
James Elliott Jefferson 1848 Adjutant, 157th Ohio Infantry. Enlisted May 2, 1864 for 100 days. Served at Fort Delaware. Mustered in May 15, 1864, at Camp Chase, OH. Mustered out with regiment, Sept 2, 1864, at Camp Chase, OH. [Tomos Alpha]
John Ewing Washington 1851 Captain, 155th Pennsylvania, 1862-63; major 1863-4; brevet colonel 1864-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Wounded Petersburg and Gettysburg; led his regiment at Grand Review in Washington. [PGD magazine August 1914, p.750]
*Alexander B.  Ferguson Jefferson 1854 Captain, Co. I, 5th Kentucky Infantry. KIA at Stones River, Tennessee, 12/31/1862.
Caleb Woodward Finley Jefferson 1850 Chaplain at Camp Chase at time of Morgan's raid. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Stephen A. Forbes Illinois Faculty Enlisted at 17; "captain of a company of the Seventh Illinois Cavalry at the age of 20."  POW: "while in prison studied Greek diligently. He was later released and re-enlisted." [PGD magazine, April 1930, p.616]
James L. Ford DePauw 1867, Washington & Jefferson 1866 Private and Sergeant, Co. D, 135th Indiana Infantry, May 23, 1864 to September 29, 1864.
Silas A. Fowler Ohio Wesleyan initiate "In 1864, while a junior in Central College, he enlisted in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry and served more than a year." - PGD magazine December 1916, p.240.
George Washington Frederick Gettysburg 1863 [Brevet?] colonel, staff of Major-General Hartranft. (Unfinished Catalogue) 209th Pennsylvania Infantry. [Photo, Carlisle, uniformed]
William Fulton Washington 1854 First Sergeant, Keokuk Home Guards (Keokuk, Iowa). Fought in Missouri at Athens, St. Thomasville, and Alexandria. (PGD magazine October 1890)
George Rufus Gear Marietta 1867 Sergeant; served three years in Co B, 39th Ohio Infantry.  POW at Andersonville.  Attended Marietta for two years before the war and two years after.  Obit, PGD magazine, Dec. 1931, p. 224.
Samuel Smith Gilson Jefferson 1866 133rd Pennsylvania Infantry. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Obituary says 137th Pennsylvania, prior to entering Jefferson in 1863.
William Cassius Goodloe Kentucky 1862 Colonel; captain and assistant adjutant general 1862-64. (Unfinished Catalogue) Possibly 4th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, according to CWSSS.[Photo, Chapter Rolls and Directory, civilian aged]
Jonathan W. Gordon Indiana initiate (c. 1872) Private, Co. G, 9th Indiana Infantry, from April 23, 1861. Major, 11th Indiana Infantry, from June 18, 1861. (Unfinished Catalogue) [Carlisle says 11th US Inf.].  [Photo, Carlisle, uniformed]
William H. Gotwald Gettysburg 1866 Co. A., 26th Pennsylvania Militia 1863 (Alumni Record of Gettysburg College)
James Cornelius Graham Allegheny 1870 Private during Gettysburg invasion. (Unfinished Catalogue)  From Mattern: "i[nitiated] May --,1868 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 276 civilian]
Joseph P. Graham Washington and Jefferson 1869 Co. E, 129th Ohio Infantry, July 15, 1863-March 10, 1864. Enlisted at 16, prior to attending Jefferson. [PGD magazine May, 1926 p.1141]
*Henry M. Graham Washington 1862 Private, Independent Artillery Battery G, Pennsylvania Volunteers (Young's). Enlisted August 22, 1862. Died July 22, 1863 of typhoid fever, Fort Delaware. Same unit as Speers and Todd.
William M. (W.?) Granger Indiana initiate, (c. 1871?) Colonel (Unfinished Catalogue)
*Theodore Edgerton Greenwood Marietta 1859 Captain AAG, General Rosencrans' staff. Died in service, September 17, 1862 at Jacinto, MS.
David Preston Guthrie Allegheny 1864 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Dec. 26, 1861 . . . enrolled Feb. 6, 1865, and mustered in as 1st lieut., Co. B, 194th Ohio Vol. Inf., Feb. 15, 1865; honorably discharged Oct. 24th, 1865 . . . ."
