Pledge Acceptance Statement

As a pledge of Phi Gamma Delta, you should be aware of our Fraternity Law regarding hazing:

“No chapter shall allow any of its pledges, members, or other persons to participate in any pre-initiation or hazing ceremony or practice which involves physical exhaustion or abuse, or would in any way interfere with this person’s mental or physical ability to perform college work efficiently, or tend to reflect unfavorably upon the Fraternity in the eyes of the public or is of a dangerous, rude, or vulgar nature, whether taking place within or without the chapter house. For any infraction of these sections, the Archons may place any chapter on probation for a period not exceeding the end of the school year following the second year in which the infraction occurs and/or may levy a fine not to exceed $5,000.00 payable to the Endowment Fund, the severity of such penalties to be as determined by the Archons after consideration of all of the relevant facts and circumstances of the infraction. Without limiting the foregoing if any individual or group of individuals shall be separately involved, or shall have instigated or incited such aforementioned activity of infraction, the chapter shall find such individual, if a pledge, guilty of an offense punishable by Section 25.12, and if a member, guilty of an offense punishable in the third degree as described in Section 25.32.”

I acknowledge my awareness of the Laws of Phi Gamma Delta regarding hazing, and recognize my responsibility to report any hazing to Robert B. Caudill, Executive Director, confidentially and call collect if necessary, to (859) 255-1848.

-  While I am associated with Phi Gamma Delta as either a pledge or an active undergraduate member, I consent to the delivery of e-mail by Phi Gamma Delta to me.

-  I understand that the pledge fee paid herewith is not refundable for any reason, including but not limited to the termination of my association with Phi Gamma Delta.

By clicking here, you acknowledge your acceptance of the above policies.