Handling Media Inquiries

Chapter officers or other brothers may be contacted by reporters/media at any point during the school year - whether in response to a chapter incident, a positive story that the chapter is promoting, or other reasons. 

Regardless of the nature of the inquiry, the Chapter President should be considered the spokesman for the chapter. In order to minimize negative stories about the fraternity and Greek life, it is important to keep the below factors in mind: 

Brothers contacted by a reporter (via phone, email or in person) – Inform the reporter that your Chapter President is the spokesman for your chapter. Otherwise, do not respond to the inquiry. Also, do not give the reporter contact information for the President. You may offer to take the reporter’s name and contact information and pass it along to the President.

Chapter President:

Before responding to any media inquiry, especially in response to a chapter or university incident, consult with your graduate advisor and contact Executive Director Rob Caudill (859-255-1848 ext. 131). If a statement to the media is appropriate, Rob will advise you on how to respond and will work with you and your local graduates to draft a statement (if appropriate).

If a reporter reaches you directly before you have an opportunity to speak with Rob, please take the reporter’s name and contact information and agree to call them back. Reporters generally understand that Chapter Presidents, similar to the leader of any organization, are not all-knowing and must seek additional details in order to respond appropriately.

By working with your graduate advisor and the Headquarters staff, Chapter Presidents and chapters can safely navigate the potentially challenging media waters. For additional information, read the Fraternity's Incident Management Tips and Emergency Response Tips.