William Bailey Hague Knox 1871 Co. F, 148th Illinois Infantry, enlisted February 11, 1865; mustered out in Louisville, August 26, 1865.  Initiated September 1867. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Henry Hamlin Hall Allegheny 1869 Private, Co. B, Pennsylvania Light Artillery. From Mattern: "i[nitiated] May 4, 1867 . . . Jan. 5, 1864, mustered in as priv., Ind. Battery B., Pa. Light Art.; served during Atlanta Campaign, as No. 4 at the piece, at battles of Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville; also dispatch courier with Chief of Artillery, Major Goodspeed, on staff of Gen. Stanley; 1865, after close of war, ordered to Tex.; mustered out Oct. 12, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 276 civilian]
William, Jr. Hall Jefferson 1861 USA (Unfinished Catalogue). Probably at Fort Donnelson: Grand Chapter minutes of February 9, 1864 instruct Secretary to "confer with other chapters and with Frater W. Hall [Jefferson 1861] at Fort Donelson in respect to assisting Frater Snell [Howard 1860], a prisoner at said fort."
Lewis Morris Hamilton Allegheny 1861 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 10, 1860 . . . enlisted Harrisburg, Aug. 15, 1862, and mustered in Aug. 29, 1862, for three years as corp., Co. K, 150th Pa. Vol. Inf. ["Lincoln Guard]; honorably discharged, Harrisburg, June 15, 1865 . . . ." Obit reads "This detachment was guarding the White House the night Lincoln was shot and Brother Hamilton was one of the guards of honor at the bier of the martyred president." [Photo Mattern, p. 275 civilian] [Mattern, p. 43, "after service in the field . . . detailed as guards at the White House." Obit PGD magazine, Nov. 1925, p. 623-4.]
Richard Watson Hargrave DePauw 1859 Lieutenant, 17th US Infantry, 1862-5. (1870 cat. "Capt. U.S.A.")
Merriman Colbert Harris Allegheny 1873 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] May 6, 1871 . . . enlisted and mustered in, Oct. 3, 1863, as corp., Co. H, 12th Ohio Cav.; mustered out, Nov. 14, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 277 civilian]
John Betts Hays Allegheny 1858 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] July, 1860 . . . enlisted, Wash., D.C., Oct. 24, 1861, and apptd. 2nd lieut., 19th U.S. Inf.; promoted tp 1st lieut., Apr. 5, 1862, to capt., Apr. 28, 1865; brevetted major "for faithful services during the War of the Rebellion," June 8, 1865; resigned Sept. 19, 1865; served with Army of the Potomac and engaged in many of the hard-fought battles in Va.; later served with distinction and great bravery in Army of the Cumberland; was div. commissary, 1st Corps, Army of Cumberland, and served on staffs of Gens. Baird, Stedman and Thomas; commended for proficiency and bravery by Gen. Roscrans . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian aged]
Charles Adolphus Heilig Gettysburg 1864 Private, US Army Signal Corps 1864-5 (Unfinished Catalogue, CWSSS)
Edward Heazelton Henderson Allegheny 1861 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 9, 1860 . . . enlisted, June 14, 1861, as pvt., Co. I (Ally. Coll. Co.), 39th Regt., 10th Pa. Res., for three years; promoted to sergt., June 18, 1862; wounded at Gaine's Mill, June 27, 1862; taken prisoner at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862, confined at Libby Prison, Richmond, Va., Dec. 17, 1862; paroled at City Point, Va., Jan. 10, 1863; reported at Camp Parole, Md., Jan. 12, 1863; sent to his regiment, May 16, 1863; mustered into service as 2d lieut. of same company, May 16, 1863; from July, 1863 to May 31, 1864, served as acting aide-de-camp, 3d Brigade, 3d Div., 5th Army Corps; honorably discharged, Pgh., June 11, 1864 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 23, civilian]  [Mattern, p. 43, says he "emerged from the War a captain."  Gives detail; says saved life of Ira Ayers, Jr. (Allegheny 1860).]
John Joseph Henderson Allegheny 1862 Ordnance sergeant, Co. K, 150th Pennsylvania. Third Div., 1st Corps. (Unfinished Catalogue)  From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 10, 1860 . . . enlisted Aug. 29, 1862, as priv., Co. K, 150th Regt., Pa. Vols. for three years; mustered out with Co., June 15, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, and Chapter Rolls and Directory; both civilian] [Mattern, p. 43, "after service in the field . . . detailed as guards at the White House . . . . witnessed the assassination of Lincoln." Obit PGD magazine, Feb. 1929, p. 30-1. Recollection of assassination, PGD magazine, April 1929, p. 535. Photo, PGD magazine, Oct. 1928 scrapbook section, civilian post-war.]
Harrington Rowland Hill Jefferson 1858 Captain, major,  lieutenant-colonel, Co. A, 115th Ohio. (Unfinished Catalogue)  [Photo, Carlisle, uniformed]
James, Jr. Hoag Allegheny 1862 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Oct. 2, 1861 . . . enrolled and mustered in July 24, 1862, Phila., Pa., as priv., Co. A, 68th Pa. Vol. Inf., to serve three years; promoted to corp., Apr. 30, 1863, and was honorably discharged from military service, Jan 29, 1864, on surgeon's certificate of disability, due to gun shot wouund [sic] of right thigh recd. at the battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 1863 . . . ."
