Academic Support

Many brothers maintain that knowledge is an “individual matter” and the Fraternity can do little or nothing to improve or hinder the performance of an individual member. The academic performance of each member is an individual responsibility, but such responsibility must be supported and stimulated by the chapter’s actions and systems.

As members of Phi Gamma Delta, we are required to aid and assist our brothers – to expect accountability and to strive for excellence. Academic success is no easy task. However, a strong scholarship program will provide a means toward that end. The Fraternity's Scholarship Manual is available to support chapters in creating and maintaining their scholarship program.

 Grade Reporting

Phi Gamma Delta chapters and provisional chapters consistently outperform. The Phi Gamma Delta all-chapter average has been above both all-men's average and all-fraternity average every semester since 2006.

The Fraternity asks chapters to submit grade reports as soon as they become available at the end of each semester.

Submit Grades Here

 Scholarship Advisors

Additional resources, including those related to recruiting and supporting Scholarship (Faculty) Advisors, are available by contacting the Senior Director of Education.

Health & Safety Education

Through programming we inform and seek to influence our members on a personal and social level. Our commitment to alcohol education, sexual assault prevention, hazing prevention, and risk management makes Phi Gamma Delta a leader in promoting healthy decisions. Health & Safety Education questions should be directed to the Senior Director of Education.

 Alcohol-Free Housing

Phi Gamma Delta chapter house facilities and chapter properties not possessing an exemption shall be alcohol-free. No alcohol shall be present, possessed, brought onto, or consumed in or on any portion or room of any chapter house facility or chapter property. Chapters meeting the requirements of fraternity Bylaw 19.300 may acquire an annual exemption from this alcohol-free housing policy.

Alcohol-Free Housing (AFH) Exemption

Approximately 18-22% of Phi Gamma Delta’s chapters are annually granted an exemption from the alcohol-free housing requirement. Chapters applying for the exemption must meet standards for educational programming, academic achievement, risk reduction, and chapter operations. Exemptions are granted on an annual basis with an effective term of August 1 - July 31. Applications for the 2023-24 academic year are due no later than April 1, 2023.

A committee of two graduate brothers and three undergraduate brothers conducts the exemption granting process. 

2023-24 Application Filing Information & Deadline

All chapters must submit their applications electronically. Documents in the application packet are provided in a Microsoft Word format and may be filled in electronically, saved and submitted. Additional documentation and pages requiring signatures should be scanned as either PDF files or picture files (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.). The Exemption application and filing information can be found below.

Follow the Steps Below to Submit Your Application:
  1. Download and complete the 2023-24 AFH Exemption Application.
  2. Once completed, visit the AFH Exemption Upload Page.
  3. Click the “Add” link in the upper-right corner.
  4. You will be asked to login to the website before you can upload the application file(s).
  5. Files must be uploaded one at a time. Enter file names with your school name and document number (ex: Jefferson College 1), browse your PC for the appropriate file and click "Upload."
  6. All applications must be uploaded by 11:59 pm ET, on April 1, 2023. The Exemption Review Committee will not accept late or incomplete applications. You may submit your application ANYTIME before April 1, 2023.

Note: When possible, PDF file(s) are preferred, but we also except image files (JPG, PNG, etc.). We recommend saving the full application with supplemental documentation as one PDF. However, files exceeding 10 MBs must be split into multiple files.


 Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

ASTP is a discussion-based program that uses an approach to alcohol education that is non-judgmental, non-confrontational and meets members where they are in terms of readiness to change their behaviors. It acknowledges that college students drink and any steps toward reducing risk are steps in the right direction. ASTP was designed to provide drinkers and nondrinkers with information regarding alcohol use and associated negative consequences. The program also teaches skills to reduce risky use and/or abstain from use altogether.

To request ASTP at your chapter, complete the Program Request Form:

Program Request Form


GreekLifeEdu is an online program that addresses the critical issues of alcohol awareness, sexual assault and hazing for incoming fraternity and sorority members. By leveraging trends and incorporating multiple evidence-based learning theories, GreekLifeEdu achieves behavior change objectives and helps members practice safer decision-making. Throughout this program, students are reminded of their values and strengths, and they are challenged to consider ways to leverage them throughout different interactive scenarios.

 Mental Health

 Real Risk: Recognizing the Testing Points

This case-study based program utilizes real scenarios faced by our brothers in recent years. The program walks through what brothers need to know to effectively address harmful situations and prevent them in the future. It also illustrates the real consequences of poor leadership and values incongruence. The interactive format allows brothers to view facts about an incident that occurred, discuss what questions they would need to ask, to see what risk management practices may have been broken, and finally, compare their own speculations to the resultant punishment that was given.

 Sexual Violence Prevention & Healthy Relationships

The Social Strengths Program offers brothers education in important topics such as healthy relationships, consent, sexual violence prevention, safe social environments and bystander intervention. The Social Strengths Program is broken into two parts: an in-person workshop and an E-Manual. The interactive program helps brothers become more aware of their surroundings and look out for their peers while equipping them to confidently support a friend in need through a trained facilitator. 

 Testing Points Workshop

The Testing Points Workshop, was created as a workshop for Phi Gamma Delta's undergraduate members by Aaron Boe, the Founder & lead trainer of Culture Strength. This discussions-based workshop puts an emphasis on what is most relevant and realistic in both bystander intervention and pro-active personal development for today’s collegiate men.

It takes an innovative, positively framed approach to addressing critical issues. Collegiate men will be provided with key insights and led through strategic discussions on sexual misconduct, personal relationships, how older members treat new and younger members and other key issues.

