Welcome Recruitment Chairmen & Brothers!

Recruitment is one of the most important functions that a chapter or colony can perform. It is important to understand why recruitment is so important to the Fraternity and our future.

Recruitment is the lifeblood of the Fraternity. Without it, none of us would have been led to make such a significant decision that would impact our lives. Part of the mission of Phi Gamma Delta is to bring men into our chapters and colonies who fit our ideals and values and to perpetuate the good name of Phi Gamma Delta aacross North America.

 The Summit: Take Your Chapter to New Heights

The Summit is a summer event hosted by the International Headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. This event includes recruitment and new member education strategies and tactics.

Through large and small groups, and collaboration with other chapters/colonies across the country, participants will build a new recruitment plan and a unique new member education program for their chapter/colony. To learn more about the event, visit!


 Phi Gamma Delta Legacy Policy

Anytime a chapter or colony finds a legacy going through recruitment, it is the chapter's/colony's responsibility to ensure they reach out to the legacy as soon as possible. A legacy is defined as an undergraduate man whose brother, father, grandfather, uncle or cousin is an initiated member of the Fraternity. Additionally, there are a few steps the chapter/colony must follow when a legacy goes through recruitment:

  • Before and during the recruitment week, personally invite the legacy out to all group recruitment events that you host, and take him out to dinner two or three times (or another similar small, one on one event).
  • You also need to assign each legacy a specific brother to act as their liaison for the chapter. Ideally, it should be a cabinet officer, recruitment chairman or a past officer that will personally invite the legacy out to events as well as keep in touch with him throughout recruitment.
  • After getting to know the legacy, talk to his relative to see if they have anything to say about him or any input.
  • Once the chapter or colony votes, or has a pretty good idea of whether or not the legacy will receive a bid, reach out to his relative and inform him right away.

All legacies should be given a fair chance at becoming a member and given extra attention out of respect for their relative, who is our brother.


Recruitment Resources:

 Recruitment Manual


 Marketing Materials

Contact the Director of Growth if you would like help customizing resources to fit your particular chapter/colony, or have other ideas for useful materials!


 Programs & Workshops

  • Social Excellence: To build the best relationships with potential members, we need to be having the best conversations. This program will break down the Four Pillars of Social Excellence, and allow us to practice building better relationships. 
  • Dynamic Recruitment Workshop: Brothers will have a chance to collaborate in an interactive program on the best ways to successfully take men from potential members to Brothers through the dynamic recruitment system.
  • Recruitment Branding: Using your chapters vision, future goals and purpose, we will help come up with a branding statement to use for promotions to help your chapter stand out from the rest.

If you are interested in one of these programs, contact your Field Secretary or the Director of Growth!


 Misc. Resources


 Recruitment Updates


If you have any questions regarding recruitment resources or tools to help with your recruitment efforts, including recruitment workshops, Chapter Builder, or staff support please contact the Director of Growth.

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