John Hampden Holliday Hanover 1864 Private, 137th Indiana Volunteers (five months, 1865). [Photo Chapter Rolls and Directory, civilian]
Nicholas Howell Holmes Allegheny 1870 Corporal, Independent Co. of Sharpshooters and acting sergeant-major, 1st Battalion US Sharpshooters. (Unfinished Catalogue)  From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Jan. 20, 1866 . . . enrolled, Aug. 30, 1862, as sergt., 7th Co., 1st. Batt., U.S. Sharpshooters; mustered in Sept. 12, 1862, Jamestown, N.Y.; captured Aug. 19, 1864, before Petersburg; confined in Salisbury Prison, N.C.; escaped Oct. 17, 1864, and reached Union lines at Granville, Tenn., Nov. 8, 1864; honorably discharged, June 3, 1864, near Washington, D.C., with rank of adjutant . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 276, civilian]
Sidney Benjamin Hotchkiss Allegheny 1871 Private, Co. B, 56th Pennsylvania, 3 months, 1862. (Unfinished Catalogue)  From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Nov. 20, 1869 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 276, civilian]
Morton Craig Hunter Indiana initiate Colonel, 82nd Indiana Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted August 17, 1862.  Commanded 1st Brigade, 3rd Division of 14th Army Corps from Atlanta until war's end.  Brevetted brigadier-general volunteers, March 13, 1865.  Honorably discharged June 24, 1865. (Biographical Directory of the US Congress)  [Photo Chapter Rolls and Directory, civilian; and Carlisle, uniformed]
William Jack Washington 1860 Captain and surgeon, 84th and 117th [or 177th?] Pennsylvania. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Andrew Johnson Allegheny 1861 Private. From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 10, 1860 . . . enrolled, Aug. 16, 1862, and mustered in Aug. 20, 1862, at Wheeling, Va., as priv. in Capt. John Carlin's Battery, which later became Battery D, 1st Va. Artillery, and again changed to Battery D, 1st W.Va., Light Artillery; served until honorably discharged, June 27, 1865 . . . ."  [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian aged]
David Dick Johnson Allegheny 1867 First lieutenant; major, lieutenant colonel, and colonel 14th West Virginia Infantry.
Lewis Walter Keplinger Illinois Wesleyan 1868 ". . . Fought with General Grant at Vicksburg, had marched through the south with Sherman and ended his four years service at the "Grand Review" in Washington." - A Century of Men, a history of Alpha Deuteron Chapter.
Frank D. Kerr Washington and Jefferson 1870 Musician, Co. H, 140th Pennsylvania, mustered in August 22, 1862. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, Coles' Maryland Cavalry (1st Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade), April 14, 1864; mustered out June 28, 1865. (Stewart, Robert L., History of the One Hundred and Fortieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, and History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania)
Jeremiah Kinniff Allegheny 1864 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Dec. 26, 1861 . . . enrolled, Meadville, June 29, 1863 as pvt., Co. F, 58th Regt., Pa. Vol. Militia; mustered into State service with Co., Pgh., June 29, 1863, for term of 90 days; mustered out with Co., Pgh., Aug. 14. 1863, as services were no longer required . . . ."
Nathan Pearl Kinsley Allegheny 1868 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] May 5, 1866 . . . enlisted, Erie, Pa., Aug. 21, 1862, for three years as a priv., Co. H, 145th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.; participated in battles of Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor and Petersburg; at last place, June 16, 1864, was taken prisoner and confined in Andersonville Prison until Apr. 28, 1865; honorably discharged as orderly sergt. at Harrisburg, June 2, 1865 . . . ."  [Photo Mattern, p. 276, civilian]
Mark Kirby Wabash 1872 Captain, according to Wabash "Roll of Honor" plaque.  Initiated after the war.
Lewis Trump Kirk Allegheny 1871 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Oct. 2, 1869 . . . enlisted, Cleveland, O., May 2, 1864, as pvt., then corp., Co. I, 129th Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf.; honorably discharged, Cleveland, O., Sept. 4, 1864 . . . ."  [Photo Mattern, p. 276, civilian]
Joseph Loew Kitchen Illinois Wesleyan 1863 Private33rd Illinois Infantry. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Muster roll says musician, Co. C, and in Aug. 22 1861, fife major for regiment.
Jacob Kline Gettysburg 1860 First lieutenant (1861), brevet captain (1862), captain (1864), brevet major (1864), 16th U.S. Infantry.
