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Hazing Prevention & Elimination

Contrary to society’s stereotypes, hazing has never been endorsed or encouraged as a method for “training” a man or to help him “earn” his membership in a fraternity. Hazing is contrary to our mission and values, and it has no place in Phi Gamma Delta. 

While most chapters do not haze, unfortunately hazing is still a major testing point chapters face far too often. Since 2018, Phi Gamma Delta has closed 16 chapters for hazing, making it the number one killer of fraternity chapters. 

The Fraternity is committed to the elimination and prevention of hazing. We have embarked on a comprehensive Hazing Prevention Plan intended to rethink our approach to new member education, engage interested constituencies and, ultimately, work to eliminate hazing from our chapters.

To all those with an interest in the present and future of Phi Gamma Delta – undergraduates, graduate brothers, parents and campus partners – we invite you to be a Courageous Leader and be empowered to have Courage Against Hazing.

Hazing Prevention Plan

 Rethink the Joining Process

Phi Gamma Delta is rethinking how a man “becomes a Fiji.” The Fraternity is introducing a new prescribed New Member Education Program that will build friendships among new members and brothers, incorporate productive and meaningful bonding activities, and introduce online modules to aid in learning. Foundations of Courage is now available for chapters to adopt, with additional components available over time. 

The Fraternity is also developing framework for Continued Member Development. Our goal is to extend learning about the Fraternity and Ritual throughout a brother’s undergraduate career. This framework is scheduled for rollout beginning in fall 2021. 

 Increase Training for Officers & New Member Educators

Phi Gamma Delta will provide increased training and educational opportunities to our New Member Educators and Chapter Officers. Beginning in fall 2019, all Chapter Presidents and New Member Educators are required to complete online courses and agreements prior to the start of their New Member Education Program. In summer 2019, we launched The Summit, an annual conference, to provide training, strategies and tactics for both recruitment and new member education. Additional programs will continue to be implemented over time.

 Reinforce Hazing's Risks & Consequences

Phi Gamma Delta continues its deliberate and direct communication to all undergraduate brothers to help them understand the risks and consequences of hazing. When a chapter is closed for hazing, all undergraduates are informed of the reason the chapter closed and are reminded of the consequences individuals may face, including criminal prosecution and expulsion from the Fraternity and/or their school.

The Fraternity also offers Incentives for Prevention as motivation for chapters to participate in preventive and educational opportunities. Incentives began to be rolled out in early 2021, with additional opportunities available in 2022.

Phi Gamma Delta, along with peer organizations, the North American Interfraternity Conference and several other organizations associated with fraternities and sororities, fully supports federal and state legislation aimed to heighten transparency, accountability and strengthen criminal consequences for those who haze. We encourage all brothers, parents and interested constituents to learn more about and support federal legislation such as the END ALL Hazing Act and Ohio's Collin’s Law: The Ohio Anti-Hazing Act.  

 Rally All Constituents

Phi Gamma Delta looks to everyone involved to be empowered to stand with us and have Courage Against Hazing

The Fraternity provides hazing prevention resources for our graduate advisors and volunteers. These include online modules for graduate volunteers, to better understand and address risk management and hazing concerns, and a facilitation guide for graduates, to better discuss expectations around hazing and new member education with their chapters.

Our Courage Against Hazing Campaign gives our undergraduates, graduate brothers, campus partners and parents a meaningful way to take a stand against hazing. 

Hazing Prevention Resources

Anti-Hazing Hotline iconPhi Gamma Delta participates in the National Anti-Hazing Hotline, which is available to those who think they, or students they know, have been or may be a victim of hazing. The toll-free number is 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293).

You can also report any hazing concerns on our Incident Report Form:

Incident Report Form

Chapters Closed for Hazing Since 2018

National Hazing Prevention Week - Courage Against Hazing Campaign

Phi Gamma Delta encourages its members to have Courage Against Hazing. This National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW), September 25-29, 2023, brothers should utilize #CourageAgainstHazing, #CouragouesLeadersAgainstHazing and #NHPW to show their support for the campaign.

In honor of NHPW, Phi Gamma Delta is holding two contests to raise awareness for hazing prevention and reward chapters that show CourageAgainstHazing on their campus.

Sign the Pledge to Have CourageAgainstHazing

The top two undergraduate chapters that get the most members (undergrad and grad brothers) to sign the Courage Against Hazing Pledge by Thursday, September 28, at 11:59 pm PT, will win a box of Phi Gam branded merchandise for their chapter.

Sign the Pledge

Note: To make this fair for chapters of all sizes, the winning chapters will be selected based on the percentage of living brothers who sign the pledge, not total number.

CourageAgainstHazing Banner Contest

Show CourageAgainstHazing on your campus by creating and displaying a banner for NHPW! Design and display a banner that includes the following:

  • Phi Gamma Delta or Fiji
  • National Hazing Prevention Week or NHPW
  • Courageous Leaders or Building Courageous Leaders

Email a photo of your banner to by Thursday, September 28, at 12:00 pm ET to enter. You get to choose the winners! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be chosen by Instagram Polls! Make sure to check out PhiGamHQ story on Thursday, September 28, at 3:00 pm ET to vote.

Winners will get to choose from a list of Phi Gam merchandise to be sent to their chapter. 

Other Ways to Participate in the Campaign

The Hazing Prevention Network is encouraging individuals participate in National Hazing Prevention week by wearing purple to promote hazing prevention. Wear purple between September 25 - 29, post a photo and tag PhiGamHQ on Instagram or International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta on Facebook to be reshared.


  • Share the Fraternity's #CourageAgainstHazing posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Tell us why you are a courageous leader against hazing: "I have Courage Against Hazing because..."

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  • Sign the Pledge to Eliminate Hazing, and tell us why you are empowered to prevent hazing. 
  • Share the Pledge with your brothers, and ask them to sign the Pledge with you.

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