To receive the Testing Points Workshop, please complete the Program Request Form:

Program Request Form


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Member Education

The Fraternity provides members with leadership development opportunities at every level. The most basic and pervasive of these is the chapter. By taking an active role in the affairs of their chapter, undergraduate brothers learn how to work as part of a team and to contribute toward a common goal.

New Member Education

The Fraternity's New Member Education Program, Foundation of Courage, is a concise, organized approach that makes it easier for chapters and New Member Educators to conduct a program that supports academic and Fraternity success. New Member Education questions should be directed to the Senior Director of Education.

 Foundation of Courage: The Fraternity's New Member Education Program

Foundation of Courage is Phi Gamma Delta's onboarding and socialization program for new members, preparing participants for a lifetime of Courageous Leadership.  A summary of the program is available here. 

This Strong Foundation Is Built of:
  • Friendship: Developing fraternal relationships based on honesty, trust and accountability.
  • Knowledge: Applying Phi Gamma Delta historical and contextual information to today’s student experience.
  • Service: Creating a positive impact in the world through global and local service.
  • Morality: Expanding skills to take on life’s “Testing Points” and making a positive impact on college and community.
  • Excellence: Working for the advancement of society and the good name of Phi Gamma Delta.
Program Resources:

 The Purple Pilgrim

The Purple Pilgrim is an introduction to the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta. Throughout the book, and during your new member education, you will get an overview of what the Fraternity believes is important to all members. In addition to answering questions about chapter and fraternity organization and operations, the book presents the ideals and values of Phi Gamma Delta. The Purple Pilgrim makes known the basic expectations and responsibilities of membership as a new member and initiated brother. As you learn how to be a good member, you will become aware of the many opportunities to develop your leadership abilities.

Accessing the Purple Pilgrim:

Order hard copies of the Purple Pilgrim through the Chapter Store:

Order the Purple Pilgrim

Read/download the digital version of the Purple Pilgrim through Issuu:



Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) 2023

UIFI is a four-day, three-night, immersive leadership experience hosted by AFLV (Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values). At UIFI, fraternity/sorority students come together to challenge conventional wisdom, discover new solutions to critical problems and accelerate progress in their fraternity/sorority communities. Participants will learn from each other in large and small groups with space for individual reflection and introspection. A primary goal is for all participants to have a new perspective about their own fraternity/sorority experience as a result of their time at UIFI.

Participating in UIFI means that you are willing to talk about how fraternity and sorority leaders live their ritual. It means having a vision for positive change and being a Courageous Leader, doing what is right and devising a plan to change the current direction of some fraternities and sororities. UIFI is interactive, fun, challenging and intentional.

 Who Is the Ideal Attendee?

UIFI is for any brother with the desire to be a strong leader and who believes in the fraternal experience. You do not have to hold a formal leadership role or a specific office to attend.


Phi Gamma Delta is excited to continue offering scholarship opportunities for 25 brothers to attend UIFI. These scholarships will be awarded on a first-come first-serve basis, with an effort to include as many chapters as possible. The scholarship covers the cost of registration for the Institute, while the chapter is responsible for the cost of travel. Many Interfraternity Councils, Sorority/Fraternity Offices and/or Student Governments offer assistance for educational travel. To claim a scholarship or if you have questions. Contact the Senior Director of Education  Lauren Tanner-Leif.

 Registration Deadlines

Chapters or individuals interested in a scholarship should email the Senior Director of Education. A waiting list will be kept and any scholarships not assigned by February 6, 2023 will be released for multiple brothers from the same chapter to attend. Once available, attendees must register for UIFI on AFLV's website. That registration deadline is April 13, 2023.

 Event Details


Bloomington, Indiana

Summer 2023 Dates:

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Risk Management

Since 1988, Phi Gamma Delta’s Risk Management Policy and related educational efforts have provided expectations and guidance to brothers and chapters on reducing the risk associated with fraternity activities. These resources will help chapters manage their events and daily activities in a manner that reduces the risk of injury to people or damage to property. Risk management questions should be directed to the Assistant Executive Director.

 Crisis Management

 Event Planning

 General Resources

 Housing Concerns

 Insurance Information


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Phi Gamma Delta's Learning Portal (LMS)

The Fraternity's Learning Management System (LMS) supplements our written resources, in-person training and communication. This on-demand platform contains courses that are designed to better equip you to manage your chapter/provisional chapter. It also contains additional opportunities for you to discuss and interact with other chapter officers around this content. The Chapter President's Risk Management Agreement and New Member Educator's Agreement are integrated into their respective courses. Here are instructions on how to access the LMS. Current courses include: 

 Hazing Prevention for Chapter Officers & New Member Educators

Hazing Prevention for Chapter Officers & New Member Educators is an online module that helps brothers understand the purpose of new member education, reviews the definition of hazing, the New Member's Bill of Rights and how to prevent hazing in the chapter. New Member Educators are required to complete the course and sign the New Member Educator's Agreement prior to the start of the chapter's new member education program.

 Risk Management for Chapter Officers

Risk Management for Chapter Officers is an online module that breaks down the Fraternity's Risk Management Policy by reviewing of the policy and applying it to real chapter situations. Chapter Presidents are required to complete the course and sign a Risk Management Agreement every fall and spring.


Additional content will be added, both for graduate volunteers and undergraduate members. We appreciate your feedback on this new platform, and suggestions for future content. 

To access Phi Gamma Delta's Learning Portal, follow the link below (you must be logged into the website to access).

Phi Gamma Delta's Learning Portal