Frederick Klinefelter Gettysburg 1862 Private, Co. H, 16th Pennsylvania, 3 months in 1861.  Captain, Co. A, 26th Pennsylvania, 1863. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Ira J. Lacock Washington 1856 "During the summer companies of home guards were organized in different sections of the county . . . . At Hiawatha there was a very large and finely drilled company under command of Capt. I.J. Lacock . . . ." History and Statistics of Brown County, Kansas, 1876  Shortly thereafter Lacock was elected a Kansas state legislator; he apparently never entered regular service.
Charles E. Lambert Baker 1873, Northwestern 1875 Private, Co. D, 12th Kansas, three years. Died at veterans home, Restil, Washington. (CWSSS, PGD magazine obituary)
Edwin Howe Leavitt Washington 1848 Chaplain USA, 1866-70. (Unfinished Catalogue)
*Alexander Brown Lewis Jefferson 1856 Sergeant, first lieutenant, Co. E, 5th Iowa Infantry. (CWSSS)  Died September 1862 after wounded at Inca (or Iuka), MS. (Unfinished Catalogue)
William H. Lightcap Knox 1872 Private, 5th Iowa Cavalry, 1861-5 (Unfinished Catalogue).  Wilkinson says 5th PA and Andersonville POW (nine months according to PGD magazine).
Theodore Livings Wabash 1868 2nd Lieutenant, Company D, and later adjutant of the 93rd Indiana Infantry.biography
Charles MaItes Ludwig Gettysburg 1863 Corporal, Co. D, 129th Pennsylvania, 9 months in 1863. (Unfinished Catalogue)
George Lyon Mahoney Allegheny 1861 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Sept. 5, 1860 . . . enrolled Meadville, Pa., June 29, 1863, as pvt., Co. F, 58th Pa. Vol. Militia; mustered in Pgh., June 29, 1863, for term of 90 days; mustered out with Co., Pgh., Aug. 14, 1863, services no longer required . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian]
William Stanhope Marshall Jefferson 1856 Second lieutenant, major, Co. E, 5th Iowa Infantry, 1861-65. (CWSSS)  Prisoner of war 1863. (Unfinished Catalogue)
George Frederick Matson DePauw 1877 1st Lieutenant
William McClelland Allegheny 1870 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Mar. 9, 1866 . . . enlisted, June 28, 1861, as pvt., Battery B, 1st Pa. Reserve Artillery [Carlisle says "Btry. B, 1st Regt., Pa. Vol. Lt. Arty. Muehlers Battery."]; Apr. 8. 1864, promoted to 2d lieut., Sept. 12, 1864, 1st lieut. and Feb. 23, 1865, to capt.; mustered out, June 9, 1865; took part in all battles fought by the Army of the Potomac except Chancellorsville and Gettysburg; wounded at Petersburg, Apr. 2, 1865 . . . ." Later US congressman.  [Photo Mattern, p. 276, and Carlisle, both post-war civilian]
John Frederick McCreary Gettysburg 1860 Captain, Co. B, 138th Pennsylvania 1861-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Hugh K. McJunkin Washington and Jefferson 1868 3rd Heavy Artillery (Unfinished Catalogue).  Light Battery H, 3rd Pennsylvania Artillery (152nd Regiment). (Chapter Rolls and Directory)
*James William McKean Jefferson 1859 Captain, Co. C, 44th Iowa, 1864. (CWSSS)  Died July 9, 1864 of typhoid fever at Officers Hospital, Memphis, TN. (Unfinished Catalogue)  As president of Bowen Collegiate Institute (later Lenox College), Iowa, he had volunteered for service; the entire student body save one also volunteered to become Co. C. Monument to him and other Lenox College dead at former campus, Hopkinton, Iowa.
Patterson McNutt DePauw 1860 Captain, 73rd Illinois  (PGD magazine, October 1913).  Co. C, mustered August 21, 1862; resigned July 29, 1863 (see muster roll)
Edmund Washington Meisenhelder Gettysburg 1864 Private, Co. H, 26th Pennsylvania Militia;enlisted June 17, 1863 through August for emergency service during Gettysburg campaign.  Later secondlieutenant, Co. D, 210th (120th?) Pennsylvania. (PGD magazine says in 210th as quartermaster-sergeant, second lieutenant, then first lieutenant; mustered out 1865.)
Lebbeus Ruger [Ringer?] Metzgar Jefferson 1861 Pennsylvania Cavalry, Signal Corps. Wounded at Chickamauga. 1862-65. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Alexander Ready Miller Allegheny 1864 Chaplain, 202nd Pennsylvania Volunteers. (Unfinished Catalogue)  From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Feb. 20, 1861 . . . enlisted, Sept. 9, 1864, as chaplain, 202d regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.; served until mustered out with regt., Aug. 3, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian aged]
*David Minis Jefferson 1850 Surgeon, 48th Pennsylvania; died February 14, 1862, at Roanoke Island, NC.
