New Member Acceptance Statement

As a new member of Phi Gamma Delta, you should be aware of our Fraternity Laws regarding hazing:

No chapter or member shall require, allow, or participate in any hazing ceremony or activity. Hazing includes, but is not limited to, any ceremony or activity whereby any pledge, member, or other person suffers or is exposed to cruelty, indignity, hardship, deprivation, oppression, physical or mental abuse, abridgement of any right, or that which would unreasonably interfere with a person’s mental or physical ability to perform college work efficiently or tend to reflect unfavorably upon the Fraternity.

Additionally, no initiated member, new member or chapter acting through its members may lie, intentionally make material misrepresentations or omissions or otherwise seek to obstruct or impede any Fraternity investigation or adjudication into potential violations of the Laws of the Fraternity.

For any infraction of theses sections, members may be subject to the sanctions described in Section 25.38 of the Bylaws which include: Expulsion, suspension, denial of privileges, removal from office, monetary fine and revocation of pledgeship. For any infraction of theses sections, chapters may be subject to the sanctions descried in Sections 25.40-25.46 of the Bylaws which include: revocation of charter, suspension of charter, graduate trusteeship, fines and probation.

I acknowledge my awareness of the Laws of Phi Gamma Delta regarding hazing, and recognize my responsibility to report any hazing to Rob Caudill, Executive Director, confidentially and call collect if necessary, to (859) 255-1848.

-  While I am associated with Phi Gamma Delta as either a new member or an active undergraduate member, I consent to the delivery of e-mail by Phi Gamma Delta to me.

-  I understand that the pledge fee paid herewith is not refundable for any reason, including but not limited to the termination of my association with Phi Gamma Delta.

By clicking here, you acknowledge your acceptance of the above policies.