Part of the mission of Phi Gamma Delta is to bring new members into our organization who fit our ideals and values so that they may perpetuate the good name of the Fraternity. It is only through persistent and systematic recruitment that we can spread the benefits and positive impact of Phi Gamma Delta effectively. 

However, recruitment is often of the most stressful and contentious areas of operations chapter/provisional chapter. It takes an understanding of the dynamic recruitment system and processes within it to help your chapter succeed and reach its highest recruitment potential. Use the resources on this page to learn more about the various processes within the system and how to implement them in your chapter/provisional chapter. 

 Dynamic Recruitment System

Below is Phi Gamma Delta prescribed dynamic recruitment system, and if the elements/processes in it can be perfected: your chapter's recruitment will excel! 


 Phi Gamma Delta Legacy Policy

Anytime a chapter/provisional chapter finds a legacy going through recruitment, it is their responsibility to ensure they reach out to the legacy as soon as possible. A legacy is defined as an undergraduate man whose brother, father, grandfather, uncle or cousin is an initiated member of the Fraternity. Additionally, there are a few steps the chapter/provisional chapter must follow when a legacy goes through recruitment:

  • Before and during the recruitment week, personally invite the legacy out to all group recruitment events that you host, and take him out to dinner two or three times (or another similar small, one on one event).
  • You also need to assign each legacy a specific brother to act as their liaison for the chapter/provisional chapter. Ideally, it should be a cabinet officer, recruitment chairman or a past officer that will personally invite the legacy out to events as well as keep in touch with him throughout recruitment.
  • After getting to know the legacy, talk to his relative(s) to see if they have anything to say about him or any input.
  • Once the chapter/provisional chapter votes, or has a pretty good idea of whether or not the legacy will receive a bid, reach out to his relative(s) and inform him right away.

All legacies should be given a fair chance at becoming a member and given extra attention out of respect for their relative(s), our brother(s). 


Recruitment Resources:

 Marketing Materials

Have other ideas for useful materials? Contact the Director of Fraternity Growth!


 Misc. Resources


 Recruitment Workshops

Phi Gamma Delta has three different workshops to help your chapter. Each one is targeted to help with a specific process within the dynamic recruitment system. Check out more about the programs below.

  • Social Excellence
  • Dynamic Recruitment
  • WeValU

Recruitment Workshops


 The Summit

The Summit is a summer event hosted by the International Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. It helps brothers learn a range of new recruitment and new member education strategies and tactics while building a new recruitment plan and a unique new member education program for their chapter/provisional chapter. Check out more information on the event below.

The Summit


If you have any questions regarding recruitment resources or tools to help with your recruitment efforts, including recruitment workshops, ChapterBuilder or staff support, please contact the Director of Fraternity Growth.

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