William Adam Montgomery Washington 1857 Second Lieutenant; infantry; 15th Wisconsin, Co. G; (enlisted at) Beloit Dec. 14, 1861; First Lieutenant Oct. 1, 1862 not mustered; promoted Captain Co. I Jan. 21, 1863; commissioned Captain Feb. 7, 1863; mustered April 4, 1863; mustered out of service Feb. 10, 1865. From Wisconsin Veteran's Museum database.
*James H. Moore Washington 1854 USA, 1864 [probably Indiana]. Died Bridgeport, AL 1864 "congestion of the brain". (Unfinished Catalogue)
Oscar Burnham Moss Allegheny 1879 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] 1877 . . . enlisted, Dec. 1, 1864, mustered in Dec. 14, 1864, as pvt., Co. I, 30th Mich. Inf. Vols.; served until honorably discharged, Detroit, June 23, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 279, chapter]
Francis Muhlenberg Gettysburg 1864 Co. A, 26th Pennsylvania Militia 1863 (Alumni Record of Gettysburg College)
William O'Brien DePauw 1862 Major, 6th Indiana Cavalry. (Unfinished Catalogue says "Brigadier General; died 1863.")
Samuel Addison Oliver Washington 1851 ". . . provost marshal during the Civil War; member of the [Iowa] State house of representatives in 1863 and 1864; delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1864 . . . . "  Biographical Directory of the US Congress
Thomas McDonald [MacDonald] Patterson Wabash 1868 Enlisted 11th Indiana Infantry, in 1861. Initiated after the war.  US Congressman and Senator.  Biography
William Anderson Patton Hanover 1864 Private, 137th Indiana, 5 months May-October 1864. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Robert William Playford Jefferson 1852 Surgeon. [Photo in possession of family, PGD magazine 84,3,22.]
Daniel Stannard Porter Washington 1860 Lieutenant, captain, and Lieutenant-colonel, 11th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserves. Brevetted colonel for gallantry in action. Battles: Seven Days, Bull Run, South Mountain, Anteitam, Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, Kellys Ford, Rappahannock Station, Brisbon Station, Mile Run. (Unfinished Catalogue) 
Joseph A. Potter DePauw 1871 Chaplain. [Presidio post chaplain in 1898 was a Joseph A. Potter]
*Francis H. Power Washington 1851 US Army; died Nashville, TN October 16, 1863. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Douglas(s), Jr. Putnam Marietta 1859 First lieutenant and adjutant, major, and lieutenant-colonel, 92nd Ohio, 1861-63. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Commanded regiment at Chickamauga, Tenn., and wounded at Missionary Ridge. Aide to General Grant at Battle of Shiloh.
Abel Milligan Rawn Ohio Wesleyan 1879 Private, 10th Ohio Cavalry, May 1862 to August 1868. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Franklin Philander Ray Allegheny 1862 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 9, 1860 . . . enlisted, Brookville, Pa., Apr. 24, 1861, as corp., Co. K, 8th Pa. Vol. Inf.; served under Gen. Patterson in Valley Campaign of 1861, also to repel Morgan raid but only reached Pgh.; honorably discharged, Harrisburg, Pa., July 29, 1861 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 23, civilian]
John B. Reinholdt Allegheny 1860 Lieutenant and assistant surgeon, 51st Pennsylvania Infantry. From Mattern: "physician; enlisted 1861, pvt. Co. H., 12th Pa. Vols., for three mos.; re-enlisted, Aug. 2, 1862, as asst. surg. (lieut.), 51st Pa. Inf.; disabled at Burnside Mine in front of Petersburg, Va., July 15, 1864; honorably discharged, June 6, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 23, civilian]
George Leonard Reis Allegheny 1866 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Oct. 7, 1865 . . . served from Aug. 12, 1862-Aug. 1, 1865, in Civil War on detached service . . . ."
Michael Diehl Reymer Gettysburg 1861 Co. K, 126th Pennsylvania, and US Signal Corps 1863-1865 (Alumni Record of Gettysburg College).
Frank Richards Gettysburg 1864 Private, Co. A, 26th Pennsylvania, "Emergency, Gettysburg, Pa., 6 weeks" (Unfinished Catalogue).
*John Wallace Richards Jefferson 1861 Enlisted 40th Indiana Infantry, then transferred to the quartermasters department. Died of disease 9/20/1864, Tullahoma, Tennessee.
Matthias Henry Richards Gettysburg 1860 Corporal, Co, A, 26th Pennsylvania "Emergency Gettysburg, Pa., 6 weeks" in 1863 (Unfinished Catalogue).  (Wrote "When College Songs" while an undergraduate.)
