Officer's Calendar

2018-19 Academic Year

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 July 2018

1: Accounts must be current with IHQ for Alcohol-Free Housing Exemption
1: Leadership Institute 2018 - Georgetown College, KY (Session 2)
4: IHQ Offices closed for Independence Day
26-29: 170th Ekklesia - Dallas, TX

 August 2018


 September 2018

1: Pledge Educator's Agreement due
3: IHQ Offices closed for Labor Day
24: Deadline to submit news for the fall magazine
30: Annual Financial Report & Budget form due
Report Pledges within 15 days of pledging

 October 2018

1: Chapter President’s Risk Management Agreement due
1: Set date for spring Pig Dinner; book speaker, inform IHQ
31: Annual review of chapter’s financial records due
Report Initiates within 30 days of initiation

 November 2018

2: After elections, submit the Certificate of Election of Undergraduate Officers to IHQ
15: IRS Form 990 due by 15th of 5th month after end of fiscal year; send copy to IHQ
22-23: IHQ Offices closed for Thanksgiving
30: Fiji Academy registration deadline
Report Initiates within 30 days of initiation

 December 2018

1: Deadline for all pledges to take GreekLifeEdu
1: Spring Field Secretary visit request form due
25-31: IHQ Offices closed for winter holidays

 January 2019

1: IHQ Office closed for New Year's Day
4-6: Fiji Academy, St. Louis
15: Pledge Educator's Agreement due

 February 2019

1: Chapter President's Risk Management Agreement due
28: Set date for fall Pig Dinner; book speaker; inform IHQ

 March 2019

4: Deadline to submit news for the spring magazine
15-17: Archives Weekend at IHQ (Lexington, KY)
20: Secret Ballot Certificate due
31: All annual award applications due

 April 2019

1: Application deadline for Alcohol-Free Housing Exemption
15: Deadline for all pledges to take GreekLifeEdu

 May 2019

1: FOUNDERS DAY: 171 years!
15: Chapter history due
15: Fall Field Secretary visit request form due
27: IHQ Offices closed for Memorial Day

 June 2019