Hiram Lawton, Jr. Richmond Allegheny 1860 Second lieutenant, Co. F, 58th Pennsylvania Volunteers. From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 9, 1860 . . . June 29, 1863, enrolled as sgt., Co. F, 58th Regt. Pa., Vol. Militia; July 10, 1863, promoted to 2d lieut. and mustered into service for 90 days; mustered out, Aug. 14, 1863, services no longer required . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian]  Mattern, p. 44, ". . . rejected for United States duty on account of a disabled knee, enlisted with Kinniff and Mahoney in the Pennsylvania Militia, called out to repel the threatened invasion of the State by the Confederate raider, John H. Morgan, and took part in his capture."
William M. Ridpath DePauw 1870 Initiated after war; private, 115th Indiana Infantry; then private, 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery to July, 1865 (see Chapter Rolls and Directory, 1898).
Elliott S. Riggs Jefferson 1863 Obit. reads, "Following his graduation from the arts college, he went to the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia.  During his student days he served in the medical corps of the Federal army." PGD magazine, Nov. 1926, p. 244-5.
John Thomas Riley Allegheny 1868 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 21, 1875 . . . enlisted, Washington, Pa., Aug. 18, 1862, as pvt. Co. K, 16th Pa. Cav.; served in Kentucky and with Army of the Cumberland; honorably discharged, Potomac Creek, near Wash., D.C., Apr. 9, 1863 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 277, civilian aged]
Jason Lee Rippetoe DePauw 1863 Private, 18th Indiana Battery, two years. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Obit. mistakenly reads "As an officer of the 19th Indiana battery he served with distinction in the Civil War." PGD magazine, Feb. 1926, p. 848-9. CWSSS says 18th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery.
William Benson Rippetoe DePauw 1869 Private, 16th Indiana Infantry, one year; first lieutenant, 18th Indiana Battery; 1863-5. (Unfinished Catalogue) CWSSS says entered 18th as second lieutenant, and mustered out as first lieutenant.
Eli Foster Ritter DePauw 1863 Private, 14th Indiana Infantry [for one year]; captain and adjutant, C. K, 79th Indiana Infantry; reportedly commanded regiment during Atlanta campaign. Later Colonel, 1st Regiment, Indiana State Guards. (Unfinished Catalogue; 1870 catalogue reads "Major U.S. Vols.")  (PGD magazine reads 16th Indiana and 79th Indiana; initiated fall 1859.)
William Ross Washington and Jefferson 1867 Private, Co. D, 135th Indiana Infantry, May 23, 1864 to September 29, 1864.
David Luther Roth Muhlenberg 1873 Drummer (Unfinished Catalogue)
James H. Ruddell DePauw 1863 Lieutenant, Indiana Infantry. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Theodore Calvin Sanderson Gettysburg 1876 Private, Co. A, 149th Pennsylvania, 4 months to close of war. (Unfinished Catalogue)
John Peter Clever (Cleaver, Cleaves) Shanks Indiana initiate (c. 1872) Colonel, 7th Indiana Cavalry. Staff of General John C. Fremont. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Brevetted brigadier general USV December 8, 1864.  Brevetted major general USV March 13, 1865.  Later US Congress.  [Photo, Carlisle, uniformed]
John Henry Sharpe Washington 1863 Anderson Cavalry, 4th Pennsylvania.  At Antietam, Kentucky and Tennessee.  Honorably discharged 1862.   (see Chapter Rolls and Directory, 1898.)
John Henry Shepherd City College 1874, Columbia 1874 1st N. T. Lincoln Cavalry, Custer's Division, Sheridan's Cavalry Corps, September 1864 to June 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue)
George Augustus Sheridan Wabash initiate (c. 1878) Captain, Co. D, 88th Illinois Infantry; resigned October 28, 1864.  After war, general of militia in Louisiana, US congressman, and Washington DC's recorder of deeds.  Noted as Republican campaigner by Rutherford B. Hayes.
Jacob Daniel Schindel Gettysburg 1864 26th Pennsylvania, for "emergency service" during Gettysburg campaign, summer of 1863. "Special clerk at the headquarters of General D. N. Couch, commanding Department of the Susquehanna." (PGD magazine, October 1892)
Thomas Norwood Sickles Jefferson 1860 Enlisted Chicago Mercantile Battery, August 29, 1862; discharged January 4, 1864 for promotion. Commissioned first lieutenant, Co. E, 10th US Colored Heavy Artillery. Resigned April, 1866. (Class history, 1911; CWSSS)
James W. Leander Slavens DePauw 1859 73rd Illinois, quartermaster then commissary. Later first lieutenant ACF, staff of Major-General Thomas.
Bascom Benson Smith Allegheny 1869, City College 1869 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Sept. 4, 1863 . . . Aug. 8, 1862, mustered in as sergt., Co. E, 123d Regt. Pa. Vols.; Dec. 20, 1862, promoted to sergt.-major; mustered out with regt., May 16, 1863 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian aged]
Charles W. Smith DePauw 1867 At surrender of Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House.  Initiated 1863; enlisted May 1864 in Co. F, 133rd Indiana Infantry; [transferred, sergeant major, Co. H, 109th Colored Infantry]; 2d lieutenant Dec. 1864; 1st lieutenant May 1865; adjutant Aug. 1865. (Chapter Rolls and Directory, 1898.)  Mustered out October, 1865.  (Unfinished Catalogue also says "Lieutenant-Colonel and Judge Advocate of Indiana on Staff of Governor N. G. Porter")  "In May [1865] he was detailed on General R. H. Jackson's staff; in June appointed first lieutenant, and at his own request relieved from duty at division headquarters and returned to his regiment." (PGD magazine, October 1890)
Nathan Stout Smith Ohio Wesleyan 1870 Captain, 110th Ohio Infantry, 1863-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Orlando J. Smith DePauw 1862 16th Indiana Infantry (1861-2); 6th Indiana Cavalry, July 1862 to 1865, 1st lieutenant, promoted to Major.  In Kentucky, East Tennessee; wounded at Atlanta.  POW in Charleston, SC.  [Uniformed picture with badgeThe Photographic History of the Civil War] (1870 cat. "Colonel U.S. Vols.")
Samuel Roger(s) Smith Kentucky 1861 Kentucky Home Guard 1861-62, fighting Morgan at Shelby Farms 1862;chief clerk, US Mustering Office, Camp Nelson, KY 1864-5. (PGD magazine June 1890, p. 191)
*Zerah Costen Smullin Allegheny 1860 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 10, 1860 . . . enlisted, Nov. 13, 1863, as drummer-boy and pvt., Co. D, 103d Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf. . . . d. Harrison's Landing, Va., while in service, Aug. 5, 1862, tuberculosis."
Gonzalvo Cordoza Smythe DePauw initiate (c. 1870) Major, 1861-5 (Unfinished Catalogue); "surgeon and major of the 43rd Indiana" (PGD magazine January 1956 p.181)
Henry V. Speers Washington 1863 Independent Artillery Battery G, Pennsylvania Volunteers (Young's). Private August 22, 1862; Corporal September 20, 1864; discharged May 31, 1865 on surgeon's certificate. (Bates, History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.) Same unit as Graham and Todd.
Charles Franklin Springer DePauw 1858 Private, first lieutenant, captain, 140th Illinois; colonel, 150th Illinois Infantry, 1864-5. (Unfinished Catalogue) [Photo, Carlisle, uniformed]; PGD magazine says private May 24, 1864 for five months; four months later, enlisted 150th Illinois; elected captain [more likely lt. colonel] 24th February 1865.  Commissioned colonel the following December. Mustered out January 16th, 1866.
James Clark Stockton Washington 1853 Assistant surgeon, later surgeon, 36th U.S. Colored Troops, 1861-65. (Unfinished Catalogue; CWSSS)
George E. Strobridge Northwestern "His studies were for a time interrupted by his service in the Christian Commission, and as a lieutenant in the United States Volunteers during the Civil War." PGD magazine, April 1901, p.358.
Charles Tinsley DePauw 1868 "U.S.A., in Christian Commission, '65" (Unfinished Catalogue)
Thomas Milton Todd Washington 1862 Independent Artillery Battery G, Pennsylvania Volunteers (Young's). Private August 22, 1862; Corporal August 1, 1863; Sergeant, October 1, 1863. Mustered out June 18, 1865. (Bates, History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-65.) Same unit as Speers and Graham.
Samuel R. (Kinnah?) Van Sant Knox 1870 Private and corporal (possibly captain), Co. A, Ninth Illinois Cavalry, 1863-66; later governor of Minnesota and national commander of G.A.R. [Obit, photo, PGD magazine, Dec. 1936, p. 295.civilian post-war]
Lewis Clark [Louis?] Wagoner
Illinois Wesleyan 1869 Private, Co. M, 2nd Illinois Cavalry, Nov. 16, 1861 to Jan. 11, 1864. (PGD magazine February 1887)
Lew Wallace DePauw initiate (c. 1868) Adjutant general of Indiana 1861. April 1861 Colonel, 11th Indiana; in West Virginia.  September 3, 1861 appointed brigadier general, Fort Donelson.  March 21, 1862 promoted major general; commanded 3rd Division at Shiloh. Commander of 8th Corps at Baltimore. Delayed General J. A. Early at Monocacy, saving Washington from capture. Member of the military commission which tried the Lincoln conspirators; president of court-martial of Henry Wirz (Andersonville commandant).  Archon President of Phi Gamma Delta from 1898 to 1900. Initiated at DePauw, January 10, 1868. [Photo, Carlisle, uniformed]
Wilson Dewitt Wallace Jefferson 1861 2nd Lieutentant then Captain, Co. C, 40th Indiana, 1861-3. Wounded 1/2/1863 in the arm at Stones River, TN. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Bradish Calvin Ward Jefferson 1852 Chaplain, US Army 1864-65. Note: Ward resigned from the Fraternity in 1851 due to his parents' opposition to secrecy; the Archons reinstated his membership in 1910. [PGD magazine, 1910]
William D. Ward DePauw 1858 Captain, major, lieutenant-colonel, 37th Indiana Infantry, August 18, 1861 to October 27, 1864. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Shelah Waters Union U. 1860 Captain, Co. B, then Major, 5th Tennessee Cavalry (also called Stoke's Cavalry, and First Middle Tennesse Cavalry), 1862-1865.
Thomas Waters Union U. 1862 Co. B, 5th Tennessee Cavalry (Unfinished Catalogue) 1862-1865, succeeding Shela Waters (Union 1860) as captain, 1864. Transferred to be Major, 4th Tennessee Mounted Infantry, 1865.
Albert Watson Jefferson 1860 10/10/1861 1st Lt. & adjutant, 2nd Ohio Cavalry. 8/14/62 aide-de-camp Brig. Gen. Solomon at Fort Scott, Kansas. Mustered out 9/30/1862. September 1863 to July 1865, assistant to judge advocate of the Department of the Ohio.
Jacob Weidel Gettysburg 1860 Captain, Co. K, 209th Pennsylvania Volunteers, August 16, 1864 to May 31, 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue)
James Madison Wells Allegheny 1861 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 10, 1860 . . . enlisted, Oct. 22, 1861, Erie, Pa., as 1st lieut., Co. F, 11th Regt. Pa. Vols.; Feb. 14, 1863, promoted to adjutant; to capt., Co. F, May 16, 1863; to brevet major and lieut-col., Mar. 13, 1865; wounded, Oct. 28, 1863, Wauhatchie, Tenn., in right leg and sigt of right eye by explosion of shell; also, May 15, 1864, Resaca, Ga., in right hand; participated in battles of Army of Potomac until after Gettysburg; Sept. 24, 1863, sent to reinforce Rosecrans' Amry of the Cumberland and thereafter in all battles in Tenn., and on Sherman's March to the Sea; mustered out with Co., July 19, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, uniformed] [Mattern, p. 47-48, wartime contact with CSA's JA Crawford (Allegheny 1861).]
Thomas Jefferson Wells Allegheny 1862 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 10, 1860 . . . enlisted, Mar. 30, 1865, as pvt., Co. B, Pa. Vol. Inf.; discharged by gen. Order, June 5, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian aged]
Robert Caldwell Welsh Jefferson 1861 Lieutenant, 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry, 1862-5. (Unfinished Catalogue)
Henry Kirk[e?] White Jefferson 1861 Volunteer surgeon 1865. (Unfinished Catalogue)
James Harvey White Gettysburg 1861 Adjutant, 165th Pennsylvania Infantry 1862-3. (Unfinished Catalogue)  Humorously wrote to Grand Chapter: "I was wounded with hard tack in the stomach."
Albert Mattison Williams Allegheny 1861 Private, 111th Pennsylvania Volunteers. From Mattern: "i[nitiated] June 10, 1860 . . . enlisted, Sept. 15, 1861, as pvt. Co. E, 111th Pa. Vols.; promoted to Hosp. Steward, July 1, 1864; mustered out with regt., July 19, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 275, civilian]
James McKendree (MacKendree) Williams Allegheny 1873 From Mattern: "i[nitiated] Feb. 1, 1877 . . . enlisted, Columbus, O., Apr. 11, 1864, as pvt., Co. C, 3rd U.S. Cav.; served until mustered out with Co., Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 3, 1865 . . . ." [Photo Mattern, p. 277, civilian]  (PGD magazine, November 1909, says enlisted at thirteen years old.)
Eugene McLanahan Wilson Jefferson 1852 Captain, Co. A, First Minnesota Mounted Rangers, 1862-3.  Later US Congressman. (Unfinished Catalogue; Biographical Directory of the US Congress)
George Crawford Wilson DePauw 1857 2nd Lieutenant "on the staff of General Buford" (PGD magazine, January 1956 p.180]
William Swan Wilson Jefferson 1851 Chaplain, 88th Indiana, August 1862 to June 1862. (Unfinished Catalogue)
John Wright Wabash 1868 Fought in Civil War (chapter history p. 29)

* Indicates